15 Best Jobs that Pay $24,000 a Year without a Degree

Are you looking for the best jobs that pay $24,000 a year without having to go to college or bag an academic degree? Then this is definitely the right blog post for you. 

On this list, I’ll carefully highlight 15 of the best jobs that pay up to $24k dollars a year without a degree. These are realistic jobs, and they don’t cost much to start for most of them. Some of them on this list right here can guarantee passive income. Just a smidgen of them. 

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Without further ado, here are some of the best self-employed jobs that can generate up to $24k a year without requiring you to go to college or get a degree. 

15 Best Jobs that Pay $24,000 a Year without a Degree.

1. Blogging. 

Without the need for any degree, you can start up a blog and make tons of money in your first year depending on the amount of work you put into it. Blogging is a lot of fun. But then it’s a lot of work. To start a blog, you’ll need to spend about $100 bucks. 

And that’ll be all for one year until the next. Before starting a blog that’ll make money, choose a niche. Take out some time to figure out what you want to blog about. It’s a big deal and this will create the path to other events that follow. To start up your blog today if you already haven’t started blogging, read the ultimate blog setup guide here. 

2. Laundromat. 

On average, it’ll cost about $70k to start a standard laundromat. But don’t worry, you can start from your house and manually perform the laundry for people around your neighborhood before saving just enough to buy laundromat equipment.

Alternatively, you can get a washing machine and start from there. Get the entire neighborhood to know that you’re into the business and then print flyers to increase exposure and awareness. 

3. Fashion boutique.

Running a fashion boutique can get you to $24k a year. Buy clothes, quality fashion wears and resell them at a higher cost. If you can’t fork out the money to rent a space and design a fashion store, you can always start from your home. 

Acquire the products, stock the inventory in your home, push the business online and be super active on social media. 

4. YouTube. 

YouTube has made a lot of people rich. Super rich to the point where they don’t worry about bills and taxes. Meanwhile, opening a YouTube channel is totally free. It depends on how you go about it. But then, running a YouTube channel is one of the realistic jobs that pay $24k a year, and even a month. 

Some of the highest paid YouTubers right now definitely generate much more than $3k a day from their YouTube channels. 

5. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is an art of recommending products to people, when they buy, you get commissions. It’s simple to start this but first you’ll need to create a blog or a YouTube channel, choose a niche to focus on, and start promoting the products in that niche. 

The more people you’re able to reach and the more traffic you attract to your YouTube videos or blog posts, the more sales you’re likely to make. So it’s a game of numbers, but then there’s a right way to do affiliate marketing if you want to start making money on autopilot without spending years churning out content. 

Learn all you can about affiliate marketing before going in. It’s better to have even the smallest idea about it than none. For the record, affiliate marketing is one of the best jobs that pay $24,000 a year and it can pay more. You don’t have to go to college or have a degree or even spend a dime to get started. 

6. Dropshipping. 

On the bright side, you can have an e-commerce store that’s not really e-commerce in the front of acquiring sticky. That said, dropshipping is a great business model. And it’s not free to launch into the business. You want to learn a ton about dropshipping, and how not to fail at dropshipping before starting a store. 

7. Crypto trading. 

Realistic twist: You can make a lot of money if you’re good at trading. Again, you don’t need a degree to start trading crypto right now. All that’s needed is expertise, experience, and risk management strategies. 

You’ll need to deal with greed too. If you’re a good crypto day-trader, yes, you can make $24k in a single year trading the crypto market. To get started with trading, learn everything you need to know about not just trading crypto, but trading every financial market on Ragingbull.com

8. Freelance writing. 

Do you love writing? Then $24k a year is something that can happen in the space of one month. How? By freelance writing or writing for multiple high-paying freelance clients. On Fiverr and Upwork, you can get writing gigs that pay $0.08 per word. That’s $80 dollars for a well-written (or not-well-written) piece of content. 

That’s a conservative per word figure. You’ll meet a jumble of clients on these freelance marketplaces with some willing to pay $0.2 per word, or $200 dollars for a single project. As a freelance writer, you can also get remote jobs on Indeed.com that pay up to $60/hour. 

9. Graphics designing. 

With proficiency and dexterity in graphics designing, you can sell your works on Etsy to make money, work as a freelancer for multiple clients, or work remotely for multiple firms that hire remote graphic designers online. 

Your options are on a long list to explore. Truth is, you’re the asset. And you don’t need to have a degree or go to college to become a great graphics designer. With this skill, you’re good to start a social media page where you display your works and garner followers, write a course to sell for multiple hundred dollars, or even start up a monetized graphics designing tutorial YouTube channel. 

10. Programming. 

If you’re good at writing codes, then you can make up to $24k a year and even more than that working for freelance clients or a remote worker from home. Lots of IT firms are looking to hire remote programming geeks for many reasons, one being that the world is gradually transitioning into an IT box. 

You’re only so powerful with great programming skills. And you can make a ton of money even by developing and monetizing your own app. 

11. Amazon FBA. 

Amazon FBA is a program by Amazon designed to give retailers and participants some form of “fulfillment” by offering to help them with the entire sales process. In the front-end, you buy products in bulk and cheaply from another source, and move them to Amazon. 

In the backend, Amazon sells off your products at a higher price and sends the payments to your Amazon FBA account after deducting charges. It’s a simple process really, but then you’re buying the products in bulk, which could cost no small money. 

12. Uber driving. 

If you have a car, then you can turn your vehicle into a money-making machine by working for Uber or with Uber. It’s a ride-sharing service that connects you to random passengers in your city. 

You get paid up to $0.40 for every minute on the trip, and Uber keeps a very small cut. Driving with Uber is one of the self-employed jobs that pay up to $24k a year. But then you must have a car. 

13. Pet-sitting. 

If you love pets, then pet-sitting can make you up to $24,000 dollars a year. Basically, you don’t have to pay a dime or present a certificate to become a pet-sitter. You can get pet-sitting gigs that pay up to $30 dollars an hour on Care.com, Rover.comand Indeed.com. 

14. Online tutoring. 

Want a grand list of jobs that pay $24,000 a year, then teaching online is one of them. If you love teaching, then you can become an online tutor to make up to $24k dollars a year. Before putting yourself out there as a tutor, you want to make sure you’re proficient enough in the subject. 

Websites like Vipkid and Tutor.com will pay you per hour to teach people from different parts of the world. Apart from teaching on these websites and getting paid for it, you can search for remote teaching jobs on Google Jobs or Indeed.com that pay up to $50 an hour. Working just 2 hours a day will balloon your cumulative earnings to over $30k in one year. 

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15. Course sales online. 

Of course selling courses online can make you up to $24,000 dollars a year. If you’re an expert at something especially technical or you possess pro knowledge about a particular area or vocation, then you can create a great course far better than what’s already out there and upload it on Udemy.com or Coursera. 

15 Best Jobs that Pay $24,000 a Year without a Degree – Final Words. 

These are some of the best jobs that pay up to $24k a year without a college degree or any form of certification. Truth is, they’re all realistic and self-employed. 

These jobs can pay you much more than just $24k a year, but then you’ll need to work more as a self-employed person to make more money. Speaking of making more money, you can focus on building passive income channels like a blog or a YouTube channel. 

Or even a dropshipping store to passively generate money without your involvement. But then this takes time to build and stabilize. If you want to build real wealth, then hacking into passive income generating businesses especially online is the way to go. 

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