10 Best Jobs that Pay $30k a Year without a Degree

Right in this article is a list of the best jobs that pay $30k a year without a degree. Or $2,500 dollars a month. Without a degree, there are tons of things or activities or self-employed tasks/jobs that you can do to make much more than $2,500 dollars a month. You don’t need to go to college, and you can do them in your spare time. 

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For some of the self-employed jobs highlighted in this article, you can earn much more than $2,500 a month or $30k a year. They’re realistic, cheap, and scalable; which means you can grow them exponentially and income isn’t fixed. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $30k a Year without a Degree. 

1. Landscaping. 

Landscaping is meant for the experts at the job. If you’re good at it already, then you can start doing gigs like this around your town to make $30k a year. You really don’t need a degree to land gigs paying as high as $200/hour. What’s needed is your expertise and experience in the field. On average, you can get paid $100/hour. And if you work 10 days in a month with an average of 3 hours to get each gig done, that’s $36k in a year. 

Of course, you can earn much more than this as a landscaper. To get gigs, you can promote your services online (particularly on social media), and hunt for jobs using Indeed or Craigslist. 

2. Blogging. 

While there are lots of blogs on the internet today, you can join in and still make lots of money up to $30k per year. Actually, much more. It’s one of the best jobs in the world as you only need to create content, communicate with an audience and kaboom! You start making money with enough drawn attention. When starting a blog, you want to define your objectives clearly. If you want to make money blogging, keep it in front of your mind and let it drive you. Start up a blog in a profitable niche that resonates with you, and focus on providing real value in the form of content. 

At least that’s how I’ve grown this blog in 7 months (from June 2022 to January 2023 at the time of this writing) from $3/month in the first month to $500/month in the second month (from ads and sponsored postings). If you want to start a blog right now and you don’t know how to go about it, there’s a special guide to walk you through the steps and to teach you the best strategies to grow your own blog too. Check it out here

3. Freelancing. 

Can you design graphics or write codes? Or edit videos? Whatever you’re good at, that’s a digital skill, you can get paid to do them for other people. These people are freelance employers looking for your services. They need you. And if you can help them out, your reward is real cash. So, if you’ve got a digital skill and you’d very much like to work from home, then this is for you. 

Bottom line is, you don’t need to have a degree to become a freelancer making 5 figures a month from home. In the long run, you can travel around the world while you work and make a living off performing freelance services. 

4. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is one really interesting self-employed job that you can do online to make money. Plus, it’s one of the best self-employed jobs that pay $30k a year without a degree. Not just $30k, but much more than this if you know what to do. If you’ve not heard of this term before now, it simply means building an e-commerce website and connecting it to another real ecommerce business online. You don’t acquire any product or ship anything. 

The bulk of the shipping and packaging is done by the other real ecommerce business to whom you connect your dropshipping store. There’s a ton of guides to put you through the entire steps when starting an ecommerce business. Complete newbie to dropshipping? Then learn the ropes. Understand the business model completely before trying it out. 

5. Amazon FBA. 

Amazon FBA is a program organized by Amazon where sellers can create an account and give Amazon the full control over their seller account to help them sell stuff. In the simplest terms, you buy products from another ecommerce platform like AliExpress cheap and resell it on Amazon for profit. That’s basically what Amazon FBA is and that’s how you can make money from it. 

The program allows for retailers and wholesalers to sell much of their products online, giving exposure and amplified sales. Just like dropshipping, there’s a way to do Amazon FBA right. You need to find the right product you can buy cheap and resell for profit on Amazon. This alone is adventurous. 

6. Barbering. 

Barbering is interesting. I mean, it’s a load of joy seeing your fades come together and seeing how good your line ups get with time. I can say this because, well, I’m a barber myself. Clearly, you don’t need a degree to make money barbing. You just need the skill, a space to get started, and a fixed price you can dangle anytime because it’s your personal business. 

If you groom clients for $50 dollars, then you get $200 dollars every single day with just 4 clients. In one month, that’s $6,000 dollars. And in a year, you’ll be left with $72k dollars. This is more than twice $30k you’re hoping to earn without a college degree. As a barber, you’re the asset. You up your price as you get good at grooming and packaging. 

7. YouTube. 

Apparently, YouTube is free. Anyone can create a channel. But some really good money makers have found a way to turn YouTube from just a video streaming platform to a system that generates passive income. You can too. It takes precision (or focus on a niche well enough), and consistency. There’s no need for a college degree here too, and a YouTube channel can generate as much as 8 figures a year for you. I’m talking over $10m. The hacks include being creative with making videos, sticking to a niche, staying consistent, being the first to create content around trending topics, addressing impossible or controversial topics in your niche, getting good at using captivating thumbnails. 

Trust me, if you can get good enough at the tips I spilled a couple of lines ago, you’ll surprise yourself with a free YouTube channel. There’s no limit to how much you can make. MR Beast is probably worth over $500 million by now. He’s one GOAT YouTuber under 40 (if not unbelievably under 30). 

8. Affiliate marketing. 

The trick behind making tons of money with affiliate marketing is to provide value. It’s one of the best jobs that pay over $30k a year without a degree, and it’s definitely one of the most reliable ways to build wealth online and passively. If it’s new to you, then I’ll explain. Affiliate marketing is recommending products to an audience, and getting paid for every product they buy. You get paid a percentage of the worth of products sold. 

So, if you recommend a product worth $500 dollars with a 10% commission rate, this means you get paid $50 dollars (or 10%) for every sale of the $500 dollar product. The key here is to promote high worth products and to have a web traffic magnet like a blog, a social media page or a YouTube channel through which you can consistently recommend affiliate products. 

9. Stock trading. 

You absolutely don’t need a degree to start trading the stock market. But the thing is, you can actually generate much more than $30k a year trading it. Again, trading isn’t free. It’s risky too. So, you want to invest some good time into learning to trade before eventually getting to invest your real funds. Trading the stock market is profitable if you take caution, implement risk management techniques, and trade based on technical analysis versus emotional instability. 

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10. Lease your apartment on Airbnb. 

Another job or self-employed job that pays $30k a year and much more is Airbnb apartment lease. Yes, you lease your apartment on Airbnb to strangers and get paid every night your apartment is booked for. 

Depending on where you’re located and the comfort of your apartment, you can definitely get paid anywhere from $20 dollars to $300 dollars per night. If we peg your payment at $200/night and you get people to lodge at your house 15 times in a month, that’s $3,000 dollars a month. And $36k a year. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $30k a Year without a Degree – Final Words. 

Now that you know exactly what to do to make $30k a year without having a college degree, what’s going to be your next move? Will you start a blog right away, start trading stocks, venture into affiliate marketing, get into landscaping, do drop shipping or freelancing, start a YouTube channel, lease your apartment from time to time on Airbnb, start barbering, or try out Amazon FBA? The ball’s in your court now. 

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