6 Best Jobs that Pay $20,000 a Week

On this page, I’ll share a list of the best self-employed online jobs that pay $20,000 a week. That’s $100k in 5 weeks, or $80k in a week. But first of all, what would you do with $20k a week if you had it bouncing into your account just about every week? 

That’s a lot of money you know. Meanwhile, people earn this in about an hour. Speaking of people who make millions in an hour, Elon Musk makes over $1.4 million in an hour. Or, you could say he makes $10+ million in 10 hours, every hour for its million. 

From the perspective of billionaires from around the world, $20k a week doesn’t look like much. In reality, and I mean when you’re not Elon Musk, you’ll be eternally grateful for any opportunity that promises a $20k/week income. 

This means you’re getting paid or earning much more than the average yearly salary of 5 United States senators. If you’re still in doubt as to how this is possible, it’s more than feasible just by working consistently on a side hustle. 

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These jobs are self-employed jobs and are not online jobs that pay pizza money per month. They’re in fact online businesses that you can build a fortune off the ground from with persistence. I won’t be talking about taking surveys here. Heck, you’d take a thousand surveys and still not make $20k per week. And if you really want to make money online, taking surveys won’t serve you right. 

With that said, here are 6 best self-employed online jobs that pay $20k a week. 

6 Best Jobs that Pay $20,000 a Week. 

1. Blogging. 

Off this list of self-employed jobs that pay $20,000 a week is blogging. It’s more like creating your space on the internet where people get to visit, and you get paid for their visits when you monetize your blog by joining ad networks (or placing ads on your blog).  

When starting a blog like this one, you want to make sure you’re certain about your niche, a particular topic or area you want to blog about. That’s the very first thing you want to do. Picking a niche that’s just right for you is one of the ways to not fail at blogging. After sorting your niche, you want to have a list of blog post ideas that people already haven’t written about. 

These blog post ideas are otherwise called keywords that people actually search for on Google and other search engines. You want to write about less popular keywords or questions people ask daily that already haven’t been thoroughly answered.  

This way, you’ll be getting focused traffic and not just generic visitors here and there. By writing about low competition keywords that’s not trending in your niche, you stand a chance at getting traffic almost from day 1 of starting your blog. 

After coming up with a list of keywords that are low competition, register your blog and get a free domain name on Namecheap. You can register your blog before finding easy-to-rank keywords, or get the keywords down before launching your blog. Anyone can come first. For less than $30/yr, you get a domain name of your choice on Namecheap, a hosting plan lasting for one year, and then an avalanche of the best hosting services still on Namecheap

After going online with your blog, you want to make sure everything’s just right with your about page, contact, home page, and privacy policy page. Move on to creating great content in the blog post ideas you already have, and focus on building traffic. After hitting 100 views daily and consistently, you want to monetize your blog first with Adsense and run affiliate links across your blog posts to spike affiliate earnings.

I walk you through the entire process from setting up your blog online to creating content and then monetizing your blog in my free beginner’s guide to blogging in the 2020s here. 

2. Software development.

Software development is one of the best self-employed online jobs that pay $20,000 a week. You really don’t need to work another day for another corporate firm as an IT geek. The good news is, you can get paid by several employers while you work from home. 

Just by becoming a freelance software developer, you can get paid up to $40 an hour working on some freelance project. To get started, signup on Upwork today and surf through some of the highest paying freelance software development gigs. 

3. Web designing. 

It costs a lot of money to design websites, and with the skill, you can keep all the money from clients in need of your services to run their websites and software applications.

You can also pose as a freelancer on Upwork where you get high paying web designing gigs from multiple freelance employers. This way, you’ll be working from home and getting paid. You might want to brush up on your skill set if you want to work alone, or outsource multiple freelance gigs to friends or other skilled web designers who get the job done for less than what is paid on Upwork. 

Let’s say you get a gig from a freelance employer willing to pay $20/hour, you can outsource the job to a friend or someone else with prime web design skills who’ll be willing to work for $10/hour. 

Disclaimer: this might be time consuming and not necessarily earn you up to $20k/week most of the time unless you’re dealing with bigger projects paying thousands of dollars. 

Whatever way you go about getting gigs or outsourcing them, web designing pays pretty well and it’s an important part of the online world (or web civilization). You can get started as a freelance web designer for free today on Upwork and start applying to get high paying gigs. 

4. Freelance writing. 

Writing can be a strong leverage if you’re good at it and you enjoy doing it. If you’re like me, you can earn a lot of money up to $20k a week writing for websites and freelance employers willing to pay as high as $500 per well-written content. 

$500 sounds like a big deal right? You can get high paying clients by cold pitching, and I’m talking about clients willing to pay $2 per word for every article you drop on the table. $2 per word leads us to a whooping $2,050 dollars for every 1,025 words of content you write. And you can write as much content as you can in line with what your clients want. 

While freelance writing can make you a ton of money up to $20k a week, it’s challenging to get high paying clients especially through cold pitching. But you can most definitely get started on Upwork with gigs that still pay well. 

5. YouTube channel cash cow. 

A YouTube channel cash cow is one that exists to make money alone. It’s called a cash cow because it prints money (not literally though). With a YouTube cash cow, you can certainly generate more than $20k a week. But this doesn’t happen overnight. To run a cash cow channel, you need to get familiar with automating the process of consistent content creation. 

You won’t be doing the video editing yourself, and nobody’s going to know your name as the creator of the YouTube channel. It’s a channel that exists in the name of an anonymous creator, but publishes content to reach a vast audience, get ads, and generate revenue. 

Along the line, you’ll need to work with freelance illustrators, video editors, and maybe a keyword research specialist (or you can do this yourself). It’ll cost you some money to run this channel until you start seeing results, but the results only get better and balloon with time. 

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6. Affiliate marketing. 

Another great self-employed job that doesn’t require much capital to start up is affiliate marketing. You can start this out right now after learning all you need to know about it. The good thing is, you can learn everything for free too. And with extra effort, $20k/week can be a dream come true in no time. 

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s nothing complicated. You only get paid to refer customers who actually buy a product. And when they do, you get paid. Two of my best ways to tap into affiliate revenue are an affiliate niche blog and an affiliate YouTube channel. 

With a niche blog, you write about specific products and drop buttons for visitors to buy them. Same works for the YouTube channel, you create videos about products and leave a “buy now” link in the description. 

The last way to go about affiliate marketing without spending a dime is by starting a dedicated social media page on Facebook, Instagram, or some other social media network. While this works for some, it demands extra effort (with very little in return) unless you run paid ads to boost exposure and sales. In the end, it’s all about offering value in return for some good.

6 Best Online Jobs that Pay $20,000 a Week – Final Words. 

$20k a week working from home on the internet is a dream come true for more than 90% the US population. And this doesn’t happen by running petty jobs like pet-sitting or taking surveys online. 

It happens by working a real value-oriented hustle on the internet. You give value out, you get it back in wads of money. That’s how things work online, especially if you’re looking to make your 30-year 9 to 5 salary in 3 months. Pick your life up. While $20k/week won’t happen overnight or in a month, through consistency and patience, you will definitely get there. 

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