10 Best Jobs that Pay $400k a Year without a Degree

Want to know the best jobs that pay $400k a year without a degree? This is the right page on the web for you. While there are lots of office jobs or white-collar jobs that pay $400k a year, this article isn’t highlighting any of them. Rather, the jobs on this list are entrepreneurial, and some of them can guarantee you passive income. They’re scalable, and if you currently keep a 9 to 5, you can do them on the side of your full-time job.

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The other sweet side is, you don’t need a degree to run these self-employed jobs. However, they take some time to grow, and you might probably earn below $1k in your first year unless you have a lot of money to scale things up from scratch. That said, here are 10 jobs that pay $400k a year without a degree. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $400k a Year without a Degree. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is one of the top jobs that pay $400k a year without a college degree, and it takes time to start making so much money with a blog. Firstly, if you hate writing, you’d be spending an enormous amount of money to grow your blog. Blogging is just like any other business where you invest a lot of effort and then you wait patiently for your efforts to pay off. To make up to $400k a year blogging, you’ll need to be very strategic, stick to a profitable niche, and integrate the best monetization strategy for your niche. 

Over time, your blog is going to get a lot of traction if you’re consistent and smart. This traction is called web traffic, and then pretty much anything you do to make money will work. 

2. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is interesting basically because you can make tons of money passively. But then, you don’t need a degree to become an affiliate marketer or to make money recurrently from selling affiliate products. Firstly, you’ll need to join an affiliate program for the products you’ll be promoting. 

Again, to make this an easy walk for you, there’s every need to develop a web traffic magnet where you pull in traffic to the affiliate content you create over time. This can be a blog, a social media page, or a YouTube channel. It can be two of any, or three of them if you can grow them simultaneously. 

3. Stock trading. 

Here’s another one; you don’t need to have a degree to trade stocks. Plus, if you’re trading with a fat capital like $50,000 dollars and you know how to trade the stock market, there’s every chance you get to make 10× your capital in a year; given that you don’t make money and lose even more money occasionally. 

Starting in January (and using a clear-cut trading strategy with a high win rate), you can earn over $33k in monthly profits. However, this can only happen if you’re good at trading. Hence, you want to learn how to trade the markets before investing your real money into it. 

4. E-commerce. 

Just like Target, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Walmart, and the likes. Launching an ecommerce store is possible if you’ve got a high business IQ. Not a degree. You can also start an ecommerce business if you’re totally a dummy but you’ve got the money to make it happen (and then surround yourself with smart people). 

Largely depending on what you’re looking to sell in your ecommerce store, it’s going to make you over $400k (assuming you’ve got the funds to promote it and make it a household name within a year). In reality, people create ecommerce stores and leave them to wither while they’re at the mercy of search engines and nature (fondly time) to make it grow. 

5. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is also one of the jobs that pay $400k a year without a degree. It’s not a white-collar job. No. It’s a self-employed job, and for this reason you don’t really need a degree to make it work. What you need is understanding how to make it work. It’s no news that the people who start dropshipping fail within the year of starting it. At least, most people fail at it. And that’s because of the rush they started with. In a year, you can generate well over $1 million dollars with a dropshipping store. 

Well, you don’t have to believe me. The top dropshippers in the world can show you how they make it happen. It’s a really simple concept of an online business that mimics ecommerce, but then it takes a ton of load like inventory maintenance and shipping. 

6. Programming. 

If you’re good at programming, then you can be self-employed and earn over $400k a year without a degree. Programming is one of many jobs that pay over $400k a year, and you can either work for clients online as a remote coder/programmer/web developer/software developer, or create something of your own by yourself. 

While working for other clients or freelance clients online can generate a sum total of $400,000 dollars in one year (bit by bit), you’d make more money from building your own easy-to-monetize software in the long run. If you’ve got years of experience and you can double as a frontend and backend developer, then you’re an asset for yourself and even more of an asset to hundreds of tech companies 

7. Mobile app. 

Imagine having a mobile app like Uber, Binance, a popular game or video player. What would it be like? You’d be in millions right? Truth is, you can build a software of your own. And you don’t need to write a single code yourself. With enough money, like $100k, you’d be able to pay up software developers to bring your idea of an app to reality. While you’ll spend a tad on developing the app, I’m pretty sure you’d spend more on marketing and promotion. 

Developing an app that’s both unique and relevant can earn you over $400k a year. If users access the full service on subscription (just like Twitter users now pay for the blue tick), it would be more money for you. Believe it or not, you’d make more money from infusing different monetization strategies upfront. 

8. Boutique. 

Fashion has come to stay. It emerged since the first man was created. And since then, it evolved shadowing in fabrics and cotton. And wool. The thing is, you don’t need a degree to start a boutique. You need money. And if it is located in a favorable location, your boutique (depending on the size of it) can generate over $1 million in gross profit per year. However, this may not happen in the first year because every business takes time to mature. 

I’m 100% ✓ confident about launching a fashion boutique because it’s evergreen, and the market is broad. It’s not some niche venture (unless you decide to go miche with it). Ideally, it’s one of the best self-employed jobs that pay $400k a year without a degree. No cap. 

9. Laundromat. 

Owning a laundromat can generate a yearly income of over $400,000 dollars. Now, the thing is, starting a laundromat is expensive. But you can start it up to make money if you’ve got the financial resources to make it happen. If you don’t have the cash, you can incur a good debt here. This means taking a debt to start up something potentially profitable. Meanwhile, you need to know exactly what you’re doing before delving into something like this. 

By “knowing what you’re doing”, I mean getting to know everything you’ll need to start up a laundromat, a predetermined design in mind and on paper, and a system of operation right before setting out to acquire anything. Or before taking a loan. However, “knowing what you’re doing” is more critical if you’ll be taking a loan (not just to start a laundromat, but to kickstart anything at all). 

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10. Barbering. 

Can you make a total of $400k a year barbing? Of course you can. And apparently, you don’t need to have a college degree to make this happen. Firstly, learn how to cut hair. Be good at it. Maybe you don’t have to be the best barber in the world, but be really good at cutting hair. Then, learn about the business side of barbering. Afterwards, find a good location to start off this business. It has to be a good location if not, it’s not going to get a lot of clients. Okay. So, let’s do some math. 

If you cut $50/client and eventually you manage to hire three other good barbers who cut 2 extra clients a day each, that’s $200 times 2, and then times 3 (barbers). This is $400 × 3, you get $1,200/day. You’re out of the picture now because this is business and you want to make money passively. With $1,200 a day, you’re getting $36,000 dollars a month. 

And a gross income of $432k per year. That’s the gross, the net would be smaller after taking out every other recurring expenses. The reality is; you can start up a barbing salon and be the only one working there. Or, you can have up to 6 barbers cutting hair for $30/client. Many variables, so you can really plan accordingly to what you want to earn. If it’s $400k, draft the plan. It’s expensive to start up a barbing salon. Other than the cost, you need the experience and the skill. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $400k a Year without a Degree – Final Words. 

Without a degree, you can generate over $400 a year as a barber, or by starting a laundromat, a boutique, a blog of your own, trading stocks, developing a mobile app, starting a boutique, affiliate marketing, programming (either as a freelancer or as a self-employed developing micro apps to generate revenue), and starting a e-commerce business/website. 

Up to 90% of these self-employed jobs can generate passive income for you. Pure passive income, with some heavy upfront work. And generating up to $35,000 dollars in a month (which is over $400k a year) is not a big deal with these jobs. Again, you don’t need a degree to start them, or make money from them. 

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