5 Best Jobs that Pay £1,000 an Hour in the UK

Jobs that Pay £1,000 an Hour in the UK

In all honesty, £1,000 an hour jobs in the UK aren’t the easiest jobs. They cost a lot of money and certainly aren’t a 9 to 5. 

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So if you’re looking for jobs that pay £1,000 an hour in the UK, they’re not one thing – 9 to 5 or white-collar jobs. These are multi million pounds self-employed jobs or businesses that recruit employees to scale their growth. 

A question you didn’t see coming your way… so, think about it. 

What would you do with £1,000 an hour?

If you made £1,000 every single hour that wallows, what would you do? 

How would that make you feel? 

And how would you affect the lives of those around you? 

Would it make you the proudest man alive? 

Or more humble? 

Sometimes, we think too much about the money than we think about the aftermath of having the cash. But before you’re done thinking, here are some possible questions revolving around making £1,000 an hour in the UK and answers to them. 

Is £1,000 an hour in the UK possible? 

Yes it’s possible to make £1,000 an hour in the United Kingdom, and it takes a lot of work. Majority of the businesses that make this much money are over a decade old. And a bunch of them in the United Kingdom generate well over £1k hourly. 

How much is £1,000 an hour in one day?

With the self-employed jobs on this list, the income is passive. So there’s 24 hours in a day, that means a passive income of £24k daily. 

How much is £1,000 an hour in a week?

There’s a total of 168 hours in a 7-day week. If you do the math, that’s about £168k in a week. 

How much is £1,000 an hour in a month?

Calculating with 30 days, £1,000 an hour leaves you with about £720k in a month.

How much is £1,000 an hour in a year? 

You’ll record a passive income of £8.64 million in one year of earning £1,000 hourly. 

So the businesses in the UK generating upwards of £10 million pounds make much more than just £1,000 an hour. With these ironed out, here are the best entrepreneurial jobs that pay up to £1,000 an hour in the UK. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay £1,000 an Hour in the UK

Fashion Brand 

A fashion brand with millions of lovers around the world will definitely generate millions of pounds in sales and profit too. Don’t expect to start making £1k an hour with a fashion brand anytime soon. 

There’s crazy competition in this space, and if you must start small, you must integrate both quality and uniqueness to cushion the effect of any flamboyant trend big names introduce to wipe out your legacy. 

First of all, you want to have a name for your brand that’s easy to remember, not resembling another household name in the fashion world, and nice to pronounce. Something like Lagstarr or Phemog (that’s my name for this example). Then get around with the procedures to imprint your designs on high quality apparels. 

You’ll need a host of smart fashion designers to work with you on this one even if you’re a smart fashionista or fashion designer on your own. Next, you want to build an e-store for your products where it’s easy for people to quickly place an order from anywhere in the world. 

Then put your brand out there in mega boutiques, feature it on social media for sale by running ads, and lastly work with celebrities everyone loves and have them wear your products for free as they post it on their social pages. This is a quick procedure to secure a headstart in the fashion world, but then it’s an expensive route altogether. 


Call it a supermarket or a mega grocery store, the odds of making £1k an hour with a supermarket are slim especially if it’s really SUPER or MASSIVE. 

With hundreds of transactions going in, people trolling around different corners to get different items, it’s easy to record over £1k pounds every hour in sales. It’s a self-employed job that requires the hands of many to run. And it’ll definitely cost you a ton of money to build something like this. 

So how do you stand out with a supermarket of your own? 

With the deluge of competitors out there already operating supermarkets booming in sales, you’ll need to come up with something quite different. If you can fork out the money, then it’d be really easy to stand out by incorporating trends like ecommerce where customers can shop from their home and get products delivered to them in minutes. 

Another creative way to outwit the competition would be to come up with a unique supermarket design and navigate path for shopping ease. Deliver products with branded bags, labels, and run locally targeted social ads/TV commercials to amplify your exposure. 


So a supermarket can make you tons of money, ecommerce is the online version of a supermarket. It’ll be safe to call it an e-supermarket. But in the online version of this supermarket or grocery store, you’re never out of options as to what nature of product you can deal in. 

You can sell physical and digital items in an ecommerce store, and making £1k an hour would be more than possible with thousands of visitors visiting your store daily to purchase items. Just like they do with Amazon. 

Now it’s not challenging to build an ecommerce store. Backend, you’ll need to figure out what to sell, how to promote your business, when to get an LLC, and on what terms you operate on. Everything needs to be put into proper perspective to avoid the slightest sight of confusion after launching the store. 

App Development 

Building an app like a VPN or a subscription software people pay to use can definitely generate over £1,000 an hour for you. It’ll take money to build an app like this, and also to promote it. It’s not a business or a self-employed job you want to start with a shortage of cash. 

After building your app, you want to make sure it’s getting a lot of traffic so that you’re able to recoup your investment and make tons of profit off the app. Secondly, you need to know where your audience is. And that’s where your promotion strategy strategy would focus on.

If your audience are social media freaks, then you want to make sure you’re promoting your app on social networks like Instagram, and partnering with social media influencers to amplify exposure. 

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If you want to make £1,000 an hour in the UK, this can happen with a restaurant you own. However, it’ll cost you a lot of money to build a restaurant and get it running. A restaurant business, no matter how small, costs a lot of money to start up. You’ll be paying rent, tax, refilling, staff, and other recurring expenses will definitely creep in. 

It takes a lot of effort in terms of promotion, packaging, delivery, and quality to grow a restaurant that generates over £1k an hour anywhere. It’s gotta be a mega restaurant. 

Before starting a restaurant business that you want to scale in the future, it’s really important that you get some things done from the very onset. 

Some of the things include: 

  • Feasibility Study: Before starting a restaurant business, you want to embark on a feasibility study. This means taking a survey of the market, location and other similar businesses already existing around the vicinity to tap into their flaws and capitalize on them to stand unique. 
  • Branding: Branding is perhaps one thing you should start building from the very beginning as a restaurant. Regardless of the size, you must incorporate a brand to your services. Assign your brand to how you package products, render other restaurant-related services, and marketing. 
  • Marketing: Without marketing, a restaurant can survive and win the hearts of many. With marketing, it’ll go even farther. Appear on the local Google listing for starters. This will make you appear on Google search whenever anyone around your local environment searches for restaurants around town. Growing even bigger, you can run paid adverts on social media and search engines too. Working with Social media influencers is also one speedy way to get your brand name out there (whether it’s a restaurant or not). 
  • Product Listings: A restaurant sells food. Now, you’ll need a menu list and this list is all you should sell as a business. Tailor your food category. Of course you won’t have all the food items in the world. With a perfect product listing, you’re able to recruit the right persons (or chefs) and offer the best food services (or taste). So, make a list of what you want to sell as a restaurant. It must contain a primary list of what people consume daily and frequently in your local environment first. 
  • Business Policies: These are the basic policies of the business. They represent the rules a business is run by, the structure of the business and everything important that the business holds dearly. Work ethics and behavior is sometimes woven into business policies or a different kind of policy for the business. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay £1,000 an Hour in the UK – Summary 

To make a ton of money, you’ll need to start a business that can make you so much. And this business can happen online or offline. 

In summary, the best entrepreneurial jobs or self-employed jobs that pay £1,000 an hour or more include fashion brands (branding your own clothes), restaurant, supermarket, app development, and ecommerce. 

There are other jobs that pay much more than these, and £1k an hour won’t happen overnight with these jobs. It’s an achievable feat. You’ll need to hire a team around whatever business you’re looking to start off this list. 

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