How to Turn $15k into $100k: 11 Outstanding Methods that Actually Work

Do you have $15k right now and you want to turn it into $100k, it’s possible. I mean, if it weren’t, you wouldn’t have the courage to search for the ways to make it happen. Heck, it’s possible. And that’s why this article serves you right. In this blog post, I’ll carefully highlight some of the realistic ways to take $15k to $20k, from $20k to $50k, and from $50k to $100k. Ultimately, you’d have $100k just from $15k initial cash in hand. 

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But there’s no trick here. There’s no magic here either. They’re all realistic ways that things work. And you’d be surprised how much money you can make if you’ve already got $15k. 

How to Turn $15k into $100k: 11 Outstanding Methods that Actually Work. 

1. Flip houses. 

This might not happen instantly, but it’s realistic. You can start by flipping a house that’s worth $10k. Now, this could be your house or you can broker the house for sale. By acting as a broker, you get around 6% from the transaction. So, if you’re selling at $12k or $13k, you’d get a commission fee of $720 dollars. 

This could take a long time before you’re making $100k off flipping houses. But since you already have $15,000 dollars, you can buy a house and flip it to make an extra thousand or a couple thousand dollars in profit. Buying a house at $15k and reselling at $18k is profit. 

It could take as long as 3 months to get the sale, but you will eventually. That’d be a $3k profit. You need to do this 33 more times to reach $100k. You could do it 33 more times or less than that as you ladder up and acquire more expensive properties to flip them over for a higher profit. 

2. Invest in the stock market.

Stock investment is another way to turn $15k into $100k in the real world. This is usually faster if you were trading the stock market. But you don’t want to make money quickly. 

You just want to invest and watch your portfolio of investment in the stock market soar. By going in this path in a bid to turn your $15,000 dollars into $100k, you’ll need to invest in good penny stocks with the possibility and potential to boom in price later. Investing in the right set of stocks is the key to making more money in the stock market. 

And how exactly do you invest in the right penny stocks?

You can make a quick search on Google to find the right penny stocks to invest in or ask an individual stock broker or investment banker. It’s possible to even make more off your $15k investment in the stock market. Think of a stock going up by 1,000% in real time. That’d be $150,000 dollars. With a net of $135k. I’m just poised to fixate on the big picture here.   

3. Day trading foreign exchange.

Foreign exchange or Forex is a financial market that is heavily traded. I talk about it in every other post that I publish here. Trading Forex is a way to make money fast. But what you won’t hear people tell you is that you can also lose money trading the market. 

So, if you’re new here and you know nothing about Forex, then you’d have to learn it. There are different strategies to trade for profit, and you can’t start trading if you don’t understand what you’re doing yet. Plus, you only want to approach a market like this with $15k if it’s your spare money. Since there’s no 100% working strategy for success, you’re usually at the mercy of the market. 

4. Crypto trading. 

Crypto trading also joins the list of the best ways to turn $15k into $100k. This can happen fast, or it could take time. It depends on how you decide to go about it. If you want to make quick money, then you can definitely trade day by day to make $100k with a trading capital of $15k. I’m not saying you’re going to make $100k daily from trading crypto with $15k. I mean, you could make $100,000 dollars after a few months of trading if you’re good. 

But if you want to make money off $15k in the crypto market, without taking the risk to trade, then you can invest the money into shit coins like lesser known alt coins, and solid coins like BTC or ETH. Trading is riskier. But it’s quicker. 

5. Loan it out with interest. 

Another idea is to loan your $15k out with a daily interest or a weekly interest. For sure the loanee wouldn’t want the money and interests to pile up to $100k before they pay up. But you can keep loaning it out like this until you have around $100k+ to start a small microfinance agency. Still, this can take a long time before you’re making $100k from interests and everything. 

You’d have to start as a small lender online to get clients to loan money to. If you’re charging a rate of 12% in 28 days of taking a loan or loaning money to a client, you get $16,800 back. You keep loaning out to clients like this and over time the interest will grow per loan. 

It’s a full-fledged business that you can start up by giving money out. A lot of people need your money. And to not run at a total loss, you’ll need to know that a person is really eligible to get the loan. Your scrutiny should be more stringent than that of CitiBank because any small unfortunate incident with stubborn clients could wreck you. 

6. Start dropshipping. 

Drop-shipping is an undercover e-commerce business on the internet. You start a store and connect it to a different store. When people visit your store to buy stuff, their orders are processed on a different e-commerce server or website that ships the items to them in your name. Or the name of your drop-shipping store. 

It’s something you can start with $500 dollars or less (or more depending on what you want). Drop-shipping is also a medium to generate income passively online. This means that your store online can print money for you without your involvement if you do things the right way and promote it to reach the right set of audience. Five hundred dollars would be more than enough to launch a drop-shipping store and promote it. 

But since you have $15,000 dollars and you want to make it $100,000 dollars, consider dominating any niche you launch your drop-shipping store on by aggressively promoting it. You’d be pumping money into promotion for long-term gains. By doing this, you stand a chance to drive over 100k people to your store and make gains of $20k+ a month. Should take 5 months or less to hit $100k in returns.  

7. Invest in retail business. 

Retail business is a real deal for anyone looking to start small with a small capital for business like yours. In 2022 alone, the retail business industry generated a jaw-dropping $20+ trillion dollars in the US alone. Think of this as a no-brainer. And this is because you’ll definitely get more money than you’re starting with in the long run. What you have to do is to understand how to run a retail business and undergo feasibility study to know the terrain and the friendliness of the environment to a business like this (you’re looking to start). 

A good location is all you really need outside your capital to get going and thrive with a retail business. Starting a retail business of your own off the right location is definitely one sure way to turn $15k into $100k in the long run. 

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8. Start a barbershop.

If you’re a barber or you’ve got the knowledge, this one’s for you. You can launch a barbering salon somewhere eyes can see and just hire expert barbers to run the business on your behalf while they remit a monthly figure. If you can get a good location, it’s best. You really have no option. Find the best location. It’s a must. 

You also need to know how to cut or barb hair yourself. If you don’t, it doesn’t really matter, but it makes more sense to have the idea and to be a barber because it’ll be easier to set up your own store when you know the gig. Moving on, depending on how much you cut, you could earn $1k per day passively by having people run the business for you. 

If your staff is able to remit $15,000 per month, then you’d be getting $100k in the next 7 months. You could get more per month or less off your business. It depends on the location and the effort you invest towards promoting it online and offine. 

How to turn $15k into $100k: 8 Outstanding Methods that Actually Work – Final Words. 

While there are several methods to turn $15k into $100k, these methods work big-time. Some of them include house flipping, starting a barbershop, stock investment and trading, drop-shipping website development, loaning the $15k to trusted people with a sizable interest rate, retail business development, Forex trading and crypto trading. 

There are other methods to turn $15,000 dollars into $100,000 thousand dollars, but the ones up here are some of the most realistic and efficient. 

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