11 Best Jobs that Pay $200k a Year in Australia Online & Offline

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Are you looking for the best and realistic jobs that pay $200k in Australia? I’ve got you covered on this post. Working a 9 to 5 can only make you so much money over the long stretch of work years. But if you really want to make money and a lot of it in a short time, starting a side hustle or a business of your own is the best way to go. 

There are several businesses and side jobs that you can start to make $200k a year in Australia. This post explores 11 of them online and offline. My best part of the article is sessions where online self-employed jobs are highlighted. 

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These are some of the best jobs you can start online. They have no revenue generation limit and they don’t cost so much to start. You don’t need to worry about space or rental like the offline businesses (which are also great). So here’s a list of 11 realistic online and offline jobs that pay $200k a year in Australia, and more. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $200k a Year in Australia Online & Offline. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is indeed my favorite online business right now. And it’s one of the best self-employed jobs that pay $200k a year in Australia. Blogging can pay up to $2 million dollars in a month depending on what approach you’re utilizing. 

If you’re a standalone blogger, then you can make a couple thousand dollars or even up to $1 million dollars a month blogging. On another level, blogging as a firm with a host of writers, designers for graphics, and coders for systems offers you more earning possibilities. 

Before starting a blog, you need to plan out everything just as you would with a real world business. First of all, picking a niche is very important. A niche serves as an area you set out to cover with your blog. It could be health, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, business, insurance, or crafts. Whatever it is, make sure it’s a niche that’s really profitable with millions of people trooping in and out of websites to buy niche related products. 

Once you’re done setting out your niche, pick an easy to domain name. It doesn’t have to take up a word of your niche and it could be your name or some short random name not longer than 22 characters. Truth is, plan out everything from your blog monetisation to your blog’s content layout and design before eventually starting out. 

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2. Website flipping. 

Website flipping is a business online where you buy websites and flip them or sell them for a higher price. It’s an interesting business to venture into especially if you have the money to start buying websites. 

Another way to do this is to buy websites from a website for a cheaper rate, and sell it on another platform or to another buyer for higher the initial worth. You can do this multiple times in a single year to generate $200k+ a year. 

3. Amazon FBA. 

Amazon FBA is a business model favoring retailers in Australia today. It’s a system where you buy products in bulk, take them to Amazon, and Amazon sells them for a higher price than what you bought them for. 

It’s a great way to make money on products arbitrage with Amazon, but then it’s not free to start. You get to pay Amazon a fee every month for housing your products and maintaining your space. Amazon handles everything else, you just transfer the entire ownership responsibility to them once you deliver the products you bought in bulk for a cheaper rate. 

4. Real Estate.

It’s evident in many stories how real estate is a profitable deal. But what’s not often discussed is the time between becoming a real estate agent and getting your first deal. It’s the kind of self-employed job in the online world that comes once in a while for many, but when it comes it retains the capacity to transition your financial outfit. 

You can venture into real estate without money not only in Australia, but anywhere in the world and still make tons of money. It only takes time to get a deal.  

5. Landscaping. 

If you’re good at landscaping, then you can get jobs on Craigslist, Indeed, and Fiverr for over $1k or $100/hour. Speaking of landscaping, it’s not something you can always do all by yourself even with the skill. 

Hence, you’ll need someone else or work with a crew with each crew member earning upwards of $25 an hour. The key to getting more landscaping jobs is to do every gig with your heart, giving it your best shot. 

If you put in your best shot for a customer, who knows, they might refer all of their friends within 24 hours. You’d be more bothered about finding time to do more jobs than making $200k a year. 

6. Laundromat. 

With a laundromat of top class, you can record your profit with figures running over $200k AUD a year in Australia. So it’s not just going to be any laundromat, but one with the best of service delivery. 

Incorporating other services like home pickups and services will also go a long way to standout from others. Truth is, it costs some good money to kickstart a business like this. You’ll still need to have money set aside to run the business day-to-day. 

7. YouTube. 

Running a YouTube channel is one of the best self-employed online jobs that pay $200k a year in Australia. You don’t spend a dime to create a YouTube channel or sign up on YouTube. 

But then you can make enough money to buy a Ferrari in a couple of years with revenue from a single YouTube channel. That’s quite cool, but upfront is a ridiculous amount of effort and time invested. To build a YouTube channel, it takes time and a lot of work. 

8. Airbnb. 

If you have an apartment in Australia that’s kind of vacant, then you can make money from it by leasing it on Airbnb to strangers. 

They’ll pay per night from $20 to as high as $2,000 AUD for a single night depending on the client, your location, and the luxury of your apartment. So if you’ve got two cool apartments going for $500 AUD per night, that’s $20k in 20 nights a month. 

9. Freelance writing. 

Freelance writing is one of the best online self-employed jobs that pay $200k a year in Australia. The best part of this is that you don’t need to spend a dime to become a freelance writer. 

You can easily go on Indeed.com or Fiverr.com to get freelance writing gigs that pay up to $600 AUD. It’s free, it’s easy to start, but it naturally takes some time to build your portfolio and become a pro freelancer on Fiverr or other freelance marketplaces. 

10. Software development. 

With great software, making $200k a year in Australia is a possibility. From anywhere in the world, you can make thousands of dollars with a really cool software you own. It’s simple in theory to think of this, but the possibility of making $200,000 a year comes with a great task. 

The fact that a lot of people aren’t making it suggests earning this much money in a year requires hard work and strategy. Much more than just writing codes, you’ll need to get users to use your app, become addicted to it if necessary and be willing to pay for it. 

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11. Event planning. 

If you’re good at planning events, then you can definitely make upwards of $200k a year in Australia planning events. People get married, attend ceremonies and all of that everyday. 

And the quickest way to $200k a year in Australia is to start small. This means planning events that leave you with a profit of $17k every month. It’s easy to get yourself out there as an event planner, but the best way to do this is to start an event planning firm off the ground. 

People want the best quality of things. And so they’ll trust you more, appearing as an event planning firm versus a single person with event planning ideas. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $200k a Year in Australia Online & Offline. 

If you want to make a ton of money up to $200k a year in Australia, then these are some of the best jobs to start. Truth is, there are other self-employed jobs that can make you a lot of money, but barely $200k a year. 

There are also jobs that pay up to $10 million and even $20 million dollars a year. But the jobs on this list, you’re sure to make over $200k AUD in one year. 

However, don’t expect a sudden rise after a month or even 6 months of venturing into these jobs. It could take a while. Every business takes time to grow. And these jobs, if nurtured pretty well, can become streams of passive income for you. 

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