9 Best Jobs that Pay $15k a Month

Are you in search of the best jobs that pay $15k a month? Right in this article, you’ll get to know about them and make the right decision as to which of them to start on the go. For the record, these aren’t the regular 9 – 5 jobs, they’re self-employed jobs that you can do on the side while keeping a full-time job. 

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Eventually, you can start making enough money from these jobs to help you quit your full-time job and spend the rest of your life having fun doing what you love. Be that as it may, here are 9 best jobs that pay $15k a month. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $15k a Month. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging definitely joins the list of self-employed jobs that pay $15k a month. Disclaimer: you’re not going to get paid $15,000 dollars the next minute you start a blog or start blogging. This however is possible only if you’re some ridiculously popular celebrity with millions of followers and you just launched your blog. A simple post about it on your social media pages will drive thousands of visitors to your newly launched blog; and you can monetize that traffic in any way. That’s not the case here. Blogging is a real business and you can generate over $15k a month depending on the approach you adopt and how much work you put into it. 

When it comes to blogging for money, passion doesn’t help a lot. Profitability does. You follow where the money goes, and this starts by picking the most profitable niches to blog about. At least, the most profitable niches that appeal to you. Some of the profitable niches to start a blog on today include the following: 

  • Insurance
  • Loan 
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Parenting 
  • Tech
  • Crypto
  • Finance
  • Stocks 
  • Gaming 
  • Foods
  • Health 
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment
  • Travel 
  • Frugal living

There’s more, but these (particularly insurance) are some of the most profitable blogging niches you want to start a blog on if you’re looking at making tons of money. Basically, blogging is all about giving out value; you get paid for the value you disseminate overtime. First things first; pick a profitable niche, and then choose a domain name. A rule of thumb here is not to pick a domain name that’s related to your niche because you might want to switch your niche in future and blog about something else. And then you realize that domain names can’t be changed. 

Once you’re done with the niche and the domain name, next up, start developing your blog and monetize the traffic once you start hitting at least 10 visits a day. Yes! 10 visits. It worked for me. To get started with a blog and make money blogging, checkout this guide. It’s no bluff, there’s a lot of trash that doesn’t work online. You don’t want to waste 24 months blogging without earning a cent. That’s why this guide is for you

2. E-commerce. 

E-commerce joins the list of the best jobs that pay $15k a month. This isn’t actually a white-collar job as you know it. It’s an entrepreneurial enterprise, and it costs a lot of money to start up. This is basically because you’ll be spending money to ship your products, develop your inventory, rent a warehouse, and eventually build your e-commerce store online. While it’s expensive to run an e-commerce store day after day, it’s gratifying in the long run. 

Some of the most successful ecommerce businesses in the world today include Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, AliExpress, Target, and whatnot. Basically, strategic planning is required to start and grow an e-commerce business. And it can generate not just $15k in a month, but in one day. A lot of the biggest e-commerce businesses generate millions of dollars in a day. Some do this in minutes. Took them decades. They kept grinding. 

3. Podcasting. 

With a podcasting channel, it’s possible to generate up to $15k a month from sponsorships and special advert campaigns. Firstly, you’ll need a blog; a place on the web to host your podcasts (start your blog here). Once that’s done, you’ll need to have an audience; people who listen to what you have to say and they follow you. 

Without a loyal audience, nobody’s gonna buy whatever product you talk about in your podcasts or a course you’ve got to sell. There are different ways to monetize a podcast. And if you’re ready to start podcasting right now, sign up on Adobe Audition. It’s the most feature-rich podcasting software on the web and very beginner friendly. So, you can get started in no time. 

4. Website flipping. 

Brilliant but expensive idea; website flipping is simply buying websites and reselling them for profit. So,you buy a website for about $78,000 dollars and resell it for $125,000 dollars. These are crazy figures but that’s what it is. Flipping websites can generate a lot of money for you within a month. 

And if you’re looking at $15,000 dollars, then you’d be buying very expensive websites with the aim of reselling them for more money. Surprisingly, there are websites worth $200,000 dollars. And if you can buy them, you’re definitely making more money in 5 figures from reselling them. 

