9 Best Jobs that Pay £20 an Hour in the UK

Jobs that Pay £20 an Hour in the UK

    If you’re in search of the best jobs that pay £20 an hour in the UK, then this blog post is yours. 

    Making £20 pounds an hour isn’t much of a big deal especially with these jobs. 

    Maybe it doesn’t happen instantly, and that’s why millions of people aren’t replicating the same results even while working these same jobs. 

    Fortunately, what you put in is what you get out. 

    So if you put in your best, you’ll get the best results. 

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    Plus, these are some of the coolest jobs that you can do if you’re self-employed. 

    They’re not 9 to 5 jobs, and I don’t really talk about 9 to 5 jobs on this blog. 

    A couple of them right on this list can guarantee you an endless stream of passive income. 

    But that’s an added advantage to working these jobs comfortably as a self-employed. 

    On this note, here are 9 best jobs that pay £20 an hour in the UK. 

    9 Best Jobs that Pay £20 an Hour in the UK. 

    1. Freelance writing. 

    In the UK, freelance writing joins the list of jobs that pay £20 an hour. 

    If you love writing, you can definitely earn up to 20 pounds in one hour as a freelance writer. 

    It’s cheap, and doesn’t cost a dime to get started. 

    However, if you must become a freelance writer, you must be really good at writing. 

    This will increase your chances of getting more freelance writing gigs. 

    Much more than earning £20 pounds an hour, you can earn more as a freelance writer in the UK. 

    Generally, freelance writers get paid per word. 

    So you can charge up to £0.5 for every word you write. 

    This translates however to £500 pounds for every 1,000-word article you write for your clients. 

    You can charge more, or less depending on your experience, expertise, and budget of the client involved. 

    To get started as a freelancer, simply sign up on Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. 

    It’s free, and you can start getting freelance gigs on the go. 

    2. Landscaping. 

    Landscaping is for the pros. 

    I mean, if you’ve got no prior knowledge, then it’ll be difficult for you to make money as a landscaper in the UK. 

    Well, unless you want to work as a contractor outsourcing landscaping gigs to professional landscapers. 

    On average, landscapers in the UK can earn up to £50/hr. 

    So, if you’re looking for the best jobs that pay £20 an hour in the UK, landscaping is one of them. 

    It’s a self-employed job, and the more you get into it, the more gigs you’re definitely going to get. 

    Talking about hunting for gigs, you can search for landscaping gigs around you using job boards like Indeed.com or Craigslist

    Another way to get landscaping gigs is to join in on freelance platforms like Guru, Truelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, and Peopleperhour. 

    3. Copywriting. 

    Copywriting is the art of writing captivating copies for products so that they’re highly sold. 

    A copywriter is quite different from a random writer. 

    Somehow, they know the best words to use just to seize on your buying taste buds. 

    They’re highly sought, and if you’re already good at writing, you can learn to become a copywriter from time to time. 

    In the United Kingdom, copywriters make a ton of money. 

    They work as freelancers and are also privately employed. 

    As freelancers, it’s not common for freelance copywriters to earn below £20 per hour. 

    In other words, copywriters who work as freelance agents make much more than £20 pounds per hour. 

    Once you’re good to go as a copywriter, you can start looking for gigs online using freelance marketplaces. 

    There’s no tag you wear as a copywriter, you only get better with time at it. 

    So, even without spending a ton of time learning to become a copywriter, you can get your hands dirty with copywriting gigs to see how fluent your inborn copywriting skill is. 

    That said, copywriting is one of the best jobs that pay £20 an hour in the UK. 

    And a bunch of UK copywriters make a living off this art of writing. 

    4. Proofreading. 

    Without proofreading, a ton of articles and books you read today would be total trash; mixed in grammar errors and funny misspellings. 

    Thanks to proofreading, you can read books and articles without struggling over the meaning of ambiguous words or brainstorming what a misspelled word would’ve been. 

    In that sense, proofreaders do a great job. 

    If you’re good at proofreading documents or weeding grammar errors off documents, then you can become a professional proofreader with some extra effort. 

