10 Best Jobs that Pay $600 a Week from Home & Offline

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If you want to make $600 dollars a week as a self-employed, I’ve got you. Through this article are 10 self-employed jobs that can pay up to $600 a week, every week. The thing is, it’s not going to be easy doing these jobs. 

That’s just a heads-up anyway. With $600 dollars coming in every week, you’d have a lot to do with the money. Plus, you can keep your day job running these self-employed jobs on the low. In a month, that’s about $2,400 dollars. And in a year, you’d have a gross income on the side of about $28,800 dollars.

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That’s a lot of money flowing in especially if you’ve got a full-time job paying more or a little less. $28k a year is also a good income if you’re running your self-employed job and have a lot of time to spend. This is enough money to save off from and still live a great life. But these jobs are still super scalable and will grow only with time. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $600 a Week from Home & Offline. 

1. Blogging for profit.

Indeed, because you can blog without making a single cent. Blogging is one of the best jobs that pay up to $600 a week. Starting a blog means you’ve got a channel through which you give information to the world and also get heard. 

It’s an online business that can generate passive income for you, and earn you much more than $600 a week. There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make with a blog. Although you won’t start making money right away, and it’ll take some time to build momentum with your blog.

But it’s passive mostly, and it’s scalable. When starting a blog, you need to focus on a niche and make sure you’re picking a domain name that’s not glued to that niche just in case you’ll need to switch niches later in the future. 

Again, two of the most important parts of blogging is creating content and reaching out to other bloggers, having them link to your own blog in their blog. To get started with building a blog the right way today that makes money up to $600 a week, check out this guide

2. Freelancing. 

If you’re good at anything at all, whether it’s writing or building websites, someone’s willing to pay you for your services. So you can become a freelancer for free and make up to $600 a week on Fiverr, Upwork, or take remote jobs that pay well on Indeed. With that said, freelancing is one of the cheapest online self-employed jobs that can only make you a lot of money. 

You don’t need to pay any fee, unless you want to. Plus, as a freelancer, you work from home without having to run the 9 to 5 schedule. It’s really free, and the challenging part of freelancing is getting gigs. This is because there are lots of skilled minds online battling to get the same gigs that you want. 

But then, you can still make a ton of money as a freelancer. The market is huge and demand still outweighs supply by far (for the majority of the skills out there). 

3. Landscaping. 

Landscaping is one of the uncommon self-employed jobs that pay up to $600 a week. So if you’re looking to make this figure every week, consider landscaping. It’s a self-employed job that requires a ton of skill and experience. If you have a good eye for aesthetics, then you can venture into landscaping. 

Like many jobs, there are know-hows and rudiments. This way, you want to learn how best to do landscaping (if you’re a complete newbie), and get to know the best tools to use in the field. Many landscaping experts don’t work alone. They go in twos or more so that it’s easy to get the job done. 

Again, landscaping is fun, interesting, and bears more attractive results with more minds contributing in the process. Once you’ve acquired both the knowledge and tools, then hunt for gigs around you. On average, landscapers earn up to $50 per hour. And you can get landscaping gigs on the Google job board, Indeed.com, and many job boards making rounds in your city. 

4. Hair grooming. 

You’ve got a great skill when it comes to grooming hair? Then you can make a ton of money. Hair grooming, whether you’re a barber or hairstylist, is one of the best jobs that pay $600 a week. The basic requirement to make this is a place to start your business, and the equipment. 

If you’ve got very little money, you can start by offering home services and promoting your work online to get more clients. Meanwhile, if you can fork out the money, then starting a  standard barbing salon or a beauty shop will do the trick. To stand out, you want to offer the best services with a touch of uniqueness. 

In this case, it’s a game of skill and the best barber takes the money. If you’re good at barbing, hone your skill so sharply that it cuts to and fro. If you’re not an expert when it comes to barbing, then start a barbing salon and hire barbers to work for you. 

At this point you’re left to do the financial accounting and profit calculation. To be on the safer side, get to know what it takes to start and run a barbing salon or maintain a beauty shop appropriately. 

5. Pet-sitting.  

Pet-sitting is a self-employed job that a couple of people in the United States and the UK live on. Especially if you love pets, you can take pet-sitting gigs on Care.com or Rover.com that pay as high as $40 an hour. Working 6 hours a day in 3 days will get you to over $600 in a week. 

The best part about taking pet-sitting gigs is that it’s completely free and you can do it over and over again for several clients or pet owners. Now this isn’t something that can really make you rich or build you a buoyant financial future, but it can make you enough money to pay bills and just be okay. 

Plus, it’s not really the kind of self-employed job that you can automate or scale unless you want to work with a team of pet-sitting experts and pay them off weekly (or monthly) while taking the lion’s share of the total weekly (or monthly) income. 

Even at that, not a lot of people would stay put after getting to know how a business model works and realizing they’re being used. And probably cheated. While it isn’t one of the million dollar jobs out there, it’s certainly one of the cheapest self-employed jobs that can generate enough money in hundreds of dollars weekly. 

6. Delivery services. 

Delivery services can make you real money. And sometimes this can happen really fast in a couple of hours. By real fast money, I mean a couple of dollars in hours. Maybe up to $100 dollars a day. If you own a car, taking delivery gigs is one of the best ways to make money daily with it. 

You can work for services like Instacart, Uber Eats, Amazon Flex, and Doordash to make up to $600 dollars a week. If your financial goal is to hit $600 dollars the next week, then you can run delivery gigs for these services. 

