How to Turn $700 into $7,000: 8 Actionable Methods that Work 100%

Are you looking for some of the most realistic ways to turn $700 into $7,000 dollars? Without a bluff, this article highlights some of the practical ways that this can happen. 

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But then, take it to heart that they’re some really risky ways in here too. The odds of turning $700 into $7,000 dollars are really high, but there’s no 100% guarantee that this will happen. And it totally depends on you too, and how aggressive you approach these methods. Pick one, or two stick to them. 

How to Turn $700 into $7,000: 8 Actionable Methods that Work 100%. 

1. Trade stocks. 

If you’re looking to turn $700 into $7,000 dollars, stock trading is definitely one of the ways to make this happen. If you’re new to this word, then it’s your call to learn what it is and how to trade stocks. Stock trading is basically buying into and selling out of the actual value of real-time companies in the world. Starting with a demo account in a stock trading exchange, you can easily get the grasp of some very effective trading strategies. 

Funny enough, you can turn $700 into $7,000 and $7,000 into $70,000 dollars just by trading stocks. It’s not a way to make money rich quickly, and there’s also a bad side to the stock market. The bad side is; you could lose your entire trading capital. It’s really something to be cautious about, and risk prioritization is pertinent too. 

Moving forward, there are multiple resources on the internet, free resources, to learn to trade stocks. You can also decide to get some premium courses just to speed up your learning process (if you’re a newbie). Stock trading for real can make you a lot of money, and can definitely 10× your capital. 

2. Binary options trading. 

This is quite another realistic way to turn $700 into $7,000 dollars. And from experience, it works faster than many of the options here. Trading binary options is one way to make quick money online. You can set out to make $50 every day, or maybe $300 dollars every single day if you’ve got a winning strategy. In the long run, it’s all about the strategy and your ability to minimize risks in the trading interface. 

So, to get trading binary options, you have to understand that, just like the stock market and other financial markets, there is a possibility to make nothing and even lose more money. Hence, you’ve got to learn the ropes first about binary options trading before trying it out for yourself. 

3. Forex trading. 

Just like stock trading and binary options trading, the forex market is an online financial market. It’s otherwise known as the currency markets. And guess what, it’s one way to more than double your capital regardless of the size. From $100 dollars to $1,000 dollars, and then to $50,000 dollars, you can make it happen just by trading Forex. Meanwhile, once you’re quite good at trading one online market like options of stocks, it’ll be much easier for you to learn about and trade effectively on the other. 

Forex trading is really the way if you want to get rich quickly without working your life out on a 9 to 5. And you’ll need to spend some time learning how to trade stocks and also to gain the required level of experience. 

4. Crypto futures trading. 

I’m very particular about trading futures in the crypto market basically because I’ve got some experience here. Trading crypto is fun; the usual buying and selling of crypto-currencies. But then, there are two sessions of crypto out there that you should learn to trade if you want to learn how to turn $700 into $7,000 dollars. They’re the: 

However, to quickly make gains in the crypto-currency world especially if you’re not entering into the market with a lot of money, crypto futures is your real guy. Learn how it works and how to take advantage of the futures feature on a crypto exchange like Binance (to make more gains). Conversely, there’s a chance for loss too. So, you’d have to make risk management in trading crypto primal. 

5. Sell your products. 

Got products of your own that you can sell? Then sell them or promote them online to make $7,000 dollars. You can promote your homemade or handcrafted products with a budget of $700 dollars or less. Whatever it is that you can manufacture at a low cost, you can definitely promote them online to resell them at a more moderate or higher price. For instance if you’re into printables, you can always sell them online to make lots of money. 

There are hundreds of people making a living off selling printables online. And it’s easy to get started with selling printables for money online. Even without aggressively promoting your printables, you can generate up to $10k per month (from home if you’re not a digital nomad). 

Other than selling printables, you can sell other graphics for money. And I’m pretty sure you won’t spend a dime making them if you’re already a good graphics designer. Whatever it is that you can make and you’re good at making, with a budget of $700 dollars, you can quickly make sales by promoting them on the internet. 

6. Place a sports bet. 

To turn $700 into $7,000 dollars, sports betting is a very viable idea. It works. But sometimes, it doesn’t. It’ll work if you’re lucky. It’s a game of chance really. And this is basically because you’re not in the game pitch to make your favorite team win. When it comes to betting on sports, you want to make sure you know exactly what you’re doing. 

You don’t want to throw your money into a participant or a player you know nothing about. Or a club you know absolutely nothing about. You need to undergo some fundamental historical analysis to be able to make meaningful decisions. Although a complete option based on chance or gamble, it’s one thing that can make you an overnight millionaire too

7. Scale affiliate product sales. 

When it comes to making money with money, affiliate marketing is an easy way to do it. You pick a couple of affiliate products and promote them so that you make more commissions (or money). Starting fresh, you want to select only the affiliate products that are expensive per unit. For example, products that are worth over $1,000 dollars. Or $500 bucks. With a commission rate of 10%, you’d get $100 dollars for the $1k products. And a 10% commission for a $500 dollar product is $50 dollars. 

That’s what you earn when people buy a unit of the product. So, to get more people to buy the products (and generate more affiliate commission for yourself), you can promote them on social media. It’ll be worth every bit of your $700 dollars for promotion. But you can break the promotion budget into 7 segments ($100 each) to test out different promotion campaigns. Secondly, learn how to configure social media ads so that they get to the potential audience for the products you’re looking to promote. 

With $700 dollars to promote affiliate products, you’re going to reach over 10,000 potential clients or buyers on social media. And if you manage to make 800 sales (as a benchmark), that’s $40,000 dollars in affiliate revenue for you. Now, even if you get to make 10% of $40k and not get any close to $7,000 dollars, you’d have enough experience to make things work better. And earn much more. 

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8. Build an online content business (duration: long-term). 

Online content businesses are businesses like a video blog, a niche blog, viral blog (like Howstuffworks), a reviews website and more. You can build an online content business on your own (which will take a lot of time to mature and generate enough profits. Alternatively (and more reasonably), you can start and build an online content business with a team of experts or at least a team of experienced people. Launching an online content business is one way to turn $700 into $7,000 dollars and it doesn’t happen overnight. 

It happens eventually with time. So, figure out what your online content business will be about and envision everything you’d like it to be and how much money you’d like to make monthly. $700 dollars can kickstart whatever plan you’ve got on a much smaller scale. 

How to Turn $700 into $7,000: 8 Actionable Methods that Work 100%. 

So, if you want to turn $700 into $7,000 dollars, then these are some of the real ways to do so. Maybe there are other less risky or more productive ways. I’m totally aware that there could be other ways to make this happen, like investing in S&P 500 which is also a form of stock investment. And other mechanics to flip $700 into $7,000 bucks. 

With all of these said, some sure ways include building an online content business that you can slowly grow on the side of a full-time job, scaling affiliate product sales, selling your own products online, investing/trading stocks, crypto, futures, binary options, and forex, and betting on sports. 

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