How to Make an Extra $700 a Week: 10 Real Methods

I’ll tell you from experience, it’s not an easy task to make an extra $700 a week. It takes time and there are real ways to make this happen. I’m not going to be sharing a bunch of regurgitated information on this page. I mean, these are real ways to make money up to $700 dollars a week while keeping your full-time job. 

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They’re realistic, and you could make more money simply by picking and focusing on one or more of the realistic money-making ideas on this list. Here we go. 

How to Make an Extra $700 a Week: 10 Real Methods. 

1. Start your blog. 

Blogging is one of the most realistic ways to make an extra $700 a week. And while you won’t be earning this figure the very next week after starting your blog, you can definitely get to make a lot of money if you’re consistent. It’s a game of consistency. If you’re consistent enough, you’ll get there. With a new blog, the first thing you want to do is focus on creating good content around the chosen niche. After a while or a few months of staying consistent with publishing content, you can monetize your traffic using ad networks like Google Adsense, Ezoic, Monumetric, or Mediavine. 

To make up to $700 dollars a week blogging without depending on ad revenue, you can sell your products, recommend affiliate products, and even sell ad space on your blog. However, you’ll need a lot of monthly visits to see reasonable results with any monetization strategy you decide to capitalize on. With that being said, here’s a master guide to start your blog (from picking a niche, getting traffic and monetizing your blog) today. 

2. Create a YouTube channel. 

If you ask me, I’d tell you it’s possible and realistic to make $2,000 dollars every single day off a YouTube channel. But the thing is, it takes time to get to this feat. Starting a YouTube channel is a free option here, and you can start growing it right from this moment. Firstly, pick a niche and think about the best ways to create videos without having to spend a lot of money on expensive cameras or video editing softwares. Once that’s done and you have a way to create videos consistently, draft a list of keywords to create videos about in your niche. 

Let’s say, 100+ keywords. And you create the best content around them. Video contents. Moreover, there are more ways to go about building a successful YouTube channel. You just need to learn them online with the free materials available to you (also on YouTube), and get to work. 

3. Sell your course. 

Selling your own course is one of the most practical ways on how to make $700 a week (especially passively). Yes, you can create a course about something you’re good at or something you know in-depth (beyond expert knowledge). Once you’re done creating the course, you can sell it on Udemy or Coursera for money. If your course is epic and grand, then it’ll sell for hundreds of dollars. If it’s a mediocre course, you can sell it for a few tens of dollars. Like $80 or below. 

However, I’ll recommend investing your time into creating the best course out there. This way, you make more money with a few sales. It’s easy to write this, but other than creating a course, you’ll need good digital marketing skills to make more sales and put your course in front of the right audience. 

4. Promote affiliate products. 

Affiliate products are the kind of products that earn you commission when you sell them. This time, you wouldn’t need to create your own course or product. You’re promoting other people’s products and earn a commission when clients get to buy. 

The idea is simple, but what’s not simple is getting to make sales of your affiliate products. Now, if you want to make $700 a week from affiliate marketing, you have to do it the absolute right way. And that’s by sharing your Amazon link with your family and friends, telling them they’d get a discount when they use your link to shop on Amazon. 

For real, they’ll get a discount. More importantly is building a web magnet like a blog, or a YouTube channel and focusing on making content around affiliate products you either use, have used or have a lot of knowledge about. This way, people will come visiting your web magnet through its contents on search engines. They’re ready buyers, and this is how you make more money off affiliate marketing. It takes time to build a web magnet and ultimately create affiliate products tailored to content. 

5. Flip items online. 

Much more than $700 a week, you can steadily generate over $1,000 every single week just by flipping items online. I mean buying or acquiring items cheaply and reselling them on the internet for profit. Firstly, you’ll need to visit thrift stores, church rummages, curbsides and garage sales to see items that you can buy at a very cheap rate. 

