11 Best Jobs that Pay $38,000 a Year without College

You want a list of the best jobs that pay $38,000 a year without a college degree? You’re not alone. In this article, I highlight 11 of these jobs that are realistic and don’t require you to possess a college degree to make money up to $38,000 a year. The bulk of these jobs aren’t just jobs, they’re online businesses and ventures that aren’t overly expensive to kickstart. With a few dollars, you can start doing some of them right away. 

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Others require you to become an asset, without spending a dime to begin making money. Less than 2% of the jobs on this list are expensive, and you’ll need to have a few thousand dollars to initiate their development. With that cleared, here are 11 best jobs that pay $38,000 a year without college. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $38,000 a Year without College. 

1. Blogging. 

Without a doubt, blogging joins the list of the self-employed jobs that pay $38,000 a year. Actually, blogging can make you more money than $38,000 in one year. You could earn this in a single month if you’re consistent and you do things the right way. When starting a blog, the first thing you want to get right is your niche. Carefully select a profitable niche or area of focus. 

You don’t want your blog to be a mix of confused content; from health to travel to fitness. No. Focus on a niche or a bank of closely related niches. If you don’t know what niche to focus on, you can choose from any of these niches to start with:

  • Health 
  • Foods
  • Digital marketing
  • Tech & gadgets
  • Personal development
  • Insurance
  • Loan 
  • Persona finance
  • Autos
  • Travel 
  • Home decor 

These are some of the most profitable niches out of hundreds of them out there in the internet wild. After selecting a niche for your blog, sit back and think of a name domain name for your blog. The domain name can be anything from your own name to a unique name that’s got nothing to do with your niche. It doesn’t have to be related. This is because you might have to switch later between niches in the future. 

Once you’re done with the domain name, get your blog live and start creating content on a consistent basis. There are other things you’ll need to do to quickly grow your blog from scratch. If you’ve not started your blog just yet, and you want to get started, I outline everything from picking a niche to writing content to scaling your growth here in this guide

2. Coding. 

If you’re a great coder, then you can become a freelancer and take up gigs that pay you a lot of money. In one year, you should be able to generate over $32k freelancing. This isn’t an expensive self-employed job to start. All you need is skill, and you need to be really good at what you do. To get started as a freelancer, you can sign up on any of the biggest freelance marketplaces online. Once you’re done signing up, take up gigs from time to time. You only get paid upon completing the gigs. 

While becoming a freelancer is totally a free deal, there are factors that determine your success as a freelancer. You want to learn about becoming a successful freelancer and not joining the bandwagon of desperate freelancers bidding for gigs they can’t fulfill. 

3. Affiliate marketing. 

Another very suitable online job that can guarantee you steady passive income and still generate over $38,000 a year is affiliate marketing. This kind of marketing deals with affiliate products or products you can make commissions from. It’s free to become an affiliate marketer, but you’ll need to have an online leverage system like a blog or a YouTube channel to get accepted into mega affiliate programs. 

Once you’re in as an affiliate marketer, you can promote affiliate products using your online leverage system (particularly a blog or a YouTube channel), or paid means. Affiliate marketing done right can make up to 6 figures in a month for you. But if you don’t do it the right way, you could become an affiliate marketer for ages and never really make a cent. 

4. Barbering. 

If you know how to groom hair, then you’d want to try this one out. Although it’s more expensive, you can become a barbershop owner and earn up to $38,000 a year without a degree. You don’t need to have a degree to start learning to cut hair. Not at all, you don’t. But then, you’ll need to set up a barbershop of your own to really make a sizable income monthly. 

Let’s say you get 100 people to your barbershop a month and you groom for $50 dollars. In one month, that’s about ($50×100) $5,000 dollars. In a year, you get $60,000 dollars. This is much more than the $38k/year gauge, but then your patronage will only increase with time. This calculation is really conservative. 

5. Laundromat. 

Another really expensive option to consider if you want a list of jobs that pay $38,000 a year without college is the laundromat. On the minimum side, it’ll cost you over $25k to set up one. If you want to go really small, then you can just acquire one washing machine and a few other items to run the laundromat. Shouldn’t cost more than $5,000 dollars. But then, this would be a laundry house offering professional services instead. And not a laundromat. 

