7 Best Jobs that Pay $2,000 an Hour without College

If you want to get hold of the best entrepreneurial jobs that pay up to $2,000 an hour, then you’re on the right page. On Potentstack, I don’t do much. But then I simply reveal the most lucrative businesses, self-employed jobs that pay a lot of money, and realistic ways to make money – a lot of it. 

Right in this blog post, I’ll unveil 7 of the best and most realistic jobs that pay $2,000 an hour. This means a daily income of $48k, and a weekly income of $336,000 dollars. In a month, that’s about $1,344,000 or $1.4 million dollars. 

In the next 12 months, you’d have a gross income of about $16.2 million dollars. Basically, we’re talking about the most realistic jobs that pay up to $16.2 million dollars. This is a huge stack of money. And if I could earn half of this, I’d definitely see things differently than I do right now. 

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Truth is, it’s realistic. Businesses in today’s world generate much more than $16 million in a single month. My favorite company, Amazon, generates more than this in a single hour. So back to life. $16+ million is realistic. It only takes time and strategy. With that off the table, here are 7 realistic jobs that pay $2,000 an hour. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $2,000 an Hour without College. 

1. Online news publishing. 

If you want to make $2,000 an hour, then it’s quite a possibility with an online news publishing platform like Forbes, Business Insider, the New York Times, Huffington Post and more. These are multi million dollar online businesses that generate tons of money daily. 

Plus, when it comes down to running publishing firms like these one, it costs money unless you’re willing to start from the very scratch as a single blogger. It would take years for you to slowly grow especially with the rapid rate at which new publishing blogs are created daily. 

To stand out, you’d need to always be alert and be the first to publish the hottest happenings. With that said, it’s never an easy task. And it’s not something I’d recommend. To make $2k an hour with a publishing platform, you’ll need to hire writers and editors. Run it as a company rather than just a blog. Put in your best and invest in content. 

Just like the good old traditional blogging, it wouldn’t take you forever to start seeing results once you launch deep into this. And it’s easy to start monetizing your traffic once you start getting them. 

2. Ecommerce. 

Ecommerce platforms like Amazon (which is kind of my favorite ecommerce platform forever) make a ton of money daily from sales. Now if you’re talking about $2,000 an hour, many ecommerce platforms generate this without a sweat. 

Others earn this in a week and some never generate this in a month. It’s all about scaling and marketing for growth. If you want to start out an ecommerce business, a lot is involved. You need to know what you’re getting into and how to really make it work. E-commerce is real business and there’s a learning curve to doing it right. 

3. Digital marketing. 

With a digital marketing firm, you can make a ton of money. Firstly, you can generate $2,000 an hour running digital marketing services for Fortune 500 companies. Secondly, you can generate $2k an hour from a monetized digital marketing software with thousands of users paying a monthly subscription. 

This is even more feasible as the market demand for digital marketing services is on the rise. A lot of webmasters or website owners are constantly looking for help with their websites. 

They want to show up on Google in the first spot, rank for keywords, and have their businesses appear on Google for local search terms related to their business and services. And a very robust chunk of these webmasters have zero digital marketing knowledge. 

That’s where you come in and steal the spot if you’re great at digital marketing. If you digital marketing services targeted at facilitating web rankings are top-notch, you’ll be able to make real money by faster than you think. 

4. Software development. 

Granted, there are thousands and even millions of apps in the world today, and a lot of them generate several million dollars year after year. If you want to make $2,000 an hour, then consider developing your own software. It could be a social media software like TikTok or Facebook to keep people in touch or a software as addictive as Minecraft. Whatever software you’ll be developing, promotion is paramount. 

This is because you won’t be the only one making use of your app. And to make money, you’ll need thousands and thousands of users. The more users you have on the app, the more money you’re likely to generate through inbuilt monetization techniques. 

Developing a software is only one part of really making it a mega success. After getting a ton of help from software developers and UI designers, you’ll need to market your app to reach more people. Whatever the industry, chances are there are a handful of big players or competitors in the niche taking dominance. 

5. Fashion brand. 

Brands like Nike and Adidas are two really mega fashion brands. They’re worth several billions of dollars. Plus, they’re not going anywhere any time soon as the need for new fashion trends soars. Of a truth, the top executives in these fashion empires are billionaires. 

So if you’re thinking of the best jobs that pay $2,000 an hour, then fashion is on the list. With a fashion brand, $2k an hour is possible. Maybe you’re not getting there in the next couple of years, but it’s a possible deal. 

6. Restaurant. 

Running a restaurant business can make you $2,000 an hour. It’s one of the best jobs that pay a lot of money and it’s not just a job – it’s a business. Depending on the scale, restaurants can make anywhere from $200 a day to more than $200k a day in sales. Depending on the scale. 

If you’re starting from the very grassroot of things, then $2k an hour isn’t something to think about. With enough capital, you can raise a mega restaurant and build your reputation in the food industry until you become a household name. 

A lot goes into launching a restaurant business that eventually becomes a household name. There’s design, teaming, policies and more. You’ll need to get around how to start a restaurant business to begin with. 

As the owner of a business like this one, it’s primal to know the key principles of making people work for you. And how to create meaningful relationships. All of these will scale your business from nothing to a name in the food industry with time.

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7. Tech manufacturing & supply. 

This is quite an expensive one, but running a tech manufacturing and supply company can make you life-changing money. With the avalanche of tech devices in the market, there’s competition. And the big companies are thinking smart. Really smart. 

If you want to launch into this industry, you need to figure out what brand or tech you’d be dealing in. Is it going to be android, washing machines, autos, automated devices, inverters, fans, or whatever. Once you’ve figured that out, then it’s left for you to dominate the market with a couple of strategies that work. 

Like I mentioned, it’ll cost you a ton of money to start promoting a business to the point where it becomes the biggest dog in the game. But then, start from somewhere. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $2,000 an Hour without College – Final Words.

The best jobs aren’t those that generate the most money. Okay, they are. But then, the jobs that can generate millions aren’t standalone-founder jobs. They’re real businesses that are scalable and have a couple of employees running tasks under their umbrella. 

If you want to make millions in a year, then you can start a tech company like Tesla, Microsoft, IBM, Tencent, Foxconn, Sony, Google, Cisco, and Apple. These are some of the biggest tech companies in the world and they make $2k/hour in revenue sound like a big joke. It is. To them. 

Better still, launch online news publishing firms like Forbes, Business Insider, WSJ, or NYTimes. These aren’t just websites, they’re publishing firms with hundreds (if not thousands) of employees (writers, journalists, editors, and whatnot). 

Meanwhile, building an ecommerce platform like Amazon can also take you to $2k/hour. It won’t take forever to get to this figure with an ecommerce website or business. And it sure as hell wouldn’t happen in 24 hours. 

Other jobs that pay up to $2,000 dollars an hour include digital marketing, launching your fashion brand, tech device company, restaurant like O’Charley’s, Logan’s Roadhouse, The Cheesecake Factory, Applebee’s or the Golden Corral. For sure, having a mega restaurant can spin in millions of dollars within a single month. 

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