9 Best Jobs that Pay $10,000 a Day without a Degree

Jobs that Pay $10,000 a Day without a Degree

For a moment, think what $10k a day would do to you – think of all the things you could do with it; the businesses you could start up instantly. 

Now that’s enough. 

What’s the first thought you had? Probably a number of conflicting options to prioritize. 

The ideal thing is, $10k a day is a lot of money. 

And that’s like a dream come true for almost everyone (who isn’t a billionaire). 

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Earning $10k a day, that leaves you with $300,000 in a 30-day month. In a year, that’s about $3.6 million dollars. In one year!! 

How about in 5 years? 

You probably would have multiple investments in place to make you 3 times the yearly income of $3.6m. 

Okay, so enough with the calculation. What can you do to make $10k in a day? 

Truth is it’s a reality. A realistic one. 

And a lot of people right now just sealed their $10k/day earnings. 

By a lot of people, I mean a small chunk of people not up to 1% of the 7.96 billion people in the world today. 

Without a lot to say, I’m more eager and bustling to talk about the best jobs that pay $10,000 a day. 

These aren’t white-collar jobs, and they don’t just pay $10k a day on the first day you start doing them. 

If that’s your expectation, then I’m here to reengineer your thinking pattern. 

They’re self-employed jobs that turn you into a millionaire entrepreneur/CEO.

So you start them, build them until you’re able to generate just enough money as you desire it. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $10,000 a Day without a Degree. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is one of the most profitable online jobs that doesn’t cost a lot of money to start up. 

Before starting a blog, you need to know what you’ll be blogging about. 

Figuring this out gives you enough time to focus on growing your blog once your blog is online versus settling for a topic to dwell in. 

$10k a day blogging is an achievable feat, but it could take a while. 

And this means you’ll be making about $300k monthly from your blog. 

Before this can happen however, you’ll need to take the business approach of blogging vs the conventional personal blogging approach.

This could mean hiring more hands to run the blog, create graphics, and whatnot. 

While it’s possible to build a $300k per month blog, a lot of work upfront on your part will be sacrificed. 

First of all, you want to pick a niche, figure out what topics are not covered in totality in that niche, figure out affiliate products not properly reviewed (or reviewed at all), and get to work with creating content on unanswered questions and products with affiliate programs. 

After this, build your blog’s ranking signal by writing guest posts on bigger blogs so as to rank higher and get more traffic. 

Then monetize your blog by slapping in affiliate links into your content and joining ad networks like AdThrive.  

To start blogging today and learn the best way to grow your blog based on your personality, read my free guide here

2. Ecommerce store. 

Ecommerce is a self-employed job that pays upwards of $10k a day. 

That sounds good in theory, but it’s not like you’re going to make $10k the next week your ecommerce store is live. 

It’s easy to create an ecommerce store and design it. 

Afterwards, you’ll need to promote your store, regularly update it, and embark on technical optimization to make sure people can find it through a simple product search. 

Before starting out an e-commerce business, you need to know what exactly you’ll be selling. 

Figure this out. 

Do you want something like Amazon or Alibaba? 

If yes, it could take years to build something like that. 

But starting small is the way to go. 

While you’re not going to make $2 million dollars a day from sales like Amazon and other mega e-commerce businesses, $10k a day would be a realistic target. 

3. Fashion branding. 

Fashion can make just anyone a lot of money. 

If you want to get into the fashion world just to make money alone, it won’t work. 

You’ll need to be intentional about creating the best fashion designs and trends. 

This way, you’ll have enough creativity to bring new stuff to the table every time. 

There are lots of ways to start a fashion brand even without money

And you’re definitely not going to make $10,000 a day for starters, it’ll take some time to build trust, become a household name, and attain authenticity. 

4. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is also a great self-employed job that can generate up to $10,000 a day for you. But it takes a while or longer before this is a reality. 

To make $1,000 a day or $10,000 a day from dropshipping, your store has got to be insanely popular with a lot of traffic. 

Whichever way you go about this is totally up to you. 

But the more people you’re able to reach with a dropshipping store, the more sales you’re more likely to make, and the more revenue you’ll definitely generate. 

With a dropshipping store, you’re able to add prices to the original price of products. 

You don’t deal with inventory or anything as such.

All you do have to deal with is returns, refunds, and customer services. And that’s because you’re at the forefront of the transaction. 

5. Crypto trading.

Trading crypto, it’s easy to make $300k a month (or $10,000 a day day-trading) if you know how to trade the crypto markets profitably, and you’re trading with a lot of money too. 

Crypto trading is advisable if you already have a stable means of income. 

And it’s best to always prioritize risk management when trading the markets. Before trading crypto, learn it to the core. 

Have a working strategy that doesn’t lead you to liquidation. 

Keep track of your progress and always incorporate risk management into all your trades. 

It’s the best way to win more, lose less. 

6. Online course sales.

Selling courses online is one of the top self-employed online jobs that pay $10,000 a day in the long run. 

This could happen with a bestselling course you launched on Udemy or Thinkific, or with a bunch of courses making sales on these platforms. 

Now it’s time-taking to create a piece of useful course worth buying. 

But if you’re able to do this, you finally have a product that you can sell to any audience you have access to. 

It’s not just enough to come up with any course. 

You need to make sure the course you’re putting out there is worth 10 times the tagged price.

If your course is priced at $300 dollars, the value it contains should be worth $3k dollars.

This way, people can get more from their money spent in buying your course. 

7. Real estate software. 

If you’re still thinking about the jobs that pay $10,000 a day, real estate is on the list. 

It’s a self-employed job and there’s still room for a billion new real estate entrepreneurs. 

Even if you’ve got no money, generating $10k a day is not something that might happen every single day. 

With real estate, it’s easy to make up to $1 million dollars a month just by flipping houses. Now that’s like making $10k a day in 3+ months.  

Other really interesting ways to make money in the real estate industry, not necessarily $10k a day, is to invest in REITs and RELPs. 

These are platforms that poll investors’ funds to acquire, maintain and upsell properties individual investors can’t afford on their own. 

8. Photo/video editing software. 

Softwares like Photoshop and Canva generate several thousands of dollars daily from whatever means. 

They make the work of editing photos easy. 

And so does a host of other video editing apps like Inshot for mobile. 

Just by creating a software that gives people easy features to edit photos and videos, you can generate up to $10,000 a day in the long run from ads and other forms of monetization. 

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9. Graphics designing software. 

So there is a ton of softwares out there to help you design graphics. 

Some of these softwares have mobile and PC versions and they generate tons of money from ads and subscriptions. 

If you want to make $10,000 a day, developing softwares that allows people to design all sorts of graphics can get you there. 

It’ll take time to hit a steady $10k a day from your graphics design software, and a lot of marketing would have to be executed.

9 Best Jobs that Pay $10,000 a Day without a Degree – Final Words. 

Making $3.6 million dollars a year with any of these jobs will require much more than tremendous work. 

To make this happen faster, you’ll need to become a smart marketer and really work like a CEO. 

Hire more hands to get things done, partner with big names and become a big name yourself. 

Every good thing in the business world falls first into the hands of bigger brands – not small firms. 

So, build a brand instead with whatever self-employed job you’re taking up to make $3.6 million dollars a year. 

Do everything to provide unmatched value, build an audience, and reach out to make a name for yourself and coin a brand around your business. 

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