Whether you decide to make it a commercial laundry service or a laundromat for the neighborhood, you can generate over $38k in a year if you’re situated in a favorable location. 

6. Ride-sharing. 

If you’ve got a vehicle, then ride-sharing is an option you should consider. This means picking up passengers from random places in your city and dropping them off at their desired destination. It’s a self-employed job, and you basically work with ride-sharing services like Uber, and Lyft. While there are other ride-sharing services to work with, Uber and Lyft are two of the biggest in the ride-sharing industry. Working as a driver for Uber, you could make anywhere from $18 dollars and above per hour. And your earnings largely depend on the trip. The distance. 

So if you’re making $18/hour in 24 working days in a month and you work a minimum of 8 hours daily, that’s $3,456 in a month. And $41,472 in a year. Now the thing is, you could earn more a day, which will largely impart your annual earnings. This is only applicable to you if you own a vehicle. 

7. Binary options trading. 

Trading binary options is one of the best self-employed jobs that pay $38,000 a year. But then, you can only make a cent off this online trading venture if you’re good at it. If you’re not good at trading or you don’t know how to trade at all, you may want to learn all you can first before eventually getting to trade. 

While it’s really a profitable deal, you stand at the verge of losing more if you start trading without getting to know the most effective strategies to trade with. Indeed, binary options can make you so much money, but you’ll also need to trade with the best brokers online. 

8. Online writing. 

Right now, there are websites willing to pay you a decent amount of money to write for them. You can earn up to $100 dollars writing for one website, and this can happen more than 20 times in a month. Now, this is a really conservative figure. Some websites pay as high as $1,000 dollars for a single article. Let’s leave it at $500 dollars. Making this amount of money even 10 times a month is $5,000 dollars. In a year, that’s $38,000 dollars. You don’t need a college degree to get started, and it’s probably the cheapest option on this list as long as you’re good at writing. 

Yes, you’ll need to be really good at creating content or writing articles to write for the highest paying websites. I’m not saying that you’ve gotta become Hemingway or Twain, but you’ll need to be a really good writer. Let me say, a potent writer. 

9. Copywriting. 

Copywriting is one of the most profitable forms of writing because you’re creating content for products. This kind of content retains the capacity to transform a random visitor into a buyer. And a potential buyer to a frequent customer. Simple; copywriting is the art of creating captivating product copies or descriptions. The more captivating the product descriptions are, the better. 

To become a copywriter, you’ll need to hone your writing skills a little further. Learning the art of copywriting isn’t expensive and shouldn’t cost you a dime especially with the help of the internet. There’s a boatload of resources to learn copywriting for yourself online. And you don’t have to go to college to learn it. 

Copywriters make money basically as freelancers and as privately employed workers. In this case, you’re looking at the freelancing part since you don’t want to work a 9 – 5. I wouldn’t either. As a freelance copywriter, you can earn over $1,500 for a single copywriting gig. For sure, in the space of one year, you can generate over $100k copywriting as a freelancer. But this takes time. There are lots of copywriters in the space, many enough to make the competition stiff. 

10. Graphics designing. 

If you’re good at graphics designing, then you can sign up on freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr to get graphics designing gigs. Tons of people flood these marketplaces looking for reliable designs for their various projects. If you can get the job done, then you can get paid handsomely. Plus, graphics designing is expensive. You make more money per gig and grow quickly if you always get the best job done. 

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11. Crypto trading. 

I probably reserved the best for last. But it wasn’t intentional. Crypto trading has revolutionized the lives of a lot of people. Millions. And also wrecked a lot too. But then, if you want to earn up to $38,000 a year without a degree, you should learn to trade crypto profitably. It’s one skill you’ll be proud of for the rest of your life. Crypto trading can also make you a millionaire if you do it the right way. There’s a drastic learning curve to trading profitably, and you’ll need to really invest time to learn the craft. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $38,000 a Year without College – Final Words. 

Without college, you can make up to $38,000 a year and more working or doing any of these jobs. Basically the online bustles. Some of the jobs include starting a laundromat, crypto trading, graphics designing, barbering, blogging, computer coding, writing online for websites that pay, using your car to ride-share, and affiliate marketing. 

The good thing is that you take full control of your time and you determine how much money you’d like to make with these jobs/hustles. 

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