13 Best Jobs that Pay $500 a Day

Jobs that Pay $500 a Day

In this blog post, I’ll share with you some of the best and most realistic self-employed jobs that pay $500 a day and even more. 

These jobs aren’t the regular 9 to 5 jobs you know. 

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They’re the kinda jobs that you do on the low to make money so that you can eventually quit your day job and buy yourself the freedom that you deserve. 

Plus, these self-employed jobs if done the right way can generate over $500 dollars a day for you. 

A ton of them are passive money makers, others aren’t. 

Here they are. 

13 Best Jobs that Pay $500 a Day. 

1. Ride-sharing. 

Ride-sharing is one of the best jobs that pay $500 a day for real.

Although it’s not one of the best jobs in the world that can generate up to $500/day for you; speaking about white-collar jobs. 

But it’s a self-employed job, and making $500 bucks a day doing this is realistic. 

It’s not a norm. 

But you can make as much as this on really good days and especially if you’re set to work from 7am to 9pm; more than 12 hours of your day working. 

If you have a car, you can register with services like Uber and Lyft in the US or anywhere these services are supported to make money driving around town. 

2. Blogging. 

It’s really possible to make money from blogging if you take it like a job and not just a hobby. 

So, yes, it’s one of the best jobs that pay $500 a day (if you take it like a job. 

Moving on, blogging requires consistency, and it’s something you can do on the side of your full-time job. 

You can make a lot of money from blogging if you’re determined and your passion is over the roof. 

So, first of all, you’ll need to start a blog and then all you have to do is create content around topics that aren’t very competitive. 

Plus, you’ll need to have the basic SEO or digital marketing knowledge to scale fast. 

Want to make money blogging? Here’s your guide.

3. Affiliate marketing. 

Another job that pays as much as $500 a day is affiliate marketing. 

Just like blogging, affiliate marketing generates passive income if you do it right. 

So, while it can generate life-changing money for you in the long run, you’ll need to understand the basic concepts and how to do it right. 

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is all about recommending affiliate products to interested buyers. 

When they buy, you keep a commission from the sale. 

Right now, tons of people generate 6 figures in a year from affiliate marketing. 

And you can too. 

4. Apartment lease. 

You can make $500 a day from leasing your own apartment on Airbnb

It’s that simple, but to make the most money off Airbnb, you’ll need to put your apartment in shape. 

The location and the luxury of apartments on Airbnb generally determine the amount of money their host can make. 

So, if you have a really good place to call your apartment, then you can earn up to $600 per night. 

Another thing is, you won’t get clients every day and this is a norm with this business. 

Purely a side hustle, you can do this while you’re working a full-time job or building another side hustle to grease the passive income wheel. 

5. Programming. 

Got programming skills? 

There’s multiple ways for you to make money with this. 

Taking it as a side job or a full-time job, you can freelance your programming skills and get paid to help people online with programming projects. 

You can also make up to $500 a day from courses you own; programming courses and softwares you build. 

Building a software of your own would perhaps be the ultimate moneymaker for you as there’d be multiple ways to monetize it especially if it’s a service-oriented software. 

Selling courses on the other hand will require you to be really good at what you teach. 

If you’re gunning to teach the basics, that’s a saturated space. 

6. Google AdSense arbitrage. 

Everyone isn’t talking about Adsense arbitrage, but it’s one of the best jobs that pay $500 a day. 

It’s all about give and take – you start a blog and monetize it with Google AdSense. 

Then, you can make money whenever you drive paid traffic to the blog from Facebook. 

The more money you push into promoting your content on Facebook or other platforms you can buy traffic from, the more money you’re going to milk from AdSense. 

Basically, you’ll need to spend more money to make more money with Adsense arbitrage if you get hold of a strategy that works. 

7. Restaurant. 

Opening a restaurant would resonate best with chefs. 

However, this is one of the self-employed jobs that pay $500 a day

It’s a self-employed job because you can start a restaurant of your own and manage it all by yourself if you’re a good chef with admirable culinary skills. 

With this kind of business, you want to start off from the right location so that you’re able to attract more customers. 

