7 Best Jobs that Pay $10,000 an Hour in the Real World

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You’re definitely on the right page of the internet if you’re looking for the best jobs that pay $10,000 an hour. 

For the record, these jobs aren’t mere jobs or some sort of 9 to 5. They’re real entrepreneurial enterprises that can make you a lot of money. 

So, don’t worry about getting an MBA or some sort of degree from college. You won’t need any of that. Making as much money as $10k an hour is really possible. 

I know more than 70% of the people surfing the web to get a job online desire a $5k/month job, and a ton of graduates dream of having a $100k/year job. But the truth is, there’s a bigger picture. 

It’s no news that a ton of businesses around the world today generate so much revenue, up to $2 million in a minute (as is the case with my favorite company, Amazon). 

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So, in the long or short run, a 9 to 5 is never making you $10k/hour. The only kind of jobs with such earning potential are self-employed jobs. You run them, start them and manage them. 

The success of these jobs beckon on your effort, your strategy, and attitude towards them. 

If you want to make $100k an hour, quite possible it is. You can make it happen. With that in mind, here are 7 of the best self-employed jobs that pay $10,000 an hour and a lot more. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $10,000 an Hour in the Real World.

1. Ecommerce. 

Ecommerce stands for electronic commerce or online commerce/trade. 

It’s the buying and selling of goods over an electronic device like a cellphone, computer or a tablet. 

So, ecommerce is simply online trading, buying and selling of items regardless of the nature. Whatever it is, it can be sold and bought over the internet. 

Properties nowadays are bought online and there are a ton of ecommerce platforms over the internet committed to showcasing, buying, and selling properties around the world today. 

The big question is: can ecommerce earn you up to $10k an hour. The short answer is: yes. The long answer is that it depends on the size of your ecommerce business and the industry. 

Most importantly, the size matters. And one of the factors that determines the size of an ecommerce business is marketing. 

So, you can build an ecommerce in about 20 minutes using a software like Shopify, and promote your business to reach millions of people so as to make a ton of money from it. 

On Shopify, the work’s easy, and all you have to do is select designs, click on the features you want, configure payment options and tweak the navigation of your store. 

It’s really easy. You don’t need to pay anyone to get it done. All that’s needed is to sign up, select a plan, and get your ecommerce store online. 

With that said, the success of your online store beckons greatly on the effectiveness of your promotion strategy. 

2. Ride-sharing app. 

If you can fork out the money for both promotion and development, then you can generate so much money from building a ride-sharing facilitating app like Uber. 

Ride-sharing apps keep cents off every transaction, but they do that to thousands of accounts which translates to wads of money. 

So, the first step is to get a name for your ride-sharing app, outsource the development to brilliant computer programmers, and sit back while they titivate the entire design. 

It’ll cost you some money, but in the end you’ll reap so much. 

Let’s say you get 15,000 taxi drivers to register on your ride-sharing app, let’s call it O’paldrive, and you keep 2% off every transaction on the app. 

So, if on average, these drivers on O’paldrive complete more than 2 trips within an hour and earn $40 an hour, you get $0.8 from every transaction. 

That’s $0.8 in an hour, times 15,000 drivers. The result? A whooping $12k in an hour. Truth is, you won’t start making a ton of money from this instantly, and it could take a while to conquer the big boys in the game already. 

As a bustling rival, you’re definitely going to get a couple thousand sign-ups in your first year. 

3. Crypto exchange. 

Crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are drilling millions of dollars in profit every day from liquidation and other means that favors and disfavors many traders on the platforms. 

That’s huge!

You can start from where you are right now and build your crypto exchange to generate $10k an hour with time. 

It’s not that simple, and it takes a lot of time to create a software that actually allows people to trade the crypto market. 

It also costs a lot of money. You make money with money in this case. 

Alternatively, you can build an e-wallet to store crypto and fiat currencies and earn by sifting transfer/withdrawal fees from thousands of daily transactions. 

4. Tech device development. 

Build a tech and promote it – you’ll never go hungry. Well, in most cases. 

Imagine how much the inventors or innovators of the selfie stick are making or some other tech inventors are generating every minute. It’s millions of dollars. 

Let me stop you right there; it takes time and a lot of money to build a tech device that’ll actually make a difference. And as time wallows, so does money.

Building a technological device that remedies and ravages a problem or a seemingly obstructive mass challenge can make you a lot of money. 

It won’t happen overnight for sure, but you’ll get there with time, promotion and partnerships. 

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5. Fashion brand. 

With a fashion brand like LVMH, the official parent organization behind more than 75 other famous fashion brands, it’s easy to generate a whooping $10,000 an hour. 

This isn’t a 9 – 5, but to keep your business on the peg, you’ll have hundreds of employees working 9 – 5 under your company’s ego. 

Starting a fashion brand is an expensive choice to make, and it’ll be much more than picking a fancy brand name. 

Much more than just designing branded shirts or wears, you’ll need to promote your brand, and work with a smart team to outwit the competition at least locally. 

From time to time, introduce catchy trends into your products to stir awareness and appear on the front page of news outlets. 

One of the most effective ways to push a fashion brand is to participate diehard in influencer marketing. This is more like paying popular entertainers or sports stars to promote your product in whichever way they can. 

6. Foods/Restaurant. 

Foods include drinks, snacks and whatever people can really eat. So the idea here is to come up with super crazy food recipes that’ll sell like crazy. 

You can invent your version of Pizza 🍕 and sign a patent to your invention. Alternatively, you can become the grand manufacturer of an addictive drink like soda or a snack like Pringles, or something we’ve never heard of. 

Once you’re able to do this, it means you’ll be the only one manufacturing something millions of people from different corners of the world eat or drink. 

Forget about $10k/hour, you could become a billionaire for real. But it all starts from your mind. 

7. VPN. 

This is more techy than I can admit, but if you’re a tech savvy soul, then consider building a VPN software allowing people to secure their identity online. 

VPNs generate a lot of money, and it’s one of the few kinds of softwares that can make you real money in a short while. 

The more users you get on the software, recurring income is guaranteed. 

It may not soar up to $10k an hour in the first month or year, but it definitely can make you up to this amount with time. 

Quite realistic and expensive as you’ll need to spend on developing the software and promoting it too to get users. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $10,000 an Hour in the Real World – Final Words. 

Nearly all the ideas on this list are close to impossible, and that’s the reason more than 98% of the world’s population isn’t making $10k an hour every now and then.

These are some of the jobs that pay $10,000 an hour and it’s for obvious reasons – they are businesses that provide value to the society, and the audience. 

So, whatever it is you want to build or start up on this list, it retains enough potential to generate $10k an hour for you with time.

Whether it’s ecommerce or taking a foothold in the food industry, you can make much more than $10k/hour from what you do.

It just beckons on how well you do it, and what you’re aiming at. While you won’t start making $10k/hour instantaneously, it might take a while. 

Your best shot to make life-changing money is to build something, not to apply for it. The answer and key to massive wealth creation is in your hands. 

And you can begin by building your own business or starting a side hustle from scratch. 

If you can shell out the money, then buying an already established business will go a long way generate life-changing money for you within a very short time. 

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