You’re definitely going to find awesome products that you can resell for profit. After buying a list of products you can find that you wouldn’t need to fix before reselling, you can list these products on Amazon or the Facebook Marketplace for sale. Better still, you can promote the products on social media to make a quick sale. 

6. Try Amazon FBA. 

The idea behind Amazon FBA is to buy products cheap from an online marketplace and move it to Amazon. With the Amazon FBA program, you can sit in your home while Amazon sells off your products. They’re a way to go about this anyway. First of all, you’ll need to know about winning products; then checkout where you can get the winning products for a really cheap price. There are lots of e-commerce suppliers online. And the prices of products on these e-commerce platforms vary. You might find something cheap on target that’s really expensive on eBay. So, the different prices present an opportunity. 

While this is Amazon FBA, I’d like to call this idea of buying cheap and selling high between different e-commerce platforms “products arbitrage”. Whatever it is, you need to learn about it and how to find good products to resell on Amazon for profit. If you’re big on Amazon FBA, then you can consistently generate over $5,000 dollars a month just by repeating a winning strategy of buying a secret product from your secret e-commerce platform and shipping it to Amazon for sale. 

7. Go on Airbnb. 

Another really working way to make an extra $700 a week is to rent your apartment on Airbnb. This platform is a free one where you get to rent your apartment to strangers you’ve probably never met in your entire life. If you’re looking to lodge in a good apartment, maybe in the city you traveled to and hotel bookings are on the high cost, you can find cheap apartments to rent on Airbnb too. 

Anyway, the idea is that you’re gonna be renting your apartment for money. In a night, you could get paid up to $200 dollars. If your apartment is cool, you can charge more. Airbnb takes a cut from the payment from your temporary short-term tenants. And they don’t take much. You get almost all the money. 

8. Rent your car. 

Own a car? Renting it out is one of the ways to make an extra $700 a week. Don’t worry about damages and all of that, renting your car on Turo got you covered. Now, your car has to be really good to make up to this amount a week on Turo. I mean, if you own a Mercedes or a Tesla. This is because most hosts make an average of $1,000 per month on Turo. Now, most hosts don’t own good cars. Or VIP cars. You can make twice that in a week or a month with a good car. Maybe not Tesla, but some high classic VIP SUV. 

9. Do landscaping. 

With enough experience as a landscaper, you can consistently generate up to $700 dollars a week or more. Although this isn’t a passive income strategy, it’s realistic. All you need to do is promote your services and use Craigslist to get to clients who need your services. On a second note, you need to be really good just so that you can get referrals. A good job done for one client can bring in more jobs. 

With that said, you can generate upwards of $100/hour as a landscaper. It’s not an easy task. And it takes time to learn. It’s a valuable skill, and people pay for value over time. In one week, you just need to work an hour every day to reach $700 dollars. But you can get this done in a one-day landscaping gig. 

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10. Sell your skills. 

Whatever you’re good at, there’s someone out there willing to pay you for your services. But how do you find them? Thanks to marketplaces for freelancers, you can easily locate and get in touch with the people who are in need of your skills on different marketplaces. So, if you’re good at writing or programming, or making videos, you can sign up for free on any of these marketplaces: 

You can also get online jobs other than working as a freelancer. It’s possible to get remote jobs online on, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, or LinkedIn. Some of these remote/online jobs can pay you as high as $50/hour. If you’re good at writing, or tutoring, for sure there are people and even firms looking to employ remote tutors and writers in and out of the city. 

How to Make an Extra $700 a Week: 10 Real Methods – Final Words. 

Want to make an extra $700 a week? Then some of the things you can do to make this happen include renting out your car, selling your skills as a freelancer, landscaping, renting out your apartment on Airbnb, starting a blog or your own, launching a YouTube channel, trying out Amazon FBA, promoting affiliate products, flipping items online, and building your own course. They’re realistic, and if you put in enough effort, you might as well generate much more than $700 a week. 

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