9 Best Jobs that Pay $1 Million Dollars a Month

Some of the best jobs that pay $1 million dollars a month aren’t the usual 9 to 5 jobs you know about. Well, that’s the jobs for those on the matrix. To make $1 million dollars a month, you’ve gotta be doing something an ordinary employee or the average man isn’t doing. 

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Top companies and a couple of private individuals generate much more than this in a month. But they’re super wealthy and don’t follow all the lies you’ve been taught in school about making money or making money work for you. Without spilling a lot of swarming in my mind right now, here are 9 best self-employed jobs that pay $1 million dollars a month (and when more). 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $1 Million Dollars a Month. 

1. Online content development. 

Developing content on the internet is a great business you can start up. It’s all about serving up content to people to crave information online. Your options aren’t entirely limitless here, as there are a list of platforms you can develop on your own. For instance, Google is a perfect example of an online content business development business. Blogs, YouTube, and then portals like Wikipedia also join the list of online content development businesses. 

The most common idea right now if you’re reading this is to start with a blog. And while blogs can generate a couple thousand dollars for you, you’ll need to make it a business blog with more employees. Again, starting a normal blog will cost you below $100 dollars a year. But this time, you’d need to spend more money than just a few hundred bucks launching an online content business resembling Nerdwallet, Bloomberg, or Businessinsider. It is through that you can grow a normal blog to become a high traffic blog in years, over time. Maybe in 5 to 10 years starting from scratch. But you don’t have that much time. 

And you can start with 2 or 3 inhouse writers generating content pertaining to a particular niche or a series of interwoven niches. So, if you’re starting an online content business around a blog, here are the few steps you’ll need to scale up (from scratch): 

  • Choose a niche: The very first thing you want to do is to figure out a niche for your online content publishing business. Once you’re done picking a niche, you can move into the next steps. Regardless of the niche, you can generate $1 million a month in revenue if you’re a content publishing machine. Not just any content, quality content. 
  • Brainstorm a domain name: The domain name of your online content business doesn’t have to be complicated. You can pick a simple name that’s not tied to your identity or the niche or the business. 
  • Research your niche: After choosing a niche and domain name, you’ll definitely need to dig deep into the niche to see what’s there and what’s not; to find out how you can dominate faster. And to find out what you can bring to the table. A lot of niches other than health and business/finance don’t have mega online publishing outlets. Oh! The Crypto/stock niche has a lot of giant blogs/publishers too. But then, that’s just in a few niches. So, checkout who your competitors are and in what ways you can come in hard. 
  • Create a content keywords assembly: Have a list of keywords you’ll cover over the next 3 to 6 months. Speaking of having a content assembly, I’m talking about thousands of keywords without the use of any keywords tool. This would mean creating just enough “quality” pieces of content to dominate the niche at the start before truly becoming a household name. Every content does not have to be super quality; else you’d be wasting so much resources on developing a single article or content that may or may not be worth it. 
  • Settle for a monetization strategy: If you’ll be monetizing your online business using ads, that’s just fine as you plan on generating millions of views per month. But just ads may not take you to $1 million dollars a month unless your Rpm is super high. Over the $50 range. With enough traffic, you can generate thousands of dollars off affiliate marketing with minimal efforts. Alternatively, you can sell your own products or services to your deluge of visitors. 
  • Hire staff (writers & editors): Now, this isn’t a regular blog where you can write when you want to or feel like. It’s a business, and you’ll need more hands to produce more content like a content machine. Not just writers, but editors to run checks on copied contents and proofread before publishing every inch of an article. 
  • Develop a content publishing calendar: A content publishing calendar is really important here. If you’ll be publishing 10 or 20 times a week or a day, it’s realistic. With this strategy, more content equals more traffic. So, more quality content is what you really want with a publishing calendar. Define your publishing frequency; and prioritize regular per day posting. 

All of this is if you’re going with the online content publishing business as a blog. You could start up a forum like Quora, an online community, a YouTube channel for business with multiple creators, or a search engine just like the big G or Bing. 

2. E-commerce. 

With an ecommerce business, you can generate over $5 million dollars in a single month. But let’s cut down on the numbers here. An ecommerce business is profitable. Not on its own, but on your own efforts. So, if you’ll be starting up a business like this, learn about it. Learn what it takes to start an ecommerce business. Learn how not to fail at it and how to handle the shipping procedures. There’s a lot of learning to do. And it’s not an easy task. Plus, it’s not a free idea to make $1 million dollars a month. 

