8 Best Jobs that Pay $250 an Hour

If you’re in search of the best jobs that pay $250 an hour, then this blog post is absolutely yours, and you’re not alone. Jobs paying an amount of income like this mostly aren’t 9 to 5 jobs, but entrepreneurial ventures that can generate a lot of money without a revenue ceiling. 

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Earning $250 an hour, that’s $6,000 dollars in a single day, and in one month we’re talking about a total income of $180,000 dollars. Of course, there are white-collar jobs that can pay up to this amount, but this article is focused on self-employed jobs that pay $250 an hour and even more. Here they are. 

8 Best Jobs that Pay $250 an Hour. 

1. Blogging.

Blogging is highly profitable, but cheap to start. And it’s one of the best jobs that pay $250 an hour. Not just $250 an hour, but it can pay more. It does. Starting a blog, you’ll need to focus on a niche. That’s the traditional way to start a blog in the right way. Much more than focusing on a niche, don’t be strict with your niche. Allow yourself to explore other related niches so that you can tell what niche or what particular niche brings in the most traffic; that’s the one you hammer on first. 

Once you start getting a decent traffic to your blog, you can start monetizing with affiliate marketing by recommending products, and you can apply to an ad network like Ezoic (which I’m currently on right now on this blog), or Mediavine. Monetization is another good reason you’ll need to focus on a niche or a couple of interrelated niches. This is because you’ll get more results from recommending products in your niche. To avoid shadowboxing and wasting time making errors with a new blog, checkout this guide to learn everything basic there is to building a profitable blog. 

2. Develop a mobile game. 

If your mobile game is addictive, you can make over $180,000/month. Actually, and in reality, there’s every chance you generate a couple million dollars with a very addictive mobile game. Or a mobile app. The meat of this is in developing the game, and promoting it to the world. Unless you’re good at coding, and you’re really vast that you can single handedly develop almost anything on a more complex level, you’ll need to pay programmers to build up your game. What’s the game gonna be like? And how’d you monetize it? 

These are a few questions you’ll need to ask while looking at the business side of things. Meanwhile, all of this write-up is to make $250 an hour with a game. A mobile game. It’s more than realistic if everything, especially monetization, is intact. 

3. E-commerce.

With an ecommerce store, you can generate passive income. It’s all about meeting the needs of people from anywhere in the world. Today, some of the richest people in the world are ecommerce business founders. They’re so wealthy that they generate millions of dollars every single hour. 

This is just a pointer that ecommerce covers a huge gap in the online world today; bridging the gap between demand and distance. And while this isn’t a white-collar job, it’s a self-employed job that’s highly profitable. You don’t need to be a coder to start your own ecommerce business, and it really depends on how big you want to grow with the business. 

4. YouTube. 

If you’re good at making videos, then starting a YouTube channel is a great and feasible way to make $250 an hour. It’s not a white-collar job, and you can start a YouTube channel right away. But then, consistency and focus are two irreplaceable assets you’ll need to grow your channel from scratch. So, if you need a self-employed job that pays $250 an hour and you want to make this happen with a YouTube channel, there’s a way to make this happen. Learn the basics of YouTube SEO, and the best ways to monetize a YouTube channel afterwards. 

A common trend with popular YouTube channels that I’ve noticed is that they have a lot of videos. And these videos are wrapped in some of the most catchy thumbnails. An effective practice is to continuously produce great videos with the best thumbnails about topics in a niche (and not a superfluous mix of interrelated topics).

5. Restaurant. 

Mega restaurants like McDonald’s generate over $250/hour today. But you don’t have to gauge that at the start. Having a restaurant business is one of the ways to make this work. If you want to make real money, a restaurant is one great idea basically because humans can’t live without food. 

Regardless of the location of your restaurant business, you’ll have patrons. And a lot of them too. Unless you’re living under a rock. Even at that, people will come to buy from you. Now, I’m not talking about starting a roadside local restaurant. You could start that, but it may not take you to $180k/month. 

6. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is the oversimplified form of ecommerce. While you deal with customers and their complaints, another ecommerce ideals with shipping, packaging, and inventory. You’re basically playing the role of a middleman, and you keep the profit from markups of the products in your store. 

Dropshipping can make you a millionaire if you’re doing things right. And you can read up the stories of successful dropshippers to get a glimpse of how dropshipping can transition your financial status. It’s not all roses. More than 50% of new dropshippers fail flat. There’s every need to learn what it takes to build a dropshipping store and grow it. 

7. Crypto trading. 

Crypto trading is up here as one of the best jobs that pay $250 an hour. It’s a great self-employed job, and you can generate millions of dollars if you’re good at trading the crypto market. However, the amount of money you’re able to make is largely dependent on the amount of trading capital in your portfolio. Basically, you want to trade with more money to avert excess risk and to make more with “more”. Not more with less; which will be a riskier route to trading. Learn what it takes to trade crypto, and once you’re good to start trading, you can create a free account on Binance to get started. With the help of the mock account on Binance, you can test out your trading skills before investing for real into the market. 

Looking at $180,000 per month or $250 an hour, a trading capital of $100k will take you there with ease, even with a 70% win rate on all your trades for the month. Very conservative figures, but realistically, it’s possible to generate $180,000 dollars in profit in one month trading with $10,000 dollars for every trade. And trading day to day as a day trader

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8. Affiliate marketing.

Not many jobs can take you to $180,000 a month. But then, affiliate marketing can. It’s certainly one of the best ways for you to make money online, and the income is passive. Plus, affiliate marketing is free to start out. It’s all about recommending products to people, and getting paid commissions when these people buy the products. If you want to make $250 an hour, then the best way to go about it is to build a web traffic magnet. 

This is usually a platform online to attract an audience or gain traction. It can be a highly trafficked blog, a heavily subscribed YouTube channel or a social media page with thousands of followers. Active followers and not bots. Bots don’t buy products. So, you need real people online. Focus on only expensive products related to your niche or the niche of the web traffic magnet. If your blog, YouTube channel, or social media page is about gadgets, then you’d focus on promoting the top gadgets they’d very much like to buy. This is because you can make tons of money from single sales. 

Getting to $180k/month with affiliate marketing is a realistic goal. But you’ll need so much web traffic. $10k/month with affiliate marketing isn’t a big deal, but you’ll still need some decent amount of people visiting your web traffic magnet. But $180k/month is a whole new level, and you need millions of visitors per month. Or probably a few hundred thousand visitors per month. Traffic isn’t the only requirement though, but it’s a big chunk of it. Other factors like the niche, the products, and the intent/relevance of the traffic (visitors/followers/subscribers) matters. 

8 Best Jobs that Pay $250 an Hour – Final Words. 

IMO, these self-employed jobs can generate much more than $6,000 a day or $250 an hour (or $180k a month) if you go about them the absolute right way and you’re consistent. And innovative. Another good thing about launching into them right away is that you can do them on the side of your full-time job and grow them to unbelievable heights where they’re generating enough money for you to quit your job (even if they’re not yet bringing in 6 figures monthly). 

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