5 Best Jobs that Pay $10 Million Dollars a Year

Jobs that Pay $10 Million Dollars a Year

If you want to make $10 million dollars a year, then you’ll need to first quit your quest for a high-paying 9 to 5. 

You need to start or build something that doesn’t have a limit in generating revenue. 

For example, working a 9 to 5 can only make you a fixed salary. 

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And it’s hardly over $100k/year. 

That’s if you’re really good or lucky. 

But $10 million doesn’t come with just any white-collar job unless you’re looking to become an investment banker, hedge fund manager, or a CEO of some fortune 500

If that’s not the case, then you’re left with one grand option: to build a background business that’s scalable without earning limits. 

How much is $10 million dollars a year in 12 months? 

To make $10 million dollars a year, you need $835k monthly revenue to ladder up in 12 months. 

That means, you’ll have to find a way to generate up to $28k daily from your business or self-employed job. 

In reality, a couple of businesses make more than $2 million dollars in a day, and $10 million happens in about 5 days. 

But you’re starting from scratch, and you don’t want to measure up with companies having thousands of employees on the payroll. 

It’s no show. 

Can I make $10 million dollars a year without a degree?

The answer to this however is a capital YES. 

Without having to go to college, you can make tons of money up to $10 million dollars a year. 

The jobs you get as a college graduate won’t earn you $10 million in a year. 

But then if you’re making a lot of money with a degree, I bet it’s a couple hundred thousand dollars. 

If you’re looking to make $10m with a white-collar job, not in this life. 

Real businesses and self-employed jobs that can really make a lot of money in millions of dollars don’t require a degree to start. 

They require capital. 

With that out of the way, here are 5 BEST jobs that pay $10 million dollars a year (and don’t hope to get there after the first year if you’re just starting out without a load of money to scale the process). 

5 Best Jobs that Pay $10 Million Dollars a Year. 

1. Software development. 

The truth is, softwares can make you a billionaire. 

It just really matters how you promote them. It’ll take a lot of money to push a software forefront the competition. 

But if you can fork out the money, then you’re not just lucky. 

You’re rich! But then what kind of softwares really makes much money? 

Definitely not useless software like a timer. 

There are inbuilt timers on every android device or mobile phones. You want to build a software like Dropbox, or WhatsApp. 

Something that doesn’t require an internet connection to function. 

But it comes with a monthly fee, and it resolves the problem of communication or social tangling entirely. 

You can still chat with your friends and send photos, even without a data connection or WiFi. 

Sounds impossible really. 

I’m not telling you what to build of course I’m just enjoying the possibilities of my figments in my own mind. 

2. Fashion entrepreneur. 

There’ll never be a time when humans stop browsing city boutiques for new fashion trends. 

I mean, fashion rules the world. 

It’s a basic human need because, of course… we can’t walk the streets naked (in our sane state). 

Hence, self-employed jobs in the fashion category are bound to make a lot of money. 

And the most popular fashion brands in the world today are worth several billion dollars. 

Getting into this business now might be really challenging, but uniqueness is something you can leverage on to stand out. 

When starting a fashion brand to become a fashion entrepreneur, you want to make sure you’re using the most fancy name possible. 

After that, you can frequently capitalize on influencer marketing to keep your brand name fresh on the lips of millions of people following social media influencers you partner with. 

Ideally, influencer marketing is the way to go if you’re starting a fashion business especially if you’re developing a fashion brand. 

Reach out to popular celebrities on social media, pay them to rock your wears and talk about your brand. 

It’s probably the best way to market a product that appeals to a particular set of people (or audience). 

3. Business blogging. 

If you’re wondering how it’s possible to make $10 million dollars a year from blogging, it’s not something that’s easily possible. 

With an average monthly earnings of $1 million dollars from a blog, $10 million only happens in about 10 months. 

It won’t be easy to grow a blog to this level, and you certainly can’t do it alone (or you can but it will take you so long a time, years, maybe a decade or more). 

So the best way to make up to $10 million dollars from a blog is by scaling the entire content promotion and development process. 

Growing traffic becomes easy when you scale a blog. 

This way, you outsource basic activities like blog posting, guest posting, keyword research, and even outreach to different people. Ideally, this is costly. 

But it’s the fastest way to grow a $10 million per year blog like HuffPost.

Some of the top earning blogs in the real world generate much more than $10 million dollars a year. 

This is because they run as a business versus a single hobby blog. 

As a single blog, it’s easy to get to $100k a year, or even $100k a month. 

Even around these figures, it takes consistency. 

But to really make millions of dollars, scaling is primal. 

And by scaling, I mean hiring more hands to do the job, produce much more quality content (like 1,500 articles a week or month), and reach out to other companies or people for partnerships. 

4. Real estate. 

When it comes to buying and selling houses, you can never run out of money if you know where to look. 

Real estate is one of the best jobs that pay $10 million dollars a year and much more. 

But if you’re starting as a complete beginner, you want to learn how to get into real estate with no money

One of the best things to do as a beginner in the real estate world is to develop a portfolio of vacant houses in different cities, land properties up for sale in different cities, and contact details of several real estate agents in charge of these properties. 

Next, look for people willing to buy a property or in dire need of an apartment. 

Once you’re able to connect both parties (the consumer and the supplier of real properties or apartments), then you can keep the commission every time. 

But the first step is usually to build your contact and property portfolio. 

Another interesting way to make $10 million dollars a year is to invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

With REITs, you’re paid equity every quarter of the year, and if you want to make $10m by the end of the year from real estate, you’d need a large sum of money to invest. Maybe $100 million. 

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5. Day trader. 

As a day trader, you can make $10 million dollars a year just by trading. 

However, it takes a lot of technical knowledge, patience, understanding, and mastery to trade profitably especially with the volatility of the financial markets. 

Depending on what market you’re best a trader in, you’re definitely going to make a lot of money if you know your onions. 

Best practice while trading to make up to $10 million dollars a year? 

Trade the Crypto futures market for better gains. 

First of all, you need to be rich if you’re aiming for $10 million a year. 

And by rich I mean trading with about $1 million dollars. 

This way, it’s easy to make a pittance of $10m day by day, cobbling up to the grand $10m in a year. 

Prioritize risk management, trade with a lower leverage and only secure trades in solid cryptos. 

In other words, trade cryptocurrencies that won’t disappear the next morning when they get rug pulled. 

I’m not going to speak of this excessively because it isn’t really a crypto blog post. 

If you want to know exactly how to trade like a pro and turn $1 million or $100k to $10 million dollars in a year, start learning on Ragingbull.com.

5 Best Jobs that Pay $10 Million Dollars a Year – Final Words. 

With these jobs, $10 million dollars and even $20m in a year is attainable with time, patience, and the right strategy. 

Yes, without a right strategy for growth, you’d wait all your life and never really experience that spontaneous spike in growth and revenue even after scaling by hiring more hands and automating procedures. 

One factor in solitaire isn’t responsible for success here. 

And to hit $10 million a year with a business, you’ll need to integrate patience, effective strategy for growth, and flow with the trend. 

Much more, promotion is pertinent in your primal bid to gain massive exposure. 

Everything asserted in the last three paragraphs applies to every self-employed job on this list and basically any other self-employed job or business you can think of.  

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