How to Turn $400 into $4,000 in a Month: 8 Realistic Methods that Work

How to Turn $400 into $4,000 in a Month

If you’re looking for the very best ways to turn $400 into $4,000 in a month, then you’re not alone. 

This article is for you and everything on this page works really well. 

They’re realistic ways to double money, and some of them come with a ton of risks. 

If you’re willing to take the risks and manage them, then you could make yourself a boatload of money. 

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Nothing good comes easy for real. 

And unless there’s someone willing to grant you an extra $3,600 dollars for free, you’d need to work smartly to make $4,000 dollars with $400. 

Here are some of the best ways to turn $400 into $4k in a month. 

How to Turn $400 into $4,000 in a Month: 8 Realistic Methods that Work. 

1. Bet online. 

Betting online remains one of many ways to turn $400 into $4,000 in a month. 

It’s not guaranteed, but then you can make money by betting online. 

Learn how to bet online and how to make the best off every single stake you make. 

Betting is a way to make quick money for sure, but it can also be a way to lose money quickly. 

This is because no one really knows the outcome of a bet. It’s just a bet at the very best of things. It’s a gamble. 

And while I don’t recommend it as a favorite way to turn $400 into $,5000 dollars, it can happen this way. 

Much more than betting to make $4,000 dollars, you can make quick money with your stakes. 

If you’ve got $100 dollars or even $10 dollars, you can stake a bet and wait out the outcome. 

Betting online is in fact one of the riskiest ways to make money quickly basically because you could lose every penny in your wallet. 

2. Trade stocks. 

Stock trading is profitable, and you can turn $400 into $4,000 in a month with it. 

Meanwhile, you’d have to learn how to trade the stock market first before eventually throwing your $400 in there to trade. 

Many stock trading platforms provide an interface to learn trading where you place trades through a demo account. 

This account is virtual, and the money isn’t withdrawable neither is it real. 

So, learn to trade stocks, prioritize risk management, and know the best markets to trade and at what time to trade them. 

It’ll take you much more than a month to learn stock trading to a reasonable level of expertise. 

Definitely over 1 month. 

It takes time to be good at trading and it’s basically because you’ll need to get experience (which is only gotten with time). 

With great stock trading skill, you can grow a small account of $100 into $10,000 dollars. 

And with time, that account can easily grow into $100k. It’s realistic; it takes time. 

3. Trade crypto. 

Trading crypto is another way to turn $400 into $4,000 in a month. 

It’s profitable, and you’ve gotta learn how to trade the market before investing the $400 with the hope to turn it into $4k. 

If you’re good enough, then you can grow from $400 to $10k in a single month. 

People do it. 

Good traders do it. 

So, firstly, get familiar with trading terminologies if you’re just starting out. 

Secondly, stick to a strategy and understand that there are risks involved in trading the crypto market. 

Thirdly, be willing to take risks and avoid rushing into any trade. 

There are more crypto trading tips to help you maximize profits especially if you’re low on experience and you’re just beginning to trade. 

Or you’re just getting to know about the crypto world. 

4. Scale affiliate products. 

Affiliate products are products that you promote to make money. 

You first become an affiliate marketer for the products, and then you promote the products to make money. 

The money here is in the form of commissions that you get as an affiliate marketer. 

So, when people buy the products you promote, you get paid. 

The more people get to buy your products or the affiliate products you promote, you get paid commissions. 

With $400 dollars, you can promote these affiliate products on social media to get more sales. 

There’s every need to learn how to structure social media ad campaigns so that they meet the right people or right audience for the product you’re promoting. 

If you’re able to configure ad campaigns and throw in a budget of $200 dollars on Facebook or Instagram, or Pinterest, you’d be able to reach thousands of people and process more affiliate product sales. 

5. Trade currency markets.

Currency markets or Forex is perhaps the most popular financial market online. 

And trading it is one very real way to turn $400 into $4,000 in a month. 

It’s a volatile market, and the majority of traders online are Forex traders (or give their 60% attention to the Forex market). 

Plus, forex trading is a more stable form of trading online. 

The market is more stable, and you need to understand how the market works before trading it. 

Trading Forex is not a very complicated activity if you’re good at trading other financial markets. 

But if you’re a total beginner and you’ve never opened a trading position before, it’ll take you a long time to gain mastery to the point where you’re able to grow small Forex accounts. 

6. Try binary options. 

Binary options is a short-term market, and a derivative from other financial markets. 

It’s a risky way to make money quickly and if you’re good at trading, you could literally print money from the binary options market. 

Start by trading a demo account. 

It’s a good place to start so that you can try out a bunch of strategies to know which works best. 

Looking to turn $400 to $4,000 in a month, you could make this happen in a single week. 

Plus, in the binary options market, you can only get to know about the risk of losing. 

There’s really no clear-cut inbuilt system to minimize or manage risks. 

Plus, the more money you start trading with will determine how much profit you stand to gain on every single trade. 

It’s either you win or you lose. 

There’s even more panic and risk if you decide to hold a trading stake or position for a long period of time. 

And while it may seem like it’s easy to win trades on the demo account, the live account is more technical. 

7. Promote your premium services. 

If there’s something you’re good at doing, then you can promote it to get to clients you ordinarily wouldn’t have gotten to if you hadn’t promoted your services. 

Whether it’s counseling, consultation, writing, graphics designing, coding or trading the financial markets online, people want to learn from you and people want to work with you too. 

Promoting your services with $400 dollars, you’re going to get a lot of job offers, too much for you to handle all by yourself. 

And for sure you’ll be making more money than whatever you spend on promoting your services. 

If you earn $400/job on average, and within a month you can get more than 15 jobs. 

That’s about $6,000 dollars. 

There’s absolutely no guarantee you’re going to make this in a month from promoting your freelance/premium services to get more jobs. 

But it depends on what services you’re promoting and how much money they can make you per gig. 

You could make below $6k or even much more, up to $30k. 

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8. Flip items on the internet. 

The concept of flipping items online is simple. 

Firstly, you get items cheap from places like thrift stores, garage sales, and other places. 

Dumpster diving is also one way you can get items cheaply to flip online. 

Spending $400 dollars to buy cheap items you wouldn’t need to fix before selling, you can generate a total of $4k+ in a month in gross income. 

And maybe $4k in net profit or less than that. It depends on the products you acquire. 

At thrift stores, it’s possible to get a $50 dollar trouser for just $10 dollars or less. 

Reselling this online will get you $40 dollars in profit. 

And with $400 dollars, or even $500 dollars, you’ll be able to get products to sell for 5× their initial cost. 

Once you’ve got your products really cheaply, you can sell them on the Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Fiverr, Etsy, eBay, and other places.

How to Turn $400 into $4,000 in a Month: 8 Realistic Methods that Work – Final Words. 

Turning $400 into $4,000 in a month isn’t impossible. 

If you stick to these ideas or options, you’ll definitely break through with one of them. 

Some of the real ways to make this happen include flipping items on the internet, promoting premium services, betting online with $400 dollars or less than that to make $4k, trading stocks, trading crypto, scaling affiliate products so that you’re able to make more sales within a month, trading the currency or Forex market, an trading binary options. 

The majority of the ways to get $4,000 dollars with $400 in the space of one month are risk-coated.

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