5 Best Jobs that Pay £1,000 a Day in the UK 

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Hi there, I’m going to share with you the best online jobs that pay £1,000 a day in the UK. These jobs are the best jobs you can do online nowadays if you don’t want to earn crickets while wasting a lot of your time. 

Right, so you want to make sure you’re channeling a large chunk of your time into profitable online jobs that pay well. I’m not talking about working on Doordash and all of that. It’s not bad to work for a firm, but if you’re doing that, it’s just another job where you play employee and get paid peanuts for your hard work. 

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Conversely, self-employed online jobs can change your life for the better, and you own them. Today, they still make a ton of money so that they travel the world, have fun with family, and still make 5-figures every month. 

One of the coolest things about these jobs is that you don’t need a lot of money to get started with them. Plus, you can start multiple versions of them using a particular winning strategy. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay £1,000 a Day in the UK. 

1. Niche Blogging. 

Niche blogging is more like having a space on the web where you get to talk about a particular topic. So, basically, a niche blogis a dedicated blog on the web about a topic that resonates with a particular set of people, or a series of related topics. 

Of all the ways to make money on the internet, blogging happens to come up on the list as my favorite. All you have to do is create content for a category of people, rank for specific keywords and get enough traffic with which you get to monetize your blog and make money. 

It sounds cool but this might take a while to happen. Nothing good truly happens overnight. For a new blog, you can achieve the same goal, which is to make a lot of money, in two ways. 

The first approach:

The first is to write or publish super high quality content on highly competitive keywords and build links to your articles so that it’s easy to rank with time. 

The second approach:

The second approach is however the simplest and you can start ranking for search queries in the first month. It’s identifying low competition keywords and creating great contents, lots of them, to rank and garner web traffic.

If you ask me, I’ll ask you to go with the option that appeals to your ability and circumstance. If you have the time and patience to build links, then slowly grow your blog traffic by writing less and promoting more. If you’re anything like me (lacking total patience especially as I get motivated by little earnings), stick to chasing after hundreds of low competition keywords.

How much can I make from niche blogging?

You want a job that pays £1,000 a month, and if that is the case, niche blogging can make you much more than this figure. To make real money with any business at all, you first need to take it as a business and not a hobby. 

For example, I have been blogging for hobby with my mobile phone until I decided to take up blogging in 2022 as a real business with this blog. And then, I got a laptop, started learning to blog using a laptop (which is not fun for me as I have almost never typed a complete sentence on a laptop before). 

I blog because it is my business now, and not just a hobby. Once you start getting traffic to your blog from search engines, it’s easy to make money first from ad revenue. 

Depending on your location, you can make up to £11 for every 1k views on your blog. Honestly, there is no limit to how much you can make with a niche blog. The question is how much effort you are willing to invest.

To get started with blogging, sign up for just $29/year on Namecheap and have your blog set up in 5 minutes with my free guide.

2. Airbnb. 

Airbnb.com is giving property owners the opportunity to make money with their vacant properties while they lease it to strangers night in night out. If you’ve got a property, you can lease it on Airbnb for money, let’s say a minimum of £80/night and you can do this with multiple apartments. 

What if I don’t own an apartment?

A creative idea if you don’t own any apartment is to liaise with multiple property owners to see how you can lease their properties on Airbnb and pay them monthly fees. Let’s do some rough calculations. 

If you get 3 property owners to lease vacant properties on Airbnb under your account, that’s £240/night. And £7,200 a month. Now you can decide to pay these property owners £500 or £1k each. It’s realistic, and depending on the suite of your apartments, you can get paid up to £300/night for one apartment. 

How much can I make on Airbnb?

With Airbnb, you’ll make more money without having to pay any one if you have a dozen properties under your management. The short answer to how much you can make from Airbnb is: it depends. The long answer? You can earn upwards of £10k/month with one or more exotic apartments. 

3. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a very profitable business model where you just build an online store, import goods from another reliable ecommerce store, and promote your store to get customers. It’s pretty simple to set up a dropshipping store now as there are tons of articles online to help you get started. 

It can be really challenging to build a successful dropshipping store now with an avalanche of stores being created everyday. But the key to making a lot of money from your dropshipping store is to pick a niche, avoid products with sizes, and go for winning products with a lot of market demand. 

How much can I make from dropshipping?