    In the UK, proofreaders earn more than £20 an hour. 

    It’ll surprise you to know that some brand proofreaders make a living off the job earning 6 figures a year. 

    5. Dropshipping. 

    With a dropshipping store, you can definitely generate up to £20 an hour in the UK. 

    A dropshipping store is more like an online store where you import products from other e-commerce websites, top the prices on your own end, and market your products to get sales. 

    The dropshipping store is the middleman. 

    All you need to do is to deal with customers who feel unsatisfied with your services and demand a return or a refund. 

    Other than that, you don’t store inventory and ship nothing on your own. 

    All of the menial jobs are handled by the supplying e-commerce website. 

    Ideally, the more relevant customers you’ll attract to your own store, the more money you’re likely to make off the store online. 

    Dropshipping is an alternative to anything ecommerce online. But it’s not entirely an e-commerce business. 

    6. Blogging. 

    Can you make £20 pounds an hour with a blog? 

    The answer to this is a big YES. 

    There’s no limit to how much money you can generate from a blog. 

    And £20 per hour or £480 pounds a day is a realistic goal to hit with a blog. 

    First of all, what’s a blog? If you’re a total newbie, this is for you. 

    A blog is a space on the web where you can upload anything you want to. 

    It’s your own space, but it’s not free to get started with a cool one. 

    Maybe there are ways to get a free blog online, but it will be limited in functionalities and appearance. 

    Yes, so a blog is a space on the web. 

    Like your apartment, and you can put whatever you want in it. 

    Before launching a blog from scratch, you want to pick a niche or a topic to settle with. 

    That way, you’ll have enough focus with the content you upload. 

    Picking and sticking to a niche is one of the best things you can do if you want to make money blogging. 

    The more mixed up your blog is, the harder it’ll be to have a loyal base of visitors who come to your blog for one niche. 

    It’ll be confusing. 

    To prevent that and still be able to publish the best and really helpful contents, stick to a niche. 

    With time, you’ll start getting traffic that you can monetize. 

    To start your own blog today, checkout this guide

    7. Web dev. 

    As for web developers in the UK, £20 an hour is below minimum rate. 

    A ton of web developers make more than this. 

    However, the bottom line here is that web development (as a freelancer developer) is one of the best self-employed jobs in the UK that pay up to £20 an hour. 

    Working as a web developer, you can make more money. 

    8. Graphics designing. 

    If you’re good at designing graphics, then you can work as a freelance graphics designer in the UK to make £20 per hour. 

    It doesn’t take a lot to get started as a freelancer, you just need to be really good at what you do. 

    There’s no guarantee that you’re going to make £20 per hour with your first gig, but most of the freelance graphic designing gigs you’ll get will earn you much more than £20 pounds. 

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    9. Transcription. 

    If you’re not going to get really bored, then you can try your hands on transcription. 

    This means taking what’s in a file and replicating it in the form of text. 

    For example, a video can be transcribed into text format. 

    This way, you have the video content and the text-based content for whatever purpose. 

    In the UK, you can transcribe documents, but as a freelancer. 

    You can work for multiple clients too as a freelance transcriber, and get paid. 

    The challenge other than getting good transcription gigs is to transcribe documents within a limited timeframe. 

    It can be boring, and imagine the job of playing, replaying, pausing, and writing text down. 

    It can be thousands of words too, especially if it’s a lengthy video. 

    Basically, you can charge £20 an hour or more for services like this in the UK. 

    Plus, people make so much money transcribing documents every month that they don’t beckon on other side jobs. 

    9 Best Jobs that Pay £20 an Hour in the UK – Final Words. 

    Some of the best jobs that pay up to £20 pounds an hour include web development, blogging, dropshipping, transcribing files, proofreading documents as a freelance proofreader, freelance writing, copywriting, landscaping, and graphics designing. 

    The majority of these jobs are the kind you can do on the side even if you’re working a full-time job, and they don’t cost a lot of money to start up. 

    Some don’t cost anything at all. It’s your call to pick and focus on any one that suits you. 

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