9 Best Jobs that Pay $60 an Hour without a Degree

Jobs that Pay $60 an Hour without a Degree

Some of the jobs that pay $60 an hour without a degree retain the capacity to make you more money. 

But this depends on the amount of energy and work you’re willing to invest upfront. 

Or on the go. These aren’t just jobs, they’re online hustles that can really make you good money day in and out. 

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Now, all of them won’t make you $60 every single hour. Only a few of them will do this passively. A bunch of them, actively. 

With that said, here are 9 of the very best self-employed jobs that can generate up to $60 an hour (or $44k a month) for you actively and passively. 

9 Best Jobs that Pay $60 an Hour without a Degree. 

1. Freelance programming. 

Freelance programming joins the list of jobs that pay $60 an hour without a degree. 

This is simply helping out clients with different programming projects, and getting paid to do so. If you’re already good at coding, then you don’t have to do much to get started. 

The most important thing however is to be good at programming or writing codes. 

Once that’s off the table and you’re good at it, then you can sign up on different freelance marketplaces to get gigs and start making money. 

You only get paid once you’re done with the gigs. And due to the avalanche of freelancers on the different freelance marketplaces online, it can be challenging to get gigs. 

If you’re ready to start out as a freelance programmer today, sign up for free and start surfing through for gigs on these platforms: 

  • Fiverr 
  • Guru 
  • 99designs 
  • Toptal 
  • Upwork 

Although you won’t be making $60 an hour every hour that swims by, you can definitely make up to $44k a month as a freelance programmer. 

It’s not going to be an easy task and one of the ways to get clients willing to pay around this figure is to get them by targeting high profile gigs. 

You’re looking at $44k a month. So, it’s going to take some time to win gigs like this. 

And you’ve gotta be some really freaking good programmer. 

Other ways to get this kind of freelance projects is by word of mouth, working for people you get to meet physically, and getting more gigs from them over time. 

2. Copywriting. 

Copywriting definitely joins the list of jobs that pay $60 an hour. It’s more about writing for brand products and getting paid to do so. 

Copywriting is basically a description of a product, persuasively that people get to buy it more than usual or more than they would’ve. 

As a copywriter, you help brands grow through your copies or content. 

There’s nothing extra you have to do to become a copywriter other than to write persuasively. 

It’s a world of difference from conventional writing, and it’s also an art you’ll need to learn to really become a copywriter. 

Since you’re working for products and mostly with direct brands, making $44k a month would be realistic. 

A very small percentage of copywriters in the world today make this much money.

3. Blogging.

One of the favorite things I love to do is growing a blog like this one you’re reading right now, and writing articles that rank on search engines. 

Before setting out to start a blog, you want to make sure you get the niche and the domain name right. 

The niche is basically the area of concentration of your blog. For example there are blogs on health, parenting, lifestyle, and even music. 

Picking the best niche is what really matters in the pre-blogging phase. And some of the most profitable niches you can choose include: 

  • Insurance
  • Make money online 
  • Finance 
  • Tech & gadgets
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business 
  • Parenting
  • Investment
  • Personal development
  • Cooking 
  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Fashion
  • Content marketing
  • Travel 
  • Photography
  • Frugal living 
  • Health & fitness 

There are other profitable blogging niches to choose from when starting a blog, but these are some of the best and the most profitable. 

After picking a niche, choose a memorable domain name and launch your blog. 

The journey only starts from here if you want to make $44k dollars a month blogging. 

From picking a niche to monetizing your blog, I cover the basics in this blogging guide

4. YouTube. 

Starting with a YouTube channel is totally free. You only need an internet connection and an internet accessible device to get started. 

If you want to make $60 an hour working as a self-employed, then you can start a YouTube channel and put the focus on it. 

It’s really easy to get started and what’s more is that you’ll need to settle for a niche. 

Just like starting a blog, you’ll need to create catchy videos around the topics in a niche or area of focus like health, reality, fashion, gossip, and even entrepreneurship. 

