7 Best Jobs that Pay $15 Million Dollars a Year

Jobs that Pay $15 Million Dollars a Year

If you want the best jobs that pay $15 million dollars a year and you’re wondering how it’s possible, you’re definitely on the right page. 

The truth is you’ll need to be an employed CEO, an experienced hedge fund manager or investment banker to make $15 million dollars a year. 

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But if you want to trundle the entrepreneurial path, then $15 million dollars a year can come from starting a job of your own (or a business). 

The self-employed jobs right on this list can get you to $15 million a year, but it’ll take years of work, upgrade, and investment to get there. 

Unless you’re willing and capable enough to buy a $15 million dollar business right away, your best shot is to start from scratch. 

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Grow a business either in the online space or offline to make you so much money. 

The hard truth is that this won’t be easy even in the long run with the bunch of competitors out there in the wild. 

But it’s attainable if you’re super smart and have a smart team pushing the vision in synergy. 

With the truth nailed to the wall, here are 7 highly profitable self-employed businesses or jobs that pay $15 million dollars a year. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $15 Million Dollars a Year. 

1. Blogging. 

Can you make $15 million dollars a year blogging? 

Yes of course you can. 

And by this, you’re not coming into the room as a standalone blogger. 

Some of the highest earning blogs today generate much more than $15 million dollars a year. 

Yes some of them are owned by a single blogger or two, but these blogs didn’t make this much money until they grew into a platform with many writers, editors, and directors of content. 

This time, it’s not just “blogging” alone, but “business blogging” or “publishing”. 

2. Ecommerce. 

With an ecommerce platform like Amazon, you can definitely make upwards of $15 million dollars a year. 

Now if you don’t have a couple million dollars in your bank account, don’t think of rivaling Amazon anytime soon. 

The ecommerce platform makes your dream money typically in 9 days. 

But $15 million dollars a year is a possible deal with an ecommerce platform resembling Amazon but only in services and quality. 

Let’s say you build an ecommerce store to sell products, it’ll grow with time. 

It could grow to generate billions of dollars in 12 months during the time Amazon and its formidable rivals stepped into the scene. 

But right now, there’s a deluge of competitors with millions of dollars to spend on marketing alone. 

3. Ride-sharing firm. 

If you launch a ride-sharing firm like Uber and you have an app of your own, it’ll take time for drivers to love your app and operations because Uber is already pretty addictive for a household name. 

Maybe you won’t make as much as Uber makes in a year, but $15 million in one year is not a far reach if you capitalize on marketing even with a minimum viable product. 

To experience massive success, you want to follow these procedures or procedures resembling these to launch your ride-sharing service. 

  • Study the market: It’s commonplace to undertake a feasibility study before going all into a market. So you want to know your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses so it’s easy to capitalize on their flaws and add trinkets of uniqueness to your brand. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of already established competitors gives you an advantage. And if it’s something they can’t really remedy, it’ll be difficult for them to cannibalize your brand at an early stage. 
  • Get a name: It’s going to be a product. But of course there’ll be a name. And it’s the name you don’t want to start changing in one or two years into the market. Carefully pick a name for your brand. A name you’re willing to run with for decades. 
  • Draw the software architecture: From the sign up page to the checkout page or your service, everything has to be in proper order. The activities and journey around the app should flow. It takes a lot of time to do this. And aside from promotion, this is the core of launching any service or business. It’s basically the order of things. 
  • Get a team of developers: If you’re not a coder yourself, you’ll need one or a host of coders to bring your architecture into perspective and reality. If you can’t hire a team of developers at the start, then work with one really experienced software developer. One of the ways to get software developers is to check them out on freelance marketplaces for software developers. A second way is to ask a friend or look them up on conventional freelance spaces like Fiverr, Upwork, and Flexjobs. 
  • Launch the MVP: With a minimum viable product, you can start promotion, registration, and even solicit partnerships. Get the MVP into the market. It doesn’t need to be “Perfect”. Even Facebook wasn’t perfect when it first hit the market. 
  • Register your ride-sharing service: It’s a business, and as such you need to register it with the appropriate committee in the US, UK (or wherever you’re at). Doing this makes it easy for people to trust you and it sponsors brand partnerships. On the bright side both users and potential partners will take it home that you’re serious about business and not in for games. Trust me, nobody wants to invest in an unregistered side hustle. 
  • Promote your product: After the service is live and usable, you want to make sure you’re not the only one making use of it. Now to take your product really far in front of millions of eyeballs, run social media ads and beckon on influencer marketing
  • Run regular updates: Taking generated feedback from your users into consideration, you should run upgrades from time to time to better improve on the ride-sharing service. Introducing new futures and whatnot. 

4. Restaurant. 

Running a restaurant like McDonald’s is costly as hell. But that’s McDonald’s. 

Yours doesn’t have to be as global as McDonald’s.

Start from somewhere, but definitely not mini if you’re targeting an annual return of $15 million. 

But if you’re willing to grow slowly and really put in the work with the best recipes, packaging, and customer service, then you can crawl to making millions in a couple of years. 

You want to give your restaurant a brand name, register it with the appropriate legal body, and put it online so it’s easy to find locally first. 

Afterwards, you can run ad campaigns on social media, TV, and pay social media influencers to make commercials for your brand restaurant. 

All of these will cost money, but will yield massive results. 

5. Fashion brand. 

Becoming a fashion entrepreneur is perhaps one of the best self-employed jobs that pay $15 million dollars a year. 

As simple as that sounds, it’s a lot of work. 

You’ll be working with a team to brand the clothes, handle promotion and a lot of other activities to scale the brand. 

Partnering with influencers on social media who are known for their fashion sense is also a quick way to push a fashion brand. 

When thinking about promoting a brand in and out of the fashion space, you have to put frequency into consideration. 

It’s not really about how many people saw your brand. 

It’s about how many times they’ve seen it enough for the name to register. 

Again, put quality into consideration. 

Never work alone on this one. 

Have a team with specialty in designs and color mix. 

With time, you can blend into wristwatches, shoes, eyeglasses, belts, and everything fashion. 

6. Cosmetics. 

With Kylie Jenner becoming a billionaire with her cosmetics business, it tells you a lot. 

People, particularly females, are hardcore consumers of cosmetics products. 

That’s the life they live everyday. 

And makeup is an integral part of beauty nobody can take away from this century. 

Unless you live under a rock. 

So there are diverse options to explore here. 

You can come in with a cosmetics ecommerce store, or launch a cosmetics store offline, or do both. 

One to complement the other. 

It’s really expensive to start a cosmetics store, and that’s the primary reason it has one of the highest ROI on this list.

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7. Real estate. 

To make $15 million dollars a year in the real estate industry, you’d have to become a real estate mogul unless you’re lucky enough to sell a property worth hundreds of millions with a referrer fee or agent fee of $15 million. 

This is really unlikely if you’re not well known, not a public figure, have no background in real estate, and not a real estate household name. 

So, $15 million dollars a year goes to some of the biggest real estate agents and entrepreneurs. 

It’s no big deal for real estate moguls in the billionaires club to make $15m in profit from a single property sale. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $15 Million Dollars a Year – Final Words. 

Making $15 million dollars a year from entrepreneurial ventures like these doesn’t happen because you wish it. 

You wish. 

But it doesn’t just happen. 

It takes much more than time but effort, development, regular upgrade and implementation of diverse strategies where necessary for growth.

If you’re a loner, you won’t get very far. 

You’ll grow these self-employed jobs to a stage where hiring a team introduces new levels of success and much higher returns than what you’ll ever record taking everything into your own hands. 

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