9 Best Jobs that Pay $200 an Hour without College or a Degree

If you’re in search of the best jobs that pay $200 an hour, you’re on the right page of the web, and this article doesn’t highlight any form of white-collar job. These jobs are self-employed, largely, and they’re the mind of jobs that you can start on your own, grow on your own, and scale up whenever you want to. Plus, if you have a full-time job right now, you can do these undercover or on the side of your full-time job.

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Making $200/hour is not impossible. In fact, a lot of people made more than this in the past hour. That’s about $4,800 dollars every single day. And $144k a month. There are hardly white-collar jobs that pay this much money. 

At best, you’d be making $500k a year working the best white-collar jobs. But these jobs right here can generate over $200/hour for you or up to $1.72 million dollars every year. For real? Yeah. They’re not abstract jobs, but they’re self-employed and you can start them on your own right away. Some of them cost more than others, and they’re perceived with the highest ROI. But don’t worry, once you’ve gotten to know about them, you can worry less about starting. Here are 9 best jobs that pay $200 an hour in the real world. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $200 an Hour without College or a Degree. 

1. E-commerce. 

In reality, you can make $200 an hour without college if you’ve got an ecommerce store up and running. It’s passive income really. This is the kind of business online that can change your financial status-quo just like it did to Jeff Bezos. Although, making $200 an hour with an e-commerce store doesn’t come easy. It’s a lot of work. 

The good thing is, you don’t have to go to college to make this happen. Your store online doesn’t have to be as big as Amazon before it generates $4,800 every single day in gross profit. Heck! Amazon does over $2 million in sales at the time of this writing. Plus, you don’t need to be a programmer or a coder to have an ecommerce store of your own. With web tools like Shopify, and BigCommerce, you can have an ecommerce store set-up in minutes. 

2. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is also one of the realistic jobs that pay $200 an hour without a college degree. You don’t need to apply for anything to have a dropshipping store. Your objective would be to learn about dropshipping and how it works. Once you’re able to learn the ropes about dropshipping and the best ways to make it work, then making up to $200/hour would be dependent solely on your efforts and approach. 

Dropshipping is easier compared to ecommerce. You do the front-end work and leave the backend job for another ecommerce store. It’s an easy concept and you can set up a dropshipping store in a couple of minutes (just like an ecommerce store). 

3. Affiliate marketing. 

This is probably the cheapest option here to make $200/hour. Okay, maybe you’re not going to make up to $200 dollars every hour, but you can definitely generate over $144,000 dollars every month. Truthfully and in all sense of honesty, affiliate marketing isn’t easy. I’ve tried it myself, made $0 till this moment. But then, it works for people who are heavy on it. Maybe I didn’t give it my best but I’m not heavy on affiliate marketing. Just a light approach. Nothing aggressive. 

Today, there are online hustlers generating over $50k, $100k, and even $200k from affiliate marketing. The most effective approach to affiliate marketing is value serving. Tell people about a couple of products extensively, leave your affiliate link (on a blog of course), and then let the magic work. 

4. YouTube channel. 

Unless you’re good at editing videos and making fun videos, it can be difficult for you to make money on YouTube. Still on still, it’s one of the best self-employed jobs that pay $200 an hour without having you go to college or bag a degree. Or become an associate bachelor. Starting out on YouTube, you need to stick to a niche. This is one of the reasons people will stick around to subscribe and check out more of your videos. Without a niche, I don’t see how a YouTube channel can be interesting. There are exceptions but I believe everything about content thrives on a niche or a series of related niches. 

Hence, find a niche, create the best video content on that niche, and use catchy thumbnails. With time, you’d be making enough money, much more than $144k a month (which equates to $200/hr). You can decide to monetize your YouTube channel in multiple ways to generate more revenue. 

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5. Blogging. 

While blogging remains one of my favorite ways to make money online, it’s also one of the self-employed jobs that pay $200 dollars an hour. You can start a blog on the side of your full-time job and grow it until it’s big enough to take care of your needs and the needs of your family (if you’ve got any). Starting from scratch, it takes time to grow a new blog especially if you’re starting out as a new blogger. You’re coming into a competitive space regardless of the degree of competition. 

There’s still a tad of competition. And you’d need to do things differently to thrive. Making money with a blog isn’t very difficult, but making $4,800 every single day with a blog can take up to 24 months. Or 36 months. Or more. And the best time for you to start a blog of your own is right now. Ready? Click here to start blogging today. 

6. Programming. 

As a programmer, you can generate up to $144k a month in two ways, or three (just because there’s a third hybrid way). The first is to work on high profile software/tech projects paying thousands of dollars per delivery or hundreds of dollars per hour. A second way is to build a software of your own and monetize it. A third way to do this is to both work as a freelancer on high profile software or tech projects and to build your own monetizable software. 

The third hybrid idea can generate over $144k/month faster for you. It’s more time-consuming and requires you to be super good at programming. High profile tech firms and clients only work with the best. And it’s not too late to learn programming if you’re a complete dummy. 

7. Web tool development. 

Owning a web tool is also a great way to get paid or earn $200 an hour. Firstly, you’ve gotta come up with an idea. What’s your web tool going to be like? Well, if you’re well versed in a niche, you can create a tool to help people review stuff, analyze stuff, spy on stuff or check the credibility of stuff. Some tools like Trustpilot do a lot more of reviews, and credibility check. 

There are other tools that you can check out online just to see if a version of them would be replicable and relevant in your niche. The point is, a web tool that people want to pay for can generate over $144k/month for you. That’s still $200/hr.

8. Fashion brand development. 

This is another way to make $200/hour and even much more than this passively. It could be a way to get your name on the Forbes list too. How so? Coming up with your own fashion brand just like LVMH is one way to make life-changing money. It’ll be expensive to create your brand in multiples or to manufacture hundreds of your brand clothes. 

And even more expensive to market these products to the world, and to gain local dominance. We’re talking about investing hundreds of thousands of dollars here. If you’ve got the dough, give it a go. 

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9. Crypto trading. 

Crypto trading is indeed a self-employed job. But then, it’s one that can either make you rich or broke. Like, totally broke. If you’re to make $200 an hour and you don’t plan on working any sort of 9 to 5, then crypto trading is one way to look. You’ve gotta learn the rudiments of trading the crypto market, and be willing to take some risks. The crypto market is volatile, this means that you can get into profit quickly with a single trade. 

Depending on the size of your trading account, you can trade to make profits of over $200k a month. Ideally, the more money you’re trading with, the more profits you’re liable to make. Best practice? Become a really good crypto trader first. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $200 an Hour without College or a Degree – Final Words. 

Want to make $200 an hour and live your dream life? Then it’s realistic, and possible. But then it comes with a lot of work. If it didn’t have to come with much work, a lot of people would be making this amount of money every single hour, that’s $4.8k/day. Or $1.7 million dollars a year (close to $2 million a year mark). 

Some of the best jobs that pay up to $200/hour include cryptocurrency trading, blogging (yes!), ecommerce, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, YouTube channel monetization/development, web tool development, and fashion brand sales. They’re more, but these can get you to $200 an hour (mostly passively). 

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