5. House flipping. 

House flipping is a real estate activity that costs quite a lot of money and has a really high ROI. This is because you’ll be buying houses and flipping them or reselling them for profit. And houses aren’t worth 4 figures. When it comes to flipping houses, it can take some time before you’re regularly doing it for profit successfully. Sometimes, it could take you three months to sell off one property. 

The bright side is, with just one single sale for really expensive properties, you can generate more than $50,000 dollars in profit. So, let’s say you acquire a property for $70,000 dollars. Reselling it for about $110,000 after two months means you’ve earned an additional $40,000 dollars in the space of 2 months. Making an average of $20k per month. In profit. The reality of this is that you’ll be doing a lot of renovation on the property if you’ve got plans to resell for an amount this high. 

6. Affiliate marketing. 

Here’s how affiliate marketing works: you recommend products to people and when they buy your products, you get paid a certain commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate passive income online. Firstly, you start off by doing it the right way. Two ways I highly recommend are: 

  • Affiliate marketing with a blog. 
  • Affiliate marketing with a YouTube channel. 

If you want to generate up to $15k a month, then you can start your voyage into affiliate marketing either with a blog or a YouTube channel. Using both systems, you simply review products and add your special affiliate link to your reviews for people to click and land on the sales page. Whether it’s through a blog post or a YouTube video by you, affiliate marketing is most effective when you’re giving out value in form of product reviews, top list of products for something, and product comparisons. 

7. Crypto trading.

Trading crypto is another self-employed job that pays $15k a month. The thing is, you won’t be making $15,000 dollars every time you start trading crypto in a month. But then, you can grow an account into generating this amount of money every month and even more money for you. How? Learn to trade and be patient with the market. The first thing however is to learn to trade the crypto markets. It takes a bunch of time to learn, but once you start catching along with indicator usage, risk management and fundamental (and technical) analysis, you’ll see how easy it is to make money trading the crypto market. Sometimes, it’ll feel like the market is controlled; manipulated. When you start trading more frequently, it’ll be difficult to ecoerieta failed trade. 

You will from time to time. But more wins is what you need to hit $15k a month. Now, the size of your trading capital will also determine how quick it’ll take you to reach 5 figures in profit every single month. With a $100,000 dollar trading capital, you’ll be able to make more money with less risk and fewer trades. However, if you’re trading with a 5-figure capital, it’ll be more challenging and risky to hit $15k. You’re more likely to generate more money with a fatter trading capital. 

8. Stock market trading. 

Other than trading crypto, you can get into the stock market and pull out a ton of money month after month. This is really easy to write. But in theory, it’s some real work. Some real mentally stimulating online job that’s not a 9 to 5. 

Just like the crypto market, the size of your trading capital determines to a large extent how much money you’ll be able to generate in a month from positive trades. However, trading with the right skillset is a top priority here. The stock market isn’t just gamble. It’s a market, and you retain the capacity to win mostly when you want to. 

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9. Dropshipping. 

Just like building an e-commerce business, but it’s low-cost and more stress free versus a real ecommerce business. With this online job, you can generate anywhere from $50 dollars to $5,000 dollars every single day. If you’re not familiar with this term, dropshipping, it’s all about building an online store and redirecting orders from customers to a different supplier in the background. Your customers will get what they ordered but in your name and not the name of the original supplier. You manage no inventory or shipping costs. 

All you do primarily is monitor your sales and deal with customer services. To start up your dropshipping store today, sign up on Alidropship. It’s easy to build your dropshipping store and connect it to AliExpress (which will be your original supplier) with the Alidropship online software

9 Best Jobs that Pay $15k a Month – Final Words. 

In summary, the best jobs that pay $15k a month include dropshipping, stock market trading, crypto trading, blogging, course sales, podcasting, website flipping, house flipping, and affiliate marketing. These are mostly self-employed online jobs that can generate much more than $15k a month if you put in the work. They’re not all that expensive to get started, perhaps the most expensive of them all is the only offline job on the list; house flipping. 

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