10 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 a Day in the 2020s

Jobs that Pay $1,000 a Day

Right here, I’ll share the most realistic jobs to make $1,000 a day. 

If you’re wondering how this is possible, starting a business or some side hustle online or offline makes it a lot possible. 

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So first of all, you want to start a business that’s easy to run and doesn’t require much, and then build it until you’re able to make life-changing money. 

How much is $1,000 a day in a year?

If you’re starting an offline business to make $1,000 a day, then you’ll be working or operating 5 working days in a week. 

That’s a sum of $5k weekly, and then $20k monthly. 

But then in a year, that’s around $240k. 

That’s a huge stack of money considering the fact that you’re not working a 9 to 5, and you run a business on your own terms. 

How long does it take to make $1,000 a day? 

It takes a long time if you’re starting from scratch. It also matters the kind of business you’re starting off the ground. 

If it’s an online business, you run minimal risks and it’s easier to grow an online business. 

If you choose to follow the offline path, you’ll need to put in more work, and it’s more challenging. 

But then, making $1,000 a day is attainable with any of the realistic self-employed jobs on this list. 

Is $1,000 a day considered rich? 

Heck no. 

You’re not totally poor, you’re cruising on the middle line between rich and average. With $240k a year, you’re not average. 

Not rich either, especially after paying taxes, bills, and what’s left would be just enough to live on. 

Rich is when you’re making upwards of $1 million a year. 

At this point, you’re a millionaire first, and then you’re rich. 

That said, here are 10 realistic jobs that pay $1,000 a day and a lot more money.

10 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 a Day in the 2020s.

1. Blogging (full-time or on the side). 

Blogging can make you $1,000 a day in the long run. 

It’ll take some time but of course your consistency can make things work real fast. 

So you want to first of all know your audience. 

That’s the key to making money from a blog. 

Grow your audience and throw them things to buy that’ll really help them. 

To generate $1k a day from a blog without selling anything or doing anything other than to write articles, then you need to pull in traffic. 

And a lot of it so that it’s easy to earn with ad networks from ad clicks and impressions

First things first, you’ll need to focus on a niche to get started. 

A niche is an area of focus or what you want your blog to be about. 

Once you have a niche, then you can focus on creating content and growing the authority of your blog to rank for life-changing search terms. 

To start blogging today, read my blogging guide on how to start a blog and grow it. 

2. YouTube. 

Thousands of people are currently making tons of money on YouTube. 

It’s totally free to create an account, and then all you’ll need to do to make money fast on YouTube (typically within 13 months), is to consistently upload better video content with captivating thumbnails. 

You want to do this a lot of times, have a lot of videos and focus on a niche or two. 

If you don’t have the time to create videos, you can automate the video creation and keyword research process. 

It’ll cost more but leave you with more time to start up other passive income streams. 

You can also create multiple YouTube channels once you master the art of creating YouTube cash cows, and generate up to $1k from each with time. 

3. Software developer. 

As a software developer, you can make $1,000 a day by taking freelance jobs, or launching a software that generates money by offering a service. 

Won’t be easy, but it’s attainable especially if you’re good at coding things up. 

You can think of an idea, code it to life, promote it massively to reach your target audience, monetize it and boom! It grows with time. 

This would be more profitable than delving into freelancing on Upwork (which is also a viable way to make $1k a day as a software developer).

4. Real estate. 

It’s not like you’ll be selling houses every day or sealing deals to keep $1k commission everyday. 

But real estate can make you money that equates to $1k daily if you calculate it. 

It’s easy to make a $50k commission from the sale of a $4 million dollar property. 

While you won’t get a buyer for a $4 million property every single day, $50k from one deal in a month equates to $1,670 in daily earnings. 

So one deal in a month is okay to say you’re getting paid $1k+ daily in the real estate space. 

The good thing about real estate is that you don’t need a lot of money to get started. 

You can even venture into real estate with no money and still grow your earnings to beat $1k+ a day.  

Some other way to invest in the real estate industry and make up to $1k a day is to invest big with investor pooling platforms like Fundrise that gather funds from different investors to renovate and make profit from a mega property. 

5. Ecommerce. 

If there’s anything that pays like gold in the online world without the risk of running a loss, it’s ecommerce. 

That’s commerce in the online world. 

No fiat currencies, no need to leave your home, location isn’t a restriction, no need to walk the store, you just sit in with your tab and navigate an entire store online. 

That’s amazing and then it makes life easy. 

So building an ecommerce store like AliExpress or Amazon can make you upwards of $1,000 a day. 

But it doesn’t come very easily. 

It’s challenging, and you’ll need quite some promotion money to make a head start. 

6. Grocery store. 

Operating a grocery store comes with a lot of costs. 

First of all, like every physical business, you’ll need space to house products. 

It’s not just going to be any space, you’ll need to design your store so it has a good smell and it’s easy to navigate. 

Lightings and furniture will take quite a few bucks off your pocket. 

But in the long run, this self-employed offline job can steadily generate $30k+ per month. 

It’ll also teach you to treat customers and employees the right way (since you’ll have one or more staff at the store in the long run). 

7. Laundromat. 

A bunch of people don’t have the luxury of time to dry-clean their clothes.

This makes room for laundromats to pack the money while performing these services. 

So if you’re still wondering what jobs pay $1,000 a day, the laundromat business is definitely one of them. 

It’s a self-employed job, and you’ll need to hire more hands if you want to make money and have more time for yourself.

8. Barbing salon. 

If you’re good at grooming hair, then you can make a ton of money. 

It costs anywhere from $35 to $150 to groom a hair. 

So if you’re doing this for 10 people in a day, that’s $1,000 (going for $150 per client), or $350 if your services aren’t cutting-edge. 

As a physical business, you’ll need a starting capital and recurring capital to run the business day-to-day. 

But before starting a salon business, you’ll need to learn to cut like a pro (just so you don’t ruin someone’s looks).  

9. Landscaping. 

The talent of totally transforming a vicinity comes with great creativity. 

And as a landscaper, you can make up to $1k per gig, and even more. 

It’s a profitable self-employed job, but you need to have much more than just an idea – you need experience alongside a creative mind. 

Getting landscaping jobs is easy with the help of freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Indeed.com. 

It’s also free to sign up on these platforms and get gigs that pay. 

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10. Freelance writing. 

If you want to make $1,000 a day, then freelance writing can get you there. 

Well if you don’t like writing, then this isn’t your gig. 

For lovers of text creation, you can start freelance writing free by signing up on Upwork or Fiverr. 

You can also get freelance gigs on Indeed that’ll pay you up to $50 an hour. 

But to make $1,000 a day, you need to get paid per words by freelance clients or handle multiple $50/hour writing gigs in 24 hours. 

It’s a great way to make money, but to make this easier and more profitable, consider starting a freelance writing firm. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 a Day in the 2020s – Final Words. 

So if you’re looking for the best jobs that pay $1,000 a day, you have them here. 

$1k daily earnings (even passively) is possible with self-employed jobs like blogging, freelance writing, landscaping, barbing, real estate, and running a YouTube channel. 

You can also make $1,000 a day as a freelance software developer, operating a laundromat, a grocery store or an ecommerce store. 

Every one of the jobs here won’t just pay you $1,000 a day, they could pay more. 

It depends on how much you really want to make, your approach to growing them, and the quality of your input. 

Every business takes time to grow. 

Plus, a lot of people making upwards of $1k in one or more of these businesses didn’t start overnight. 

They’ve put in the work upfront. And so will you. 

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