17 Best Jobs that Pay $300 a Day without a Degree

Jobs that Pay $300 a Day without a Degree

You want a list of the best jobs that pay $300 a day without a degree? 

Then you’re on the right page. 

This article seeks to explore the best jobs that pay up to $300 dollars a day without a degree. 

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This means, these aren’t white-collar jobs. 

So, you wouldn’t need a degree to get them or start them. 

Or have them. 

They’re self-employed jobs that pay a lot of money, and you make more money as you do them more often. 

At the end of the day, how much you make is determined by momentum, quality, and passion. 

That said, here are 17 best jobs that pay $300 a day without a college degree, an associate degree or bachelor’s degree. 

17 Best Jobs that Pay $300 a Day without a Degree. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is one of the best jobs that pay $300 a day, and you don’t need a degree to start up a blog. 

Right now, a lot of bloggers generate much more than $300/day from their blogs, which is about $9,000 dollars a month.

The key however is to focus on a niche, a profitable niche, and create the very best content consistently. 

Blogging is insanely profitable, and there are different ways to make money from a blog other than just display ads. 

If you’ve not started blogging today, checkout this concise blogging guide created just for you. 

2. Freelancing.

If you’re particularly good at something, you can become a freelancer and get paid to help people out with your skill. 

For example, if you’re a writer, you can sign up on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer to get writing gigs that pay over $300 dollars. 

While you won’t make $300 dollars as a freelancer every other day, you can make over $9,000 a month freelancing. 

This will cover up for all the days you didn’t earn $300. 

3. Dropshipping. 

To start dropshipping, you’ll need to learn how it works. 

It’s a pretty simple business concept on the internet and it’s the closest alternative to running an e-commerce business on the internet. 

Dropshipping stores are built with profit in mind. 

It’s a self-employed job, and one that can make over $300 a day or $9k a month. 

It’s more like launching an online store that’s connected to another store. 

While the process of building a dropshipping store is oversimplified with the help of plugins, you’ll need to learn how to make it work profitably. 

If you’re shooting for a profit of $300 a day, then you’ll need to scale your dropshipping store by promoting it strategically through paid means. 

4. YouTube. 

On YouTube, you can freely create a channel and start uploading videos. 

Here’s the catch; free YouTube channels can generate thousands and thousands of dollars every single month. 

It comes with upfront hard work. 

If you want a self-employed job that pays $300 a day or $9,000 a month, then launching a YouTube channel is one option to seriously consider. 

5. Binary options. 

One of the quickest ways to make money online is trading the binary options markets. 

Just like other online markets like crypto and stock, binary options work in a similar way, but it’s somehow different. 

It’s easy to get started if you already have some funds to trade with. 

If you’re not a very good trader, you could lose your entire capital in one day, hence the need to practice using a demo account. 

In the US, only Nadex is regulated as a binary options broker. 

Some other brokers aren’t 100% reliable. 

6. Amazon FBA. 

Amazon FBA is a business concept on the internet where you buy products at a cheaper rate from another supplier in bulk and then resell on Amazon at a higher rate. 

You can do this over and over again especially if you’ve found the magic product to buy cheap and sell high. 

It’s not entirely free as Amazon keeps their cut from every product you sell through the FBA program. 

7. Crypto futures. 

Trading the crypto futures is a profitable deal, and you can generate over $9,000/month trading the markets. 

First things first, you’ll need to trade profitably before opening up your wallet to trade the markets. 

While it’s fun to trade crypto futures, you could liquidate your entire account if you’re not careful. 

Hence, you only want to execute trades with the best trading strategies. 

8. Airbnb. 

Looking for the best jobs that pay $300/day? 

Then Airbnb apartment leasing can serve this purpose. 

It’s simple; you lease your apartment on Airbnb to strangers in your city or people looking for a place to pass the night. 

If you don’t have an apartment of your own, then you’d want to skip this part. 

On Airbnb, you can lease your apartment and get paid up to $300 dollars a day depending on the location of your apartment, and the convenience. 

9. Affiliate marketing.

Without having a single dime, you can make money with affiliate marketing. 

It’s all about recommending products to people who might be in need of them, and getting paid a commission when clients get to buy the products. 

So, if you’re promoting a product and it sells for $500 with a 10% commission rate, you get $50 dollars from every sale. 