On average, they pay up to $16 an hour. Precisely, Instacart pays up to $17 an hour, and it’s kind of the least paying service on this list. So let’s work with that for the sake of being conservative. If you earn $17 bucks per hour, that’s about $102 dollars in 7 hours of work. 

We’ll do all we can do to get to $600 dollars a week, so, in 6 days of working 7 hours with any of these gig companies (particularly Uber Eats or Doordash), you’d make up to $612 dollars. Now, $16 dollars is just a conservative figure. But some on this list of gig companies pay more. 

7. YouTube. 

Running a YouTube channel is business, it’s a self-employed job that can pay up to $600 a week. Firstly, you want to pick a niche and start creating better and engaging videos. Basically, unless you want to make money with affiliate marketing on YouTube, you make more money with more views. 

Starting a YouTube channel is totally free. And it takes some time to start earning right out of the door with one. One of the keys to getting more views after creating a free YouTube channel is to create better videos. Better content. Not longer. Not spammy. But better. 

The YouTube algorithm works with how long your videos are able to retain user attention before ranking them. And that’s how YouTube suggests engaging videos across its feed to millions of viewers. So if you want to stand out on YouTube and get to make more money, especially if you’re not trundling the affiliate marketing YouTube money path, strive for more video views by putting out better videos. Sometimes, better videos are longer. 

YouTube works with length and description too. But make sure your videos are worth the views. Or even worth uploading on YouTube. 

8. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is perhaps a monetization method rather than a standalone online self-employed job. You can participate in different affiliate programs to make more commissions. 

Best practice is to launch an affiliate marketing campaign using a YouTube channel or an affiliate niche blog. Okay, that’s a lot in fewer than 10 lines. The big question is, what’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in my window. 

Affiliate marketing is an effort-based business model where you get paid commissions for recommending products to people. You only get paid when people buy the products you recommend through your affiliate link. Every affiliate marketer has a unique link. 

And it’s free to become an affiliate marketer. As a marketer for a merchant, you do the middleman work and receive the middleman reward. It’s as simple as asking your friends and family to shop on Amazon using a link in return for a discount in prices. It’s true. They could get a discount using your Amazon affiliate link and becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer is one very simple way to begin affiliate marketing right now. 

Just like Amazon, there are thousands of companies that allow for people to become affiliate marketers for their products. It’s free too. But a lot of these companies have a checklist of what affiliate marketers must come applying with. 

Okay, let’s say you’re an Amazon affiliate marketer. It’s realistic to make up to $600 dollars a week recommending products to family, friends, and even on your social media page. To take this up another level, you can start up a niche affiliate blog (more on this later) or a YouTube channel to review affiliate products. 

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9. Crypto. 

Looking for some of the best self-employed jobs that really pay up to $600 dollars weekly? Trading crypto is on the list. If you’re good at crypto trading, then you can make up to $600 dollars a week from home. It’s free to get started, but then you’ll need to have a trading capital to begin with. 

If your goal is $600 a week, then you should trade with a large capital to make up to $100 bucks in daily profit. While this is a reasonable figure, it takes a while to master the market enough to make profit 99% of the time. To get here, you need to have a stable working strategy that works best for you and inculcate risk management into your trades. 

By far, risk management is the prior technique that saves your account. It’s like an insurance on every position you take in the crypto market. That said, trading with $100 dollars as capital won’t get you to $600 a week, unless you ride the market during crazy bull runs. 

This could happen if the market also triples in value. All things being equal, trade with more liquidity or capital so that you have more chance at a higher profit return. 

10. Real estate. 

If you’re looking for the best jobs that pay $600 a week, real estate isn’t on the list basically because it doesn’t make you money on a weekly basis or frequently at all. But it’s on this list because it can make you a ton of money to the point where $600 a week (or $28k a year) doesn’t compare. 

If you’re a total beginner, there are several ways to make money in the real estate world. One of many is crowdfunding, which is investing alongside a pool of other real estate investors towards the acquisition of a project. With as little as $500 dollars, you can become a real estate investor via crowdfunding. But this won’t make you $600 dollars a week unless you invest more.

Another very common way to make money up to $600 bucks a week is renting your apartment on Airbnb. For the record, Airbnb lists your apartment for lease and visitors pay per night to sleep over. This is profitable especially if you already own a property. It’s also really free to get started with Airbnb, and the more exotic your apartment is, the more money you’re likely to make. 

At first it’s challenging to get clients, but with a well furnished apartment in a commercial vicinity, it could happen really quickly. Earning up to $200 dollars every night in a week will definitely take you to $600/week (or more). 

10 Best Jobs that Pay $600 a Week from Home & Offline – Final Words. 

Now you have them, the best jobs that pay $600 a week. These are self-employed jobs, and they range from blogging to real estate. A bunch of them, like online self-employed jobs, can generate steady passive income in the long run for you. This means you’d be making money without any active participation. 

Others are active income generating businesses including real estate (although you could invest in crowdfunding to make passive income with real estate), delivery services, hair grooming, and landscaping. 

Online jobs like blogging, affiliate marketing, and YouTube channel monetisation can fuel passive income online. Other online jobs like freelancing and crypto trading are active income streams because you don’t make much or anything at all if you don’t engage or participate. With that being said, anything you set out to do will thrive on the basis of your investment upfront and ability to scale. 

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