7 Illegal Ways to Make Money at Walmart

Now, Walmart is a billion dollar company with an e-commerce arm. And if you want to learn the illegal ways to make money at Walmart (both at the store physically and online via the e-commerce arm), this article will help a deal. But only serving you this for the purpose of information delivery and nothing more. 

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Potentstack.com isn’t convincing you to do whatever is on these posts, especially articles about betting, illegal money making and whatnot. It’s basically an information delivery arm of Potent Stack (the company). Without further ado, here are 7 real ways to make money at Walmart illegally. 

7 Illegal Ways to Make Money at Walmart. 

1. Smishing. 

Basically, smishing is when you start sending text messages to someone claiming to be an agent of a mega company. In this case, you’ll be using this technique to swindle money from people claiming you’re from Walmart. So, you can send so many text messages, and get some positive response. The messages can be an inquisitive message asking people or your client or target to provide their credit card details so that you (as the agent from Walmart) can process some previous payments and confirm their recent financial transactions at Walmart. While more than 98% of the people you reach out to will be too smart to fall for this, you can get lucky. However, this is not a recommended way to make money in Walmart as it’s completely illegal to hack into people’s credit cards using whatsoever format. 

Plus, it’s Walmart we’re talking about here. It’s a multi billion dollar firm… and if you’re caught doing any of these, you can easily get locked in jail. Or worse. What could be worse than a 20-year jail sentence. I’m sure things won’t get to that. But then, focus on making money legally only. These are ways to make illegal money, and they come with inevitable consequences once you’re caught. 

2. Product bending. 

In my own term, product bending is a form of scam where you tell people about a super cool product that’s on Walmart, and you’re willing to sell it for half the price. It can be just about any product from tech gadgets to heavy machines. Let’s say a product is worth about $6,000 dollars on Walmart. You can promote this same product and ask people to buy it at 50% off. 

Now, the thing is, you’ll be tweaking your payment policy to upfront payment. This means that people will have to pay first before getting the products delivered to them. They’ll ask for multiple photos of the product. And this is easy to get either on Walmart where the product is on, or some other source on the web. Getting multiple photos of products you don’t own is easy to get online or easy to photoshop. 

3. Lift items.

At the physical store, you can lift items and resell them to get money. Free money, but the risk here is much more than the risk attempting to make illegal money at Walmart from the internet. So, you visit a Walmart store out of over 10,500 stores in the world today, skillfully lift items and move on. Skillfully. This is highly not recommended. 

If you must make money at Walmart the store, then get a job there. Also check to see if it’s possible to start a Walmart franchise in your town. Definitely this will generate much more money for you than attempting to lift items. Unless you’re lifting highly valuable items like golden wrist watches and jewelry, there’s not much you can lift without getting noticed. 

4. Phishing. 

Phishing is the expensive one on this list. Maybe not the most expensive but it has to do with building a website that’s just like Walmart. When people visit the website to purchase items, they log in, and boom! You have their log in details with which you can use to log into their original Walmart account and order items that you can use personally or resell to make money. It’s called Phishing, and you’re literally fishing out login details intelligently. After creating this Walmart lookalike, you’d have to promote it to get to thousands of people. You’re not just promoting it, but promoting a particular product that’s really good but unbelievably cheap. 

This is the bait. Other than just building the website, there’s a need for promotion and then you’d need to make sure it’s exactly like Walmart. If it isn’t like Walmart, trust, there’s a lot of people who’ll notice the flaw and the typos here and there enough for them to call off their shopping spree and tag your attempt a failed one. Using this tactic, you’d be in the business of hacking into Walmart accounts for a long time. The bad thing is, you can get caught. And it’s totally pointless to make money off people’s hard labor. 

Indeed, phishing will work; might work better than the other ways on this list. But then, you’re literally stealing funds virtually to shop. And it wouldn’t make the target clients at the other hand of the balance ⚖️. Maybe if you put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re looking to hack or the people whose credit cards you intend shopping with on Walmart, you’d understand better. 

5. Vishing.

Vishing means calling to tell a target or a client that you’re from Walmart and you need some form of personal/financial information from them to process their activities at Walmart. Yes, you can call and pretend to be a staff at Walmart. If you’re really smart, you can convince your target to supply their credit card information or the bank account information pertaining to their most recent transaction on Walmart. You can get lucky here too to find people who’ll fall for this. Again and again, this isn’t a good way to make money. And you shouldn’t be doing it let alone search for it. 

If you want to make money, there are tons of ways on this blog for you to try out. Some are extremely free and easy to do, and you can build them over time. There’s nothing better than working for yourself, earning legal money and living a glorifying and gratifying lifestyle. Some of the best ways to make money online today include the following, and you don’t have to do anything legal to make money for real:

  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Starting a YouTube channel
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Dropshipping
  • Online trading 
  • Pet sitting
  • Barbering
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Graphics designing
  • Podcasting
  • Leasing your apartment on Airbnb 

There’s many more, and you can steadily generate passive income from these legal ways to make money. Thinking about ways to make money at Walmart illegally is absurd. Plus, the consequences are real. On the bright side, it’s possible and realistic to make much more money legally than illegally. And you can start by capitalizing on any of the above ideas (most of which are free or cost below $100/year to start off).

6. Dumpster diving. 

Searching through the rubbish at Walmart is illegal. This is crazy because you’re going through the rubbish just to find luck with good items that you can flip for money. Although this is unlike all the other options on this list, it’s deemed illegal by Walmart. There’s really no crime in surfing through dirt to find gold. And it shouldn’t be illegal. But however, it is. 

Dumpster diving means searching through garbage to find good items that you can make money off just by flipping them or reselling them. At Walmart, you can do this unsupervised and not get caught. If you’re caught however, I’m unsure of the consequences. But it won’t be the sweet kind. 

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7. Shop with hacked/stolen credit cards. 

Basically, one of the illegal ways to make money at Walmart is to shop with hacked credit cards. This means buying stuff at Walmart with credit card details that you hacked. It’s easy to hack credit cards and get the details. And while I’ve mentioned some of the ways here like Vishing, Smishing and Phishing, you can hack credit cards or bank account info using softwares. A ton of black hat web developers know the trail around this. It’s all about using softwares and then other means like cracking to unveil the access data of bank accounts or credit cards. 

Other than ethical hacking into credit cards and bank accounts to shop at Walmart, you can make use of stolen credit cards. This would mean however that you’ve gone too far; a route which is also not recommended. Stealing. It’s a way to make money off Walmart when you steal credit cards either by pickpocketing or some other crazy way. 

7 Illegal Ways to Make Money at Walmart – Final Words. 

We’ve come to the end of the tunnel. By doing all of these, you can easily (but riskily) make money illegally at Walmart the store and at the e-commerce arm. You’re not drilling money literally. You’re taking risks to make money by dumpster diving, phishing, vishing, smishing, product bending, lifting items off the physical store, and shopping at the ecommerce arm with hacked credit cards. 

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