This way, you’d want to promote these affiliate products in the best way possible. 

While affiliate marketing can generate 6 figures a month for you, there’s a right way to do it. 

10. Barbering. 

One of the best self-employed or entrepreneurial jobs that pay $300 a day is barbing. 

Before getting into this line of job, you’ll need to acquire the skill first. 

Once you’re done acquiring the skill, then you want to open a barbing salon of your own and hire more capable hands to help you out. 

On average, it costs about $50 dollars to groom a hair. 

With just 6 clients a day, you’re where you want to be, earning $300/day. 

11. Human hair business. 

When it comes to making money in the fashion world, buying and selling human hair can be profitable. 

That’s also part of fashion last I checked. 

So, you can buy hairs of all sorts, particularly female hairs, in bulk for a cheap rate and resell them at a higher price. 

To really thrive here, you’ll need to go online and really push your brand on social media to get more patrons. 

The more you get seen online, the more patrons you get. 

12. Real estate. 

While getting into the real estate world won’t make you $300 a day consistently or at all, you can make much more than $9k per month as a real estate agent. 

If you take things seriously and you have the funds, you can get into house flipping

If you’ve got no budget, then you can play middle man and keep a commission off property transactions between a property buyer and a seller. 

There are other real estate activities that you can participate in to make over $9 thousand dollars in one month. 

Patience is also a key factor to creating wealth here. 

13. Landscaping. 

If you’re good at landscaping, then it’s one of the self-employed jobs that pay $300 a day without a college degree you should focus on. 

Landscaping is for the pros. 

And I mean for those who have a lot of experience in the business. As a landscaper, you can earn about $100/hour. 

Working 5 hours a day, that’s $500 dollars. 

Being a contract job, landscaping isn’t the kind that can generate steady and passive income for you. 

Unless you have a team of landscapers operating under your business name tirelessly in different city corners and towns.  

14. Laundromat. 

While it’s really expensive to launch a laundromat, you can generate upwards of $300 a day. 

In the US, the average laundromat makes over $450 a day. 

The thing is, laundromats are easily sustainable businesses. 

You can’t do the business all by yourself, you’ll need to hire more hands to get things done. 

In theory, it’s easy to state that a laundromat is profitable. 

It’s a physical business, this makes it a bit challenging (and sometimes scary) to start it up and design it. 

Let’s not discuss how much money you’ll need to start up a laundromat. 

15. Rent your car. 

If you’re hell-bent on getting self-employed jobs that pay $300 a day, then renting your car can serve as one. 

This is only actionable if you own a car. 

But if you don’t own a vehicle of your own, you might want to skip this part and focus on other options. 

Now, you can rent your car on Turo for up to $300 dollars depending on the kind of car. 

Plus, this isn’t going to come by everyday; people may not rent your vehicle everyday because of the avalanche of vehicles on the platform. 

But if you want to make $300/day, renting your vehicle out is a realistic idea. 

16. Publish a book. 

With a book of your own out there in the wild, you can generate over $300 dollars in a day from sales. 

Now, you don’t just want to put out any book, it has to be a really valuable piece of material. 

This would work even better if you’re a voice or an authority in a particular field. 

If your book sells for $120 per copy, then you’d be making over $360 with 3 sales a day. 

But then, it takes a lot of time and resources to publish a good book. 

And intellectual investment too. 

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17. Podcasting. 

Podcasting can generate a lot of money for you if you’re able to get it right from the very start. 

First of all, a podcast is a medium to reach out to an audience. 

Once you start building an audience with a blog in particular, you can monetize your podcasts and promote affiliate products from time to time alongside the podcast. 

Depending on how large your audience is, you can start getting sponsorships for your podcast. 

While podcasting in itself will not generate $300/day for you, the affiliate products you recommended can generate much more money in the form of commissions. 

Plus, sponsorships can be thousands of dollars. Maybe over $9k, which would make up for the $300/day target. 

17 Best Jobs that Pay $300 a Day without a Degree – Final Words. 

Here you have them in line – the best jobs that pay up to $300 dollars without a degree. 

They include book publishing, affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, car rental, podcasting, laundromat, landscaping, hair sales, crypto trading, dropshipping, binary options among others. 

Now, the truth is, these jobs have a really high ROI. 

And the more passion and effort you pour into them, the more monetary rewards you’ll reap. 

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