Stick with a profitable niche for your YouTube channel and work in the background (creating the best videos out there) to make it grow. 

Once you start getting over 1k subs, you can apply to the YouTube partner program to start earning from display ads. 

While there are other ways to monetize a YouTube channel, running ads on your channel once you hit 1k is the easiest and most natural way. 

Looking at $44,000 a month or $60 an hour, it’ll take some time to get there if you’re working with just display ads on your channel. 

But if you’re targeting the right country and you’re in the right niche where ad rates are high, then it may not take so long. 

5. Dropshipping. 

One of the best jobs that pay $60 an hour is dropshipping. 

It’s a self-employed job and you can definitely generate over $60 an hour with a dropshipping store. 

If you’re new to the word “dropshipping”, then you’d have to learn so much about it before eventually starting out. 

For the record, it’s not free to get started. 

And you’ll need to be conversant with the web to set up your dropshipping store. 

Even if you’re a complete dummy, there’s more than enough guide out there to get you started. 

The bottom line is that you can definitely make over $60 dollars with a dropshipping business online, no matter how challenging it might be. 

6. E-commerce. 

With a store of your online handling different buying and selling orders, the possibility of reaching $44,000 a month is certain. 

And with all the dose of certainty, it won’t be easy. If it were, then we’d have more millionaires than taxi drivers in the world today. 

Do we? 

That’s up to you to reason out. My point is that you can make so much money with an e-commerce business on the internet. 

Think about Amazon. Think about eBay. 

These businesses online generate over $60 dollars in a second. For Amazon, the income is about $14,500 dollars. 

Yes, every second. 

But you don’t have to be as big as Amazon. 

Even if you’ll eventually get there. Figure out a way to earn $60/hour first and then grow. 

7. Barbing salon. 

If you’re good at barbing, then you’ve got yourself a self-employed job that can generate well over $60 an hour. 

It’s expensive to start one, and you’ll need to make it a standard barbing salon with a chunk of space for other barbers on your payroll to work. 

You don’t want to be the only barber at the store. 

This is because you want to be able to make money passively even when you’re out of town. 

Or, busy with family and friends. 

Bottom line, you can certainly hit $44k a month running a barbing salon. 

You can start small, but if you want to make thousands of dollars a month, then scale things up. 

Plus, the location of your salon will determine a lot of things too. It counts. 

8. Laundromat. 

If you own a laundromat, there’s every chance you earn passively. 

And massively depending on the location of the laundromat. It’s community service, but then the money goes to you. 

While this is a nice idea to make $60/hour, a laundromat is crazy expensive to start up, we’re talking about $25k dollars and above this to set-up one. 

Unless you just want to operate a casual laundry service, then a laundromat will cost you some good amount of money. 

If you can shell out the money, then the better. 

There are only a handful of businesses or self-employed jobs that beat a laundromat in terms of ROI and scalability.

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9. Financial markets trade. 

Whatever market you choose to trade, be it stocks, bonds, commodities, foreign exchange, derivatives, or options, you can definitely make $60 an hour. 

Or $44k a month. 

You’re not going to earn $44,000 dollars sharp every time on the exact note, but then you can earn around this figure and even more. 

You also want to focus on one market like stocks or bonds or commodities. 

Or options

Once you’re able to trade profitably, $44k/month will be an easy walk if you’re trading with a huge capital.

9 Best Jobs that Pay $60 an Hour without a Degree – Final Words. 

Want to make up to $44,000 dollars in a month or $60 an hour? 

Then you can start a blog of your own, launch your own laundromat or barbering salon, start a YouTube channel, trade the financial markets, get into software development as a programmer or become a freelance programmer, do copywriting for brands as a freelance copywriter, start an ecommerce business online, and develop a dropshipping store of your own. 

All of these can get you to $44,000 dollars in a month, which is a few hundred dollars more than $60 an hour. 

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