How to Turn $10 Dollars into $100 in a Day: 8 Workable Methods

How to Turn $10 Dollars into $100 in a Day

If you want to learn how to turn $10 dollars into $100 in a day, then this article is strictly for you. 

It’s possible. 

And it’s not going to be as critical or challenging as turning $1,000 into $5,000 or turning $1,000 into $10,000 dollars. Right on this page, you get to learn only what works. 

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There might be some level of risk attached to the methods on this page and this blog generally, but they’re what works. If they were the easiest methods on the web, I’m sure every other person would be flipping $10 into $100 and then $100 into $1,000 dollars. 

There’d be no poor person in the world today because it’d be easy to double your money whenever you wanted to. However, if you’re willing to shoulder some risks, then you’re on the right page. It’s just $10 dollars, and you want to make it $100 dollars before the end of today. 

Here are some ways to go about this. 

How to Turn $10 Dollars into $100 in a Day: 8 Workable Methods

Stock Trading 

Here’s what I know; trading stocks is one of the ways to turn $10 dollars into $100 in a day. You must be a good trader for this to happen. It doesn’t happen magically. 

It doesn’t happen when you just launch your stock trading account. There’s a long lap of time between this happening and you reading this right now if you’re a complete newbie. 

So, turning $10 into $20 is easier, and even the average Joe trader can make this happen in a day. But to take $10 to $100, that’s a 1,000% profit in 24 hours. And it’s possible to trade stocks. While it’ll take a longer time for you to make this 

Options Trading

Another quick way to make money is options trading. 

You can turn $10 dollars to $100 in a day just by trading the options market. It’s not all that simple, but it’s really possible. You’ll need to learn how to trade the options market. It’s technically the same thing with stock trading but there are different markets. 

There’s also a need to learn about risk management in trading options and other strategies to make sure you’re making profit and not the other way around. If you love to make money fast, then you’ll love options trading as a way to flip, double or quadruple any cash you’ve got to spare. 

Sports Betting

I love boxing and the UFC games. 

But I don’t fight. 

I could make a lot of money from the game if I make a bet on fighting matches. So, to make $100 dollars with an initial account balance of $10 dollars, you can bet on boxing matches. 

Get to know about the players in the matches, their previous records and their odds to win. For sure the opponent with the higher tendency to win will have lower odds. And the other opponent with the tendency to lose will have higher odds. 

To get a 1,000% ROI with a situation like this, you just need to stake against the obvious and watch things as they unfold during the matches. Anything could happen. It’s basically gambling. Select high odd games though. Multiple high odd games and bet on them. Against the lower odds

Forex Trading 

Trading Forex is the same as trading stocks technically but the assets are different. One of them is company stuff (for the stocks), and the other is currency stuff (for the Forex). 

With this in mind, it’s even more possible to earn more than $100 dollars with a $10 dollar investment. Forex is a more risky place to trade. You can make money, get rich. 

Or get broke. No amount of money is too much to liquidate in the Forex market. And you can win billions too. So, yes. Forex trading is one of the ways on how to turn $10 dollars into $100 in a day. 

But there’s every need to learn about the market first.  

Ride-hailing with a $10 Gas

Buy a gas of $10 dollars and go ride-hailing with your vehicle. You’ll have to register with some of the biggest ride-hailing services in your city first before taking your chances at this. It takes longer than a day to register with Uber or Lyft in the US. 

It could take longer or shorter. But vehicle verification for ride-sharing takes a while. The point isn’t to verify your vehicle right on this page though. The point rather, is that you can make $100 a day with a gas of $10 bucks doing ride-sharing. 

But you have to sign up or register with the biggest ride-sharing services first before this can be a reality. You’re basically ride-sharing with the aid of apps by Uber and other competitors in the biz. 

Binary Options 

It’s always a delight to write about binary options. It’s definitely one of the ways to make money. You have to plunge over the learning curve first; there’s a lot to learn if you’re a starter. But if you’re good at it, then you can start printing money. Binary options trading is a game changer. 

I mean, once you attain the status of a binary options pro trader, you can push $10 dollars to $100 dollars in a day. It only requires you to have the perfect strategy with a high win rate and the experience to maneuver. 

Hey, it’s not easy. It’s really not. And I’m saying this because I’ve come to have a lot of experience in trading binary options. I know it can make you rich, and you need to get good first. 

Promote Affiliate Products 

With $10 dollars in your wallet, you can definitely promote affiliate products to make a ROI (return on investment) of $100 dollars or more. 

If you know about the dynamics of affiliate marketing, you’ll get to understand how this can be possible. Firstly, you have to become an affiliate marketer for a product, and then all you need to do is to promote the products. Facebook makes it easier because you can pay to promote ads.

And $10 dollars is enough money to reach your target audience if you don’t already have a blog or a YouTube channel, or some other platform where you magnet and bank your online audience. So, as an affiliate marketer, you get commissions for the products you promote when people buy. 

Since you’re expecting to make $100 bucks from a $10 dollar promotion, this means you’re looking to make a few sales. Therefore, you just need to promote high quality products that are worth a lot of money. 

Let’s say products of about $200 dollars with a 20% commission rate or a 10% commission rate. This means you get $20 bucks or $10 bucks for every single sale of the product. Even if you don’t get up to 10 sales, you’re sure to recoup your $10 dollar investment on ads. 

Moving forward, you could make more or less depending on the product, your sales copy and your ad campaign configurations. I highly suggest that you learn about affiliate marketing and how to do it the right way before anything else. It’s free, and there are tons of materials already on the internet to help you out. 

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Poker Gambling at Casinos & Bars 

This last option isn’t illegal. None of them are. But you’ve got to be exceptionally good at playing poker to win $100 from a $10 dollar stake. 

When you’re at the bar or the casino, you’ll find people who are willing to bet on a game like this. And while it’s fun, it’s money leaking off your pockets if you’re a bad player. It’s also a very easy game considering how you’re not sprinting to make a win. 

It’s brain work. And you can bet right there and then to turn your $10 into $100. Maybe you’ll find someone who’s willing to bet more, you could too if you’ve got the money. 

Worst case scenario is you’re in a city without a casino and when there’s a casino, no one’s betting. Or willing to make a bet. Really the worst case. But I always write assuming you’re in a city like Nevada, Pennsylvania or Chicago. 

Rich cities with rich casinos. 

How to Turn $10 Dollars into $100 in a Day: 8 Workable Methods – Summary 

Some of the realistic and workable ways to turn $10 dollars into $100 in a day include poker gambling at bars, trading the stock market, placing your bet on UFC or boxing 🥊 games happening today, trading Forex, ride-hailing if you own a car (and upping the gas with some part of your $10 bucks), selling affiliate products online (and promoting with $10 dollars), and trading binary options. 

While there are other ways to make this happen for you, these are definitely some of the most realistic ways. No cap. 

If you’re daring, you can make it work with some of the ideas on this page. 

Everyone Will definitely not work for you. 

But the one that works for you will work every other time over and over. And that’s just fine. 

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