Again, opening a restaurant of your own will cost you some good amount of money. 

And if you want to get returning customers, everything from the taste of the food to the excellence of your service delivery must be on point. 

8. E-commerce store. 

Don’t worry, an ecommerce store isn’t a warehouse with products. 

It’s an online store and you can do e-commerce or drop-shipping

Whatever you choose to do; whether e-commerce or drop-shipping (which is also partly e-commerce and products brokerage), there’s always a need for you to acquire the prerequisite knowledge for success. 

It’s not just enough to launch an ecommerce business or a drop-shipping store, you need to know how to make it a successful deal. 

Just in case you’re asking, this is one of the best jobs that pay $500 a day. 

With an ecommerce or a drop-shipping store, it’s possible to generate as much money as $10,000 dollars in a single day from sales. 

9. Web tool development. 

Building a web tool can take you from a nobody to a millionaire entrepreneur. 

This, without a joke, is one of the best jobs that pay more than $500 a day. 

With a well monetized web tool, it’s absolutely possible to make millions of dollars every month. 

Firstly, you want to think about a challenge that a web tool can solve or you want to build a better version of an already existing evergreen web tool. 

Secondly, you want to promote that tool so that it gets to the hands of the people who need it. 

Thirdly, think of monetization. 

And there are different ways to monetize a web tool

Whether it’s going to be a tool or an app, the uniqueness will depend on its ability to solve problems or provide value. 

10. YouTube. 

YouTube is there for you. 

While you can run off to YouTube to search for a list of the best jobs that pay $500 a day, you can also create a channel to make as much money as you’d like to. 

It’s not a free pass to make money, but then it’s an invitation to create videos consistently over the long run. 

On YouTube, consistency pays off. 

If you consistently post some of the best and most captivating videos in your niche on YouTube, you can create a money making machine for yourself and also put your name out there as an authority in the niche. 

A lot comes with launching a YouTube channel and growing it to become a successful channel. 

11. Digital marketing. 

The basic concept of digital marketing is promoting anything and everything on the web successfully. 

If you can do that, then you’re a certified digital marketer. 

If you can put anything in front of the first page of Google when someone searches for that stuff, then you’re in the god-mode of digital marketing. 

For real, it’s a self-employed job especially when you’re harnessing the freelance aspect of digital marketing where you have to work for freelance employers online. 

If you have this skill as a digital marketer, then you can take remote jobs online and also freelance your skills as a digital marketer to get high paying gigs. 

Digital marketing is a skill that’s high in demand, and it’s possible to bag $15k a month (or $500/day) either as a consultant, a freelancer, or both. 

12. Barbering. 

Personally, I have experience in this big time. 

Upon writing this, I groomed a family’s hair today for 4,500 bucks in my currency. 

It’s a lot of money that people don’t make in a week in this country though. 

Moving on, you can make tons of money off barbering if you have the skill and you’re able to open a barbering salon of your own. 

It’s not a lot of work if you find it fun and you’ve got passion for the craft. 

The point is, it’s a self-employed job that can make $500 a day, and this is more realistic when you have more expert barbers working for you in your own barbering salon. 

Location and interior design is key here to standing out other than the exquisiteness of the service delivery.

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13. Detailing cars. 

Detailing cars entails making them fresh and new by washing. 

Thorough washing. 

So, this is a business that you can easily start if you already have the experience. 

It’s a side job too because you can establish the business and have it running while doing other activities to generate even more money. 

Money can’t be too much, honestly. 

So, take the best location for your business and understand exactly what you’ll need to set it up from start to finish. 

You’ll also need to have a water tank or more water tanks to run the biz. 

In a single day, it’s possible to make $500 dollars, and this depends on factors like the location of the business

You could make more. 

13 Best Jobs that Pay $500 a Day – Final Words. 

In the real world, some of the self-employed jobs that pay $500 a day include detailing cars, barbering, digital marketing, YouTube content creation, web tool development, e-commerce, owning a mini restaurant, ride-sharing, blogging, affiliate marketing, programming, Google AdSense arbitrage, and leasing your apartment. 

All of these methods (or the most of them) can earn you $500/day or $15,000 a month. 

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