5 Best Jobs that Pay $100k an Hour in the 2020s

Jobs that Pay $100k an Hour

“If you think big, then it’s going to be big.”

Emeril Lagasse

Think big. That’s pretty much a lot I can say for an intro. 

I know $100k an hour sounds impossible. But that’s only what you think. 

And you’re here because somehow, you believe you can earn $100k and there are businesses or jobs that pay this amount hourly. 

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Take for example, a lot of billionaires in the world generate much more than $100k an hour. 

Just to clear your doubts and show you how real people earn much more than $100k an hour, I’ll mention some names. 

Popular names that ring a bell. 

Jeff Bezos.

The famous owner of Amazon is indeed a hundredth billionaire, a billionaire with billions in hundreds. 

This man earns about $8.9 million an hour, summing up to $321 million in a day. 

Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is famous for Microsoft, and he’s really smart. 

He’s also one of the world’s richest billionaires earning over $400k an hour. 

Elon Musk.

Like it or not, Elon is my favorite billionaire on every list. 

He’s way younger than most billionaires in his cadre, and is into tech development like crazy. Elon earns over $16 million an hour. 

Warren Buffett.

A top known investor in the world today, and he’s still earning more than 90% of the people half his age. 

Warren earns over $1.5 million in an hour. 

Truth is, $100k an hour is feasible. 

And right here are some of the best ways to start making $100k an hour in the long run. 

It’s certainly not by taking up a boring 9 to 5. 

Plus, to make $100k an hour, you don’t have to set the goal or a $100k/hour target. 

All you need to do is offer value, and put in the best to reach more people or customers. That’s how these billionaires got to $100k/hour. 

Not one of them ever had the intention of making this amount or that an hour. 

It’s all about providing value, satisfaction, pleasure, happiness, and getting more and more people to know what you do so as to get more patronage and earn more money. 

$100k an hour means $2.4 million dollars in a day. And $720 million in a month or 30 days. DEFINITELY not getting this working as a sales rep!

Best shot? 

Trundle the entrepreneurial path. 

With that in mind, here’s a list of 5 entrepreneurial jobs that pay $100k an hour and even up to $1 million dollars a day, depending on how effective your growth strategy is. 

Disclaimer: These businesses cost a lot of money to start up. And they cost more money to promote and maintain.

In capital, you need several hundred thousand dollars for the least expensive self-employed entrepreneurial job on this list. 

They’re clearly a no-go area for you if you’ve got little capital or you don’t have any money at all to spend on launching a business from grassroot. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay $100k an Hour in the 2020s

1. Crypto exchange.

Crypto exchanges make a pile of money every single day. The least popular ones still make a ton of money and have at least 100 users. 

If you’re thinking of $100k an hour, having a crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase, or Blockchain can get you there. 

By creating a crypto exchange, you have a platform where people store their wealth. 

It’s not that simple to develop one. If you’re not a pro coder or software developer, you’ll need to spend some money on the entire development process. 

But just coding and designing it isn’t enough. You’re not the only one who’ll make use of your Crypto exchange. 

This way, you’ll need to promote your software across different popular websites, partner with influencers in the trading world, and run social media ads. 

You may need to give people a freebie, something like 0.000004 Ethereum for every referral they generate. 

So the more users someone invites, he gets richer. 

Not necessarily my example, but something that drives users to invite or refer your software to their friends, family, and followers. 

2. Tech development. 

If you’re tech savvy, you can build a tech and make it go viral. 

This is possible if you already have enough money to promote your tech, and make it stand out in the competition. 

Tech devices, like phones, are worth a lot of money. 

And the manufacturers generate billions every year. 

So, it’s one way to look if you want to make $100k an hour. 

None of the phone manufacturers targeted a $100k an hour income. 

They just wanted to put something unique out there. 

See where it got them. 


I’m pointing out that you can make real wealth just by inventing or innovating a tech and putting it out there in the hands of every customer in need of it. 

Let’s say you develop 3 million units of an Android phone, Xhavits (yes that’s the name), and one unit costs just about $400. 

Selling 1 million units of Xhavits generates $400 million dollars. 

Now it’s crazy. 

But you’ll need a lot of money to develop 3 million Xhavits in the first place. 

3. Video/Photo editing software. 

Want to make serious money up to $720 million in a year? 

Then you can start by building softwares like Canva or Photoshop. 

Imagine if we never edited any video or photo out there, they’d be really ugly, interesting, and the web would be a point for boring dey views. 

Editing videos and photos make them fun to watch and view. 

Softwares like these makes it possible. And they’re worth billions of dollars. 

Dividing through their valuation, that’s more than $100k an hour. 

4. Ecommerce. 

Running an ecommerce store can leave you with millions of dollars in a year. It’s expensive to start one. 

You need to first decide on what you’ll be selling. 

Then buy the products, store it, set up shipping arrangements, payment methods, terms, privacy policy, and more. 

There’s also a need to register your business with the appropriate committee if you want to get serious about things, and you want customers to trust you. 

All of that is what you’ll handle eventually. 

The bottom line is that you can make a lot of money as an ecommerce entrepreneur just as Jeff Bezos is to Amazon. 

So if you’re looking for $100k an hour jobs, Ecommerce can generate $1 million in every hour for you. 

Sounds cool. 

But reality is where the work is. 

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5. Fashion. 

The fashion world is ever-growing with new designs, trends, and inventions. Truth is, you can make $100k an hour with a fashion brand. It’s not that easy. 

And it could take the next decade because of the crazy competition out there. 

To knock out the competition, you want to invent something like a shoe that calculates the weight of the user. 

Or easy eyeglasses with games and a console. 

Something crazy to stand out is what it takes in the 2020s especially if you want to outwit your competitors like Elon Musk did every billionaire. 

Taking the conventional approach, you want to simply come up with a brand name like “Ghilgi” (don’t steal it). 

Then, you can design quality plain products (before eventually manufacturing yours), promote them rapidly, and build an ecommerce store for people worldwide to order your products. 

To scale, you can simply work with brands, influencers, celebrities, and also run frequent social media ads. 

Focus on brand influencer marketing i.e working with fashion celebrities or popular celebrities because whatever they rock is what their followers adore. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay $100k an Hour in the 2020s – Final Words. 

$100k an hour isn’t impossible. 

To make such an amount of money, take your eyes away from 9 to 5s, and focus on starting a real business either online or offline. 

By starting a business, you build a platform to offer value and make a lot of money. 

With a fat capital in place, you can scale your growth through advert placements on social media, influencer marketing, and frequently running commercials on popular TV channels. 

This is one of the best ways to not just make $100k an hour, but to become stinkingly wealthy, and have a lot of people on your payroll. 

Now this is interesting because these self-employed jobs are what make up our needs as humans. 

Ecommerce for example satisfies the needs of millions of people worldwide. 

And it’s because with tech, and software. 

Crypto satisfies the need to deposit money in a safe place other than the bank, and have the flexibility of transferring it anywhere else or purchasing online without the use of bank cards. 

Fashion is something we’ll all go crazy without. 

Even if you’re not a fashionista, you still wear clothes manufactured and designed by billion dollar companies earning over $100k an hour. 

Truth is you can own a company of your own in any of these sectors. 

And the last sector I forgot to mention is FOOD & DRINKS. 

I mean, food production and packaging companies don’t compel you to do anything nor do they run a battalion of ads. 

The natural hunger attribute in you fills their pockets just pretty well. 

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