5 Best Jobs that Pay $2,000 a Day without College

If you’re wondering how to make $2,000 a day working online, then this blog post is just for you. While $2,000 a day jobs aren’t the easiest to see in the real world, you can actually work online while earning this daily. 

If you’re a traveler or a full-time employee, you can also earn a lot of money working these online jobs on the side. Yes, on the side. 

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But I must warn you however, these online jobs are self-employed jobs, which means you get to determine how much they make you. $2k a day is a nice figure, but you can potentially make more money with these online jobs. 

How much is $2k a day in one month?

Making $2k in a day, that’s about $60k in a month. With this, you’re definitely going to do more than without it. 

How much is $2k a day in one year?

In one year, $2k a day earned would make you $730k. That’s just shy of $1 million dollars. So if you want to make a million dollars, $2k a year in two years will do the trick. 

That said, here are 5 best online jobs that pay $2,000 a day and more. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay $2,000 a Day without College. 

1. Blogging

Just by starting a blog, you can make $2k a day in the long run. Now that’s true, but you’ll need to invest an enormous amount of work into your blog from scratch. Building a blog is like starting a new business. 

You need to know the scope of your blog, what audience you’re serving, and what they want to consume. This way, it’s easy to provide value that’s relevant to them. 

Before starting a blog, you want to make sure you’re doing it the right way by choosing the right niche and then following a content production strategy. Again, consistency is one of the biggest factors in the blogging world. 

If you have all the resources and knowledge, you’re definitely not going to make a lot of money from a blog without consistency. If your quest is to make $2k a day blogging, then from the inception of your blog, out monetization strategies in place to get there. 

This includes drawing out a long list of things to write about, places to promote your blog, and websites to guest blog on so it’s easy to grow the strength of your blog. If you’ve not started your blog today, start today using my free blogging guide to set up a blog and grow it to $10k/month. 

2. YouTube.

While you can create as many channels as you want on YouTube, it’s one of the best online jobs that pay $2,000 a day and much more than that. Making money on YouTube would be easy if you’re the consistent type, and you know how to create quality video contents. 

To run a YouTube channel into massive success, it takes much more than just creating videos, you’ll need to create catchy thumbnails for your videos so that it gets the most clicks. 

People search about a lot of stuff on YouTube, and the most important ranking algorithms to get traffic on the video streaming platform are the video description, titles, hashtags, click-through rate, and watch time (if they watched till the end). 

You want to make sure you’re beating these algorithms by not creating longer videos, but better videos. 

3. Affiliate Marketing. 

With affiliate marketing, you can make as much as $5k a day over the internet. It’s free to get started with affiliate marketing, but if you want to scale things up, you’ll need to spend some bucks. 

While there are several ways to do affiliate marketing, the two most effective ways are running a YouTube channel to recommend products, and a blog to review or write about products. 

That’s what affiliate marketing is all about; recommending products and getting commissions when people buy these products. So you can do this with a blog or a YouTube channel. 

Affiliate marketing with a blog.

Starting out with a blog, you can simply create a WordPress blog and start writing about products people search for. To get more results, streamline your content production strategy by creating review posts about micro niche products in a niche or multiple niches. 

What you want to do is make money from affiliate sales. So if you’re a prolific writer, you can write about several products in the form of reviews and list posts. 

This way, when people search for products in these niches, you’re the one serving up information about them. It’s never an easy task to rank for product keywords, but you can start by tailoring your posts to very specific products other writers or blogs haven’t covered. 

Affiliate marketing with YouTube.

Creating a YouTube channel is free. So what you want to do is decide if you’ll stick to a niche or review products in multiple niches on camera. 

Sticking to a particular niche kind of gives your YouTube channel an MO, making viewers register you as an authority figure in this product area or product category. Make better videos to get more exposure and watch hours on YouTube. There’s also a description box to keep your affiliate links and write everything you want your viewers to check out. 

Whichever way you choose to go about it, making $2,000 a day from affiliate marketing isn’t an easy feat to achieve. 

4. Crypto trading. 

To trade the crypto market, you want to make sure you’ve learnt a lot about how best to do it. Even the pros lose a lot of money, but you want to make sure you’re well endowed with the knowledge you need to constantly beat the market. 

Trading crypto isn’t just for anybody. It messes with your emotions and when that happens, you’re prone to making the worst decisions. So, you want to learn to trade profitably every time. 

And this might take a while as you’ll fail a thousand times making one trading mistake or the other. The bottom line is, you can make a huge load of money trading the crypto market. And to make $2k a day easily, you’ll need to start trading with a huge liquidity or capital of about $5k+. 

The more liquidity you have in your trading account, the easier it is to make more money with a little profit margin. 

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5. Options trading. 

Trading options is one of the online jobs I consider self-employed and quick-rewarding. It’s instant money, especially if you’re trading with a broker that doesn’t take forever to process your wins. 

Basically, winning and losing in the options market happens instantly. You can trade even a 5 seconds timeframe. This means your trade expires after every five seconds. With a crazy strategy, you should trade up to 30 minutes before ripping off profits. But this will really require a crazy strategy. 

If you want to be more careful and spend some time caressing the market, then you can trade lower time frames like the hourly timeframes. The point is that you can make up to $1k+ per trade instantly with trading the options market. 

The ironic scene also applies here (where you can also lose $1k+ instantly). And just like crypto trading, you’ll make more money with a larger trading capital. 

5 Best Jobs that Pay $2,000 a Day without College – Final Words. 

Making a grand sum of $2,000 a day working online is kind of a big deal in the real world. You don’t have to go to any form of office or do anything menial, plus, you get a lot of time to spend with family and friends. If you want to make $2k a day working online, these are some of the best jobs you can start right now. And they don’t cost a lot of money to start up. 

In summary, you can start a blog, trade options, trade crypto, start a YouTube channel, or venture into affiliate marketing either with a blog or a YouTube channel. These are online jobs, and they’re mostly passive income streams. 

If you’re keeping a full-time job at the moment, you can start any of these self-employed jobs on the side and slowly grow them naturally until they’re generating up to $2,000 a day for you. To get maximum results, you can start with one and focus on it big time. To make $2,000 a day, there are other jobs that you can do offline and online with the exemption of the ones already on this list. 

They include starting a laundromat, build a gaming software or an app that’s pretty addictive (or super helpful), start a barbing salon, build a mini guesthouse, start a car wash, go big on Airbnb with several exotic apartments, build a forum online, sell courses online, build an hotel (which is pretty on the expensive side), or run a chain of Uber driving services across the city (with several vehicles you own). 

Many of the other options to make $2,000 a day or other self-employed jobs that pay $2,000 a day are really expensive to kickstart. On a small scale, they cost more than $10k to set up. They’re self-employed jobs that can transition into full fledged businesses with subsidiaries (in the long run). 

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