How to Turn $2k into $20k: 7 Proven Hacks

What’s good? In this article, I’m going to highlight some of the realistic ways to turn $2k into $20k. Truth is, it’s possible, and tons of people are making this happen every single day. You might be asking why everyone else isn’t doing it if it’s working, right? Firstly, everybody doesn’t have $2,000 dollars. Point blank. 

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Furthermore, everybody doesn’t know about the feasibility of turning $2 into $20k. But right now, you’ll get to know how possible it is and how to choose to work your way from $2 grand to $20 grand focusing on one or two of these strategies. 

How to Turn $2k into $20k: 7 Proven Hacks. 

1. Traffic arbitrage. 

One way to turn $2k into $20k is to embark on traffic arbitrage. You simply buy traffic and monetize the traffic. That’s the concept of traffic arbitrage. And it’s easier with blogs and social networks. 

When it comes to starting a blog for the purpose of arbitrage, you’ll be doing things differently. How so? Instead of picking a profitable blogging niche, you’ll be settling for viral contents that people would like to read and share; studded with photos too. These kinds of articles go viral on the web and they’re interesting. So, here are two ideas on the kinds of blog you can start up for the purpose of traffic arbitrage: 

  • Viral content blog: Sharing interesting content on the web that gets a lot of attention and shares. There are multiple examples of viral blogs on the web today, and one that really stands out is Buzzfeed. There are other blogs like this, but you can create a simple blog of your own and create viral content sourced from the web on it. You’re not going to copy & paste any content because you’ll be monetizing your blog with reliable ad companies that prioritize genuinely original contents. 
  • News blog: It’s easy to create; it’s all about the news. A news blog will also work for the purpose of traffic arbitrage. You simply stuff a blog with news and apply for ads on it. Walking this path, avoid copied contents. Just do your thing and try to be the center of the news. You may want to stick to a niche of news like politics, weather, economy, or celebrity. 
  • Photo blog: A photo blog is one really catchy kind of blog where you share mostly photos about stuff. For example, a photo blog can publish content with titles like “11 best photos of Saturn”. Contents like that. They’re also very sharable, and appealing to the mind. 

After you’re done creating your blog, you can stick to publishing your first 100 blog posts before applying to an ad company. Get accepted first before buying any form of traffic. Google Adsense is the easiest, most reliable ad company to get into. Start with that. Make sure you’re not spending more on traffic than you’re making from ads. There’s a lot more to traffic arbitrage than what you just read. And it’ll be awesome if you educate yourself first before starting out. 

2. Promote high commission affiliate products. 

With $2,000 dollars, you can make $20,000 dollars by promoting affiliate products online. You’d need to learn the art of affiliate marketing for you to take advantage of this idea. So, affiliate products are the kind of products that make you money when people buy them. They’re products that belong to other companies, and you first apply to become a marketer for their product before gaining access to resources to help promote the products. As an affiliate marketer, you basically promote products and get paid when people buy these products. And if you want to turn $2,000 into $20,000 dollars, you can make this happen by promoting high cost affiliate products. You’re not going to get $20k the next day or from the next sale, but you’ll definitely get some more money than you’ll spend. 

The idea is to promote these affiliate products on social media just to get more eyeballs and hence, more click-throughs. The more people see your products or the affiliate products, the more sales you’ll record. You’ll also need to configure your ad campaign so that it gets across to the relevant audience for the affiliate products. 

3. Promote your products. 

Forget about affiliate products, you can promote your own products with $2,000 dollars to get more sales. If you’re a creator or a business person, you can promote what you sell or what you make on social media just to make more money. On Facebook right now, you’ll get to more than 10,000 people in the US with a budget of $800 dollars. You could get more or less, the algorithm’s fluctuating real-time. Hence, the more people you’re able to reach on social media through ads, the money sales you’ll record on your products. 

Plus, if you’ve got a dedicated page for your business on Facebook or any other social media like Pinterest, you can slowly build a loyal following. In the long run and depending on the products you’re promoting, you could make more money than with affiliate marketing. Still, capitalizing on this idea, you can get to $20k from promoting your own products with less than $2k. 

4. Trade binary options. 

Want to learn how to turn $2k into $20k? Then learning to trade binary options is one of the quickest ways that this can happen. And it can happen real quick. If you’re already good at trading the binary options market or any other market, then it’ll be easy to make money or make gains. Trading with $2k, you can make a daily profit of $1k if you’re really good and willing to take risks. Binary options is a way to make quick money. But on the converse angle, you could lose more than you actually win. 

Get started by learning how to trade and how not to lose money in the binary options trading interface. Once your money’s gone, it’s gone for real. There’s no do-over button. 

5. Resell items online. 

Flipping items is the word here. You can turn $2k into $20k but not magically by flipping items. Here’s how it works; you buy cheap items from yard sales, church rummages, curbsides, thrift stores and from junkyards. Some of these items will be worth a lot of money when you sell them online. Browsing through these spots, you can find valuable items at unbelievably cheap rates. Hence, there’s a chance to make 2× or 5× the cost of buying them after selling them online. You’re buying cheap and selling high or moderately. 

From $2k spent, you might be able to recover $5k. You do it again and it’s $11k+. You do it again and it’s $22k+. You keep doing it. It’s not a loophole though, and it takes time to find these items. Sometimes, it’s luck. Other times, it’s your approach to finding them. 

6. Crypto trading. 

Cryptocurrencies have come to stay. And if you’re good at trading them, then you can quickly double, triple, or quadruple any amount of money that you’ve got. With a trading account of $2,000 dollars, it’s possible to hit $20k in a month, three months, 6 months, or 1 year. And this depends on how skillful you are when it comes to trading. So, you can turn $2,000 into any amount of money if you’re good at trading. Learn to trade crypto and then learn about trading futures contracts on crypto too. 

While raising an account from $2k to $20k will take some time, making this happen in a week and sometimes, a day, is possible with futures trading. If you’re not willing to take the risks, then you can simply invest in the crypto market by buying crypto assets when their prices are down to sell them when the prices boom. And you can do this through the spot or futures markets

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7. Stock trading. 

Stock trading definitely joins one of the best ways to turn $2k into $20k in the real world. You learn to trade stocks and you’re good to go. Basically, if you can trade crypto, then there’s nothing much to learn for you to trade stocks (and other financial markets). And I write this from experience. If you don’t want to trade but you want to have $20,000 dollars with an initial investment of $2,000 dollars, then you can simply invest in stocks and penny stocks. And watch your portfolio of investments grow. 

Find the best stocks to invest in and the most promising penny stocks to acquire. So, you can either trade stocks to turn $2k dollars into $20k or just put your money into some of the most promoting stocks and penny stocks. 

How to Turn $2k into $20k: 7 Proven Hacks – Final Words. 

If you’re wondering how to turn $2k into $20k, some of the best and real-life ways include trading stocks, trading the crypto market (and futures contracts on both stocks and crypto), trying out traffic arbitrage, promoting/selling expensive high commission affiliate products on the internet, promoting/selling your own products (virtual or physical), reselling/flipping items online, and trading binary options. 

They’re realistic ways, and some tend to bear more risk than others. If you’re daring and you’ve got the guts, you could make more money. Like they say; no guts, no glory. 

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