It costs some money to start an ecommerce business off the ground. You’ll also need to promote your ecommerce store online; not utilizing SEO but with money. Paid promotion. It’s indeed a lot of work, but if you’re consistent and you’re able to hang in there, you’ll tell the success story like Pierre Omidyar

3. Fashion business. 

A fashion business is one of the best and most interesting jobs that pay $1 million dollars a month. It’s expensive, and I’m talking about starting from scratch. I mean scaling a fashion business. Or maybe starting a fashion franchise. Starting your own subsidiary of Gucci or Fendi. Whatever it is, you can start big with a couple of fashion boutiques in the City. Meanwhile, if you’re starting your own fashion brand, beckon on influencer marketing to soar and get the local markets first. Truth is, fashion is life. Not just food. 

Without fashion, things would be weirder than they already are. It’s one industry that can never fade out. As humans, we’ll always put on clothes. This is why the fashion industry and starting a fashion brand of your own can generate so much money to make a billionaire. For real. 

4. House flipping. 

If you’re big in the real estate field, then flipping houses is one of the many things you can do to make $1 million dollars a month. You can do this consistently with houses worth tens of millions of dollars and even hundreds of millions of dollars; buying and reselling them for profit. You can start small with acquiring houses worth below $10k, but don’t expect to earn $1 million dollars from flipping a $10k house. 

It’s just a few hundred or thousand dollars in it for you. House flipping to make $1 million dollars a month is realistic but only if you have enough money to acquire properties worth several hundred million dollars. Or a few tens of million dollars. 

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5. Car dealership. 

While cars are expensive and they are not, you can generate $1 million dollars a month in net profit from the salsa of vehicles. This way, you’ll need to start a car dealership franchise. Or start up a car sales business of your own; buying cheap and selling high. It’s expensive, but if you want to make $1 million dollars a month, it’s a way to go. 

There’s no way to make this happen without having just enough capital. However, you can grow with time starting with a few cars and maybe starting from your home with the right paperworks. And government certification. 

6. Restaurant. 

No man survives without food. And this way, launching into the food industry is never a wrong decision. Actually, you can generate much more than $1 million dollars a month with a restaurant. Not a roadside restaurant, but a fast-food restaurant with a mega infrastructure, organized system or work, and solid online presence; with maybe an ecommerce arm of its own. 

Pretty expensive idea to make $1 million a month, and it’s not a 9 to 5. You’ll have a couple of employees on your payroll working 9 to 5 to keep your business up and running. With that said, consider starting from where you are now if you’re good at cooking but don’t have enough capital to erect a 21st century fast-food restaurant like Wendy’s

7. Software development. 

Without a doubt, building a software of your own joins the list of the best jobs that pay $1 million dollars a month. Now, it takes a lot of work and money to build a software everyone wants to pay for or use. First of all, you want to think of an idea. Solve a problem; think of a problem that’s not already remedied. Once you’re done thinking of a problem, then think about the possibility of fixing it using softwares. The problem doesn’t have to be an actual problem. For example, the rise of social media solved the problem of communication. And so did the rise of mobile phones. 

8. Construction agency. 

Till the world stops rotating and orbiting the sun in the solar system, people will continue to build structures; houses for personal use, markets, roads, offices, commercial buildings and more. If you have an idea in the architectural world, then you can launch your own construction agency and solicit for construction projects. Things won’t be rosy at the start, but if you’re consistent, there’s no height you can’t get to. Plus, construction companies generate a lot of money. As you grow, you could hit and even surpass $1 million per month in net profit. 

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9. Tech development. 

Looking for jobs that pay $1 million dollars a month? Then become the founder of a tech company. Look around you, we’re surrounded by tech devices. From your mobile phone to your vehicle, it’s just tech. Even the wristwatch you love much more than your kitty cat. While owning a tech company is a great idea to hit $1 million dollars a month in revenue, I can’t begin to highlight everything you’d have to do to get there. 

From thinking up a problem to which you’d develop a tech based solution, to building the tech devices and eventually marketing it; it’s enormous work. And you can’t do everything on your own. It’s best you learn how to start and run a tech company before you delve in. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $1 Million Dollars a Month – Final Words. 

Want to be rich and live the dream life? Then starting your own venture is one of the biggest moves you can make to become wealthy. Some of the things you can do to make $1 million dollars a month and become really wealthy with a high net worth include building an online content business, developing your own tech to solve world problems, launching a construction agency of your own, building an ecommerce business or buying one, venturing into fashion either by starting a boutique or a fashion brand, flipping houses, starting a car dealership business, launching a restaurant and developing your own software. 

These are no small jobs. You’d become a CEO, escape the rat race for money, and eternally be financially free. With this in mind, be willing to work hard and think smart when you’re starting out young in business. 

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