9 Best Jobs that Pay £500 a Day in the UK

Jobs that Pay £500 a Day

Are you looking for the best jobs that pay £500 a day in the UK? 

You’re on the right page and this article highlights some of the best jobs that can not only generate £500 a day, but can do it passively. 

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All of the self-employed jobs on this list will have you as your own boss. 

And depending on what you want to make, you can decide to scale your hustle quickly or grow slowly with time. 

For the record, these same self-employed jobs can make or pay even more than £500 pounds a day. Let’s get right into them. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay £500 a Day in the UK. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is my top option right on this list because I’m making a full-time income off it. 

It’s for sure is one of the best self-employed jobs that pay £500 a day in the UK. 

You can start a blog with just about £50 pounds on Namecheap and take that blog from earning zero pounds to generating over £500+ pounds a day in the United Kingdom. 


That’s exactly what I cover in this blogging guide. But firstly, you’ll pick a niche and start off from there. 

The niche is your blog’s personality. The niche is what your content will be about. 

You can decide to stick with a niche or a set of related niches in the long haul. 

Moving forward, it’s very realistic to shoot for £500/day with a new blog if you already know what you’re doing. 

If you don’t, here’s how to do blogging the right way

2. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a passive income gateway. 

Basically, you apply to become an affiliate marketer for one or more products, and when you’re accepted as an affiliate marketer, you start promoting the products with the hope of making sales. 

When people buy these products, you make money in the form of commissions. 

Affiliate marketing is a self-employed job that can generate over £500/day in the UK. 

You can do it from anywhere – your home, the garden, the garage, the yard, the basement – name it. 

But then, you’ll need to fully get the grasp of affiliate marketing if you want to make so much money off it. 

3. Crypto trading.

Risky and profitable at the same time, expertise is the grand key to making £500 a day in the UK off the crypto market. 

You have to trade, and you have to trade profitably. 

Now, like every other business, crypto trading is a business for many expert traders. If you’re not so good at it, then it’s a gamble for you. 

And you’ll need to beckon on your instincts to execute trades – which isn’t a good strategy for trading. 

Instead of making £500 a day, you could end up losing your capital. Another thing is, you’ll need to have money to trade. 

Spare money; it makes more sense to get into the cryptocurrency race with cash you’re not looking to live off on.

4. Course sales. 

Are you a pro at stuff?

If you are, then you can create a course to teach other people who’d very much like to be like you or to people who’ll like to know what you already know. 

You really don’t need to be an expert to create a course

With millions of beginners online, you’re good enough to teach other beginners even if you’ve been doing stuff for just a month or a few weeks. 

You’re on a different level. However, you want to be able to make £15,000 a month in the UK from selling your course online. 

This means that your course has to be original, unique, top-notch, quality, and comprehensive; deserving of the price. 

Customers or buyers should be able to get 3× to 10× more value for what they paid. 

5. Forex trading. 

Forex trading is one of the self-employed jobs that pay £500 a day in the UK. 

You’re getting paid by the market because you’re a good trader. 

Conversely, you’ll be getting stung by the market if you’re not good at trading. 

The forex market is a financial market online. And if you can trade it from anywhere in the world. 

The most important equipment you’ll need to trade is the richness of your mind; how knowledgeable you are about the market and how well you can plunge over risks while gulping profits. 

Firstly, you’ll need to create a forex trading account with some of the finest Forex brokers out there, and then you fund your account to start trading. 

If you’re a newbie, these brokers allow you to mess around with a demo account so that you’re able to get familiar with the charts and tools for trading. 

6. Assets rental. 

Another self-employed job that pays £500 a day in the United Kingdom is assets rental

You’ll need to have some capital to get this off the ground. 

It’s simple; you acquire assets or equipment that people hire for different occasions, and they return it back after some time or when they’re done using it so that other people can come hire them. 

In the UK, this is highly profitable because a lot of people can’t afford some equipment for parties or events, they’ll not need the equipment afterwards even if they’re able to afford them. 

Some of the equipment you can acquire to kick off this business or self-employed job include lighting, camera, chairs, ribbons, tables, tents, musical instruments, and more. 

7. Ride-sharing. 

Do you own a car? If you do, then you stand a chance to make £500 a day in the UK. 

It’s rare to see drivers making this much more, but you can work for multiple ride-sharing services in the UK and work for long hours to hit £500/day. 

Some of the ride-sharing services you might want to work with include Uber, Bolt, Ola, Via, Taxiapp UK, Gett, and Wheely. 

All of these ride-sharing services will pay you different rates per hour or per distance traveled. 

It’s your call to find the top three highest paying services and work with them to average £500/day. 

You might earn this figure, you may never. 

It’s realistic and unrealistic at this point unless you go out there and try it out. 

8. Drop-shipping. 

Drop-shipping is a sure way to generate passive income. 

It’s one of the self-employed jobs that pay £500 pounds a day in the UK, and it could pay more depending on the scalability of your drop-shipping business. 

Yes, it’s a business. And you’ll be spending some money to venture into it. 

However, it is imperative that you understand the concept of drop-shipping before becoming a drop-shipper. 

For sure you’ll watch and read about how drop-shipping is generating tens of thousands of pounds for people. 

It’s best for you to know exactly how to do it first before stepping in. 

On the bare surface of things, you start a store online (with some money) and you connect that store to another original e-commerce store.

When customers visit your store and they place an order, the orders are redirected to the e-commerce store and the ecommerce store ships the products to the customers. 

Your store is basically a broker for buying and selling online. 

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9. YouTube. 

YouTube shorts are getting me addicted by the day and I can’t hide it. 

However, YouTube is free to access and you can create a channel for free. 

It’s one of the top ways you can make money on the web while doing what you love (if you love making videos and connecting with the world). 

Making £500/day on YouTube is realistic. 

In fact, some YouTubers make an average of £2,000 pounds a day off their YouTube channel. 

Never happens overnight. 

Sometimes, it’s the results from years of consistency. 

Understand basic YouTube SEO, and capitalize on the power of captivating thumbnails to put your quality niche-specific videos in the front of millions of viewers on YouTube. 

Once you start getting thousands and thousands of subscribers, it’ll be easy to flip on the money making options on YouTube

9 Best Jobs that Pay £500 a Day in the UK – Final Words.

No BS, these are some of the best self-employed jobs that pay £500 a day in the UK and even more. 

You may not start getting paid a lot of money off them when you start, and some of them are expensive to kick off. 

But then, with time, hitting the £500/day bar is attainable and you can scale to even make more money (with the methods that’s got nothing to do with trading the online financial markets). 

All of this isn’t as easy as chewing shredded chicken. 

They take a lot of effort; and since they’re yours or you decide their productivity, the workload is on your shoulders. 

In brief, some of the best jobs that pay £500 a day in the United Kingdom include YouTube content creation, crypto trading, blogging, affiliate marketing, rental asset, drop-shipping, ride-sharing, course sales, and forex trading. 

However, when it comes to trading the online markets, you want to take extreme caution. 

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