As a dropshipper, you can make from £100 a month to £10 million a month. It depends on how well you promote your store, the cost of your products, and the niche. Let’s say you launch a dropshipping store, let’s call it Prodore this time, where you sell wristwatches for men. 

If you add 20% the original price to every product, you’ll be making £4 from every £20 product sale, and £40 from every £200 product sale. With more customers running to your store, you could process up to 30 sales a day. 

Now if you sell 10 units of £100 men wristwatches, that leaves you with a profit of £200 in a day. In a month, you go home with £5k+. So, what happens when you get so much traffic to your store that sales balloon up to 400 a day? More money right? 

To get started with dropshipping, go to Shopify, sign up for free and choose a suitable plan (based on your budget) for your dropshipping store. No coding required, Shopify has everything, every feature you need to set up your store from scratch. 

4. YouTube cash cow. 

A YouTube cash cow channel is a normal channel on YouTube that generates money for you on autopilot. This time, you don’t have to sit in front of a camera to make videos and have people get to know you by name. I’m pretty sure you’ve watched a dozen videos from YouTube cash cows where it’s just animations instead of a real person. 

That’s a cash cow. The good thing is that you can create multiple YouTube cash cows and have them generate passive income while you invest in the video production process. You don’t have to do anything other than to upload the videos yourself. 

What you do is to create the YouTube channel, and then outsource video content ideas to freelancers. If you don’t have the money to spend on freelancers, you can learn to make animations yourself and take up every process of creating and posting videos consistently. 

When it comes to building a YouTube channel, you want to be consistent for a very long time, like a year. You probably won’t make any money in the first year, it’s normal. But with consistency, the views will start rolling in. 

How much can I make from YouTube cash cows?

In the start, you can earn up to £5k/month if you’re consistent enough and you stick with the right niche. Making money from ads and affiliate programs are two of the most popular ways, and with multiple cash cows, you can generate up to £30k/month. 

Don’t take my word for it, take it from Caleb Boxx who makes over £100k/month from his multiple YouTube cash cows. The highest earning YouTuber generates over £8 million pounds a year. That tells you there’s a lot of money to be made, but it’s not overnight money. It’s life-changing money that takes some time to generate. 

How about starting a normal YouTube channel?

Yes, you can get in front of the camera and make a lot of money with time too. Making money on YouTube isn’t tied to just creating cash cows. You need to pick a niche, create good videos and really be honest when you’re in front of the camera. 

Try to build a bond with your viewers and you’ll see how quickly the money turns in. It’s not an easy process especially if you have to edit your videos, add watermarks, and customisations. It’s totally free to create a YouTube channel, what you do next is up to you. 

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5. Amazon FBA. 

Worth some bucks off £1.3 trillion, Amazon runs a business model to benefit business owners, entrepreneurs looking to make money from it. With the Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment By Amazon, you can make a decent income every month in the UK. 

Amazon FBA is one of the self-employed online jobs that pay £1,000 a day and much more depending on the quantity of your products and the cost. So it’s easy to get started. All you have to do is buy products at a cheaper rate in bulk, ship them to Amazon and Amazon sells the products for a higher rate. 

That’s the simplest concept about Amazon FBA. It’s Amazon working for you. It’s not totally free though as you’ll need to pay for the products you buy, and also sort Amazon for her services. But it’s not much. Amazon does a lot on your behalf like handling returns, shipment, and customer services. 

How much can I make from Amazon FBA? 

The sad story to this good news is that you can run at a loss if you buy at a cheap rate and sell for a cheaper rate. Yes it happens. So before delving into Amazon FBA, you want to make sure you know the route. 

With everything in the right place, you can generate upwards of £5k/month, and it’s dependent on factors like market demand, product worth, and your quantity. The money’s in the quantity. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay £1,000 a Day in the UK – Final Words.

These online jobs are great, but the truth about making with any online business borders on your ability to provide value. Don’t rush the process, nothing happens overnight. The more value you give out there, the more rewards you’ll reap in the form of cash. 

So, enjoy the process. Whatever self-employed business you decide to delve into, consider how best you can unmatched value out there in the long run. Want the best online jobs that pay £1,000 a day without selling your time and soul for nothing? 

You’re better off starting a side hustle like blogging, YouTube cash cow development, and others on this list. My personal favorite remains blogging (or posting articles that translates to ad revenue in the long run). And you can read all about it in this guide. 

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