8 Best Jobs that Pay £50 an Hour in the UK

Are you in search of the best jobs that pay £50 an hour in the UK? You’re on the right page. In this blog post, I’ll unveil 8 of the best jobs that pay up to £50 pounds an hour in the United Kingdom. These jobs are some of the very best self-employed jobs that you can start without having a degree in school, and you can also do them undercover as side jobs. 

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They’re the most active income jobs, and don’t require a ton of money to start up. Quite a few of them on this list are remote jobs. This means that you don’t have to leave your home to make money doing them. You’re ready to go? Here are the 8 best jobs that pay £50 an hour in the UK. 

8 Best Jobs that Pay £50 an Hour in the UK.

1. Content writing. 

Content writing is a profitable activity that you can do online in the UK to make £50 an hour. If you love writing, then you already have a head start. As a content writer, you can get paid to work privately for firms around you or afar off, or get paid to work as a freelance writer. Since you want to make £50 an hour in the UK, then working as a freelance writer will do the trick. 

As a freelance writer, you can sort for jobs online using job boards like Indeed or Google Jobs. Alternatively, you can write for websites willing to pay writers to write for them. Some of these websites pay as high as £100 pounds for a single article. So, if it takes you an hour to complete an article or two hours, you’ll get paid more than £100 pounds working with some of the most reliable websites that pay writers. 

Lastly, you can sign up on marketplaces online like Fiverr and Upwork to get freelance writing gigs that pay much more than £50/hr in the UK. It doesn’t cost a dime to become a freelance writer or to sign up on the majority of marketplaces for freelance writers online. Once you’re done with the signup process, sort through the database for gigs you can handle. You get paid upon the completion of every writing gig. 

2. Blogging. 

If £50 an hour in the UK equates to £1,200 in one day or 24 hours, then you can make this happen with a blog. Today, there are a lot of bloggers making much more than £1,200/day or £36,000/month. It didn’t take them decades. Although it took some. But most of them didn’t spend a decade building their blogs to 6 figures. 

The point is, blogging can make you a lot of money. Up to £50 an hour. And it’s not an easy task to grow a blog especially if you’re starting from scratch. The key however is to be consistent at what you do on the blog. If you’ve not started a blog just yet, I’ve put together a complete guide to starting your blog from scratch and growing it to 6 figures a month. 

3. Transcription. 

Transcription entails taking text from a video or audio. In other words, it’s what you do when you try to make an audio or video file into a text document. Original video or audio files can be transcribed so that the information is readily available in text documents. This is what transcribing is. And if you’re good at doing it, then you can make up to £50 an hour doing it in the United Kingdom. 

As a transcriber, you can work for multiple clients online and get paid, as a freelancer. It’s free to get started and get freelance gigs, and you can sign up on Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, or Peopleperhour. One of the best things about transcribing is that you don’t need to learn to do it for long before you become good at it. It’s just that you can get bored real quick. 

4. Crypto trading. 

If you’re looking for some of the best self-employed jobs that pay £50 an hour in the UK, crypto trading is your shot. Maybe you won’t be earning £50/hr with crypto over every hour, but you can definitely make a total gross profit of £36,000/month trading crypto. Before you jump right into the crypto trading sphere, you’ll need to learn to actually trade it first. 

After you’re done learning to trade the crypto markets, stick to a strategy and always implement risk management techniques. Another thing is, it’s not entirely free to explore this option. If you must make money from the crypto market, you must be willing to invest for real. And if you want to make a profit of £1,200 a day or up to £36,000/month, then you’ll need to trade with much more money as your asset. Trading the crypto markets can really be profitable if you’re in with a huge capital. This way, you’re sure to make more money with a little percent in profit. 

5. Ride-sharing. 

This will work best if you already own a car. How ride-sharing works is simple. You take passengers from a location to their desired destination with the help of a ride-sharing service like Uber. The service charges the passengers and they pay. You’ll make more money but with the help of a ride-sharing service. 

In the UK, you can become a driver for any ride-sharing service. But it’s more strategic and sensible to join in with the biggest ride-sharing services around. Two of them I’ll recommend are Uber and Lyft. They’re two of the biggest ride-sharing services and you’re definitely going to make more money running more trips around the city. As a driver for a ride-sharing service, particularly Uber, you’re definitely going to make more than £50 in a couple of hours. But not as much as £1,200/day. However, creating your own ride-sharing service and putting it out there will definitely make you a millionaire. Or generate much more than £36,000 a month with time and after some underground marketing efforts. 

6. Graphics designing. 

Are you good at designing graphics? Then you can become a freelance graphics designer and make money helping clients online with different graphics designing projects. It’s easy to become a freelancer if you’re already good at what you do. To get gigs that pay well, up to £50 an hour, then sign up for free on any of these freelance marketplaces: 

Clients flood these marketplaces in search of competent designers to help them out with whatever design projects they’re unto. So, you can get paid anywhere from £12 to £280 pounds as a freelance graphics designer. It’s all about your rates. The higher you charge, the more money you’ll make. But don’t follow the high rates craze. You may end up scaring away potential clients with your rates. Charge moderately for your services and give the best delivery. 

7. Proofreading.

Taking the bulk off documents is perhaps one of the most important aspects of creating a fluent piece of information in plain text. Truth is, you don’t need to be a professor to do this. If you’re good at curbing errors and typos, then you can proofread documents for money and get up to £50/hour doing the job. As a proofreader, you edit, proofread and sometimes format the contents of a document or an online article. 

To start doing this in the UK, get to know how to proofread documents effectively, and then you can search for gigs on Indeed, Google Jobs, Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer. 

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8. Landscaping.  

In the UK, you can get paid up to £100 an hour as a landscaper. On average, landscapers get paid about £45/hour. But if you’re good at what you do and you have years of experience in the field, then you can pocket £100+/hr from bigger projects. The bottom line is that landscaping is one of the best jobs that pay £50 an hour in the UK. 

You’re definitely not going to make £50 every single hour that passes by, but you can handle mega landscaping projects that’ll earn you thousands of pounds. With time, you can develop your competence and credibility to where you get paid £300/hour. Or more. 

8 Best Jobs that Pay £50 an Hour in the UK – Final Words. 

While these jobs aren’t the most passive income jobs today, they can generate upwards of £50 bucks an hour in the UK. Plus, they don’t require you to spend a lot of money just to get started with them. They’re a mix of remote jobs and offline jobs that you do outdoors. 

If you currently keep a full-time job, you can also commit to these jobs as side hustles. Maybe £50 an hour seems very little, but it’ll take a while to make this especially if you’re a complete beginner and you’re approaching things for the first time. Whatever it is, you can get there and even make much more than £50 an hour. Incorporate consistency, and give it your all. 

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