7 Best Jobs that Pay $7,500 a Month

If you’re looking for the best online jobs that pay $7,500 a month, then you’re on the right page of the web. Earning this much money isn’t a big deal if you start a side hustle online, and focus on building it to become something substantial. 

But working a 9 to 5 can be hellish. With these jobs, you can work full-time and build your business online on the side while keeping a day job. 

So, what’s an extra $7,500 gotta do for you? 

It’s a lot of money since you’re not Evan Spiegel, and it’ll clear a lot off your table (if not everything). Paying bills, taking vacations, and sorting relatives wouldn’t be an issue anymore just because you start some business online. 

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Now the best part is that the majority of these jobs will pay you passively, which means you do nothing to make money after you’ve developed them. Passive income streams are some of the best kind of income streams, and right here, you get 7 of the surest and most realistic ways to build them online, so well that they pay upwards of $7,500 a month. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $7,500 a Month. 

1. Blogging. 

My favorite side hustle on the internet remains blogging. It’ll always come as number one for me for so many reasons, and one of them is because it gives me the perfect room I need to share my ideas, what I think, and still make money. 

Ain’t nothing better than doing what you love, and getting paid or earning passively for it. Now if you’ve not started blogging already, the best time to start a blog is now. You can start a blog on almost anything and still be successful. 

Making $7,500 blogging is really no big deal as there are a ton of bloggers comfortable generating over $100k/month blogging. But they didn’t start at that pinnacle, they soared there through time. By starting today, you’re taking baby steps to build a stable source of income online. 

Ready to start blogging? 

Start your blog today with this free 5 minutes guide to start and build a blog to $10k/month. 

2. Freelancing. 

If you have a skill, a marketable skill people are willing to pay for, then you can make money by selling services to employers on Upwork. 

Whether you’re good at creating graphics, writing, transcribing, or developing softwares, someone out there is willing to pay over $40 an hour for your services. 

Let’s say you’re a content writer, you can get high paying freelance gigs on Upwork and earn anywhere from $10/hour working remotely. The best part about being a freelancer is that you get to decide when you work, and for whom you work. 

You also set the prices, and determine how much you earn. Freelancing is definitely one of the best online jobs that pay $7,500 a month, and more than this if you put in the work to build a pro portfolio. 

You can work for multiple freelance employers, but avoid overdoing it so you don’t compromise on the quality of your services. 

3. Affiliate marketing. 

This is a really popular one that can make you tons of money. Affiliate marketing has been around, and it’s become one of the best ways to make money online, much more than $100k/month. 

But let’s not look that way yet. 

What’s affiliate marketing? 

For starters, it’s a kind of business model where you get paid to refer sales. You’ll need to become an affiliate marketer first, which is totally free, and then you start recommending products to people. 

When they buy any of the products you recommend, you’ll get paid either a fixed commission or a recurring commission. In the long run, affiliate marketing is all about providing value. You push out relevant products to a bunch of people willing to open their wallets and make a sale right away, and get paid for doing just that. 

Here’s a simple typographical illustration of how this works…

Register with an affiliate merchant >> Recommend affiliate products >> Get commissions

It’s as easy as it sounds. What’s not easy about it is actually getting to recommend products. You can do this by either starting an affiliate blog, a YouTube page, or by creating an affiliate social media page dedicated to one product or a series of related products. 

I recommend starting an affiliate blog basically because it gives you the space you need to try out other monetization strategies. Plus, it’s easier to create affiliate blog posts (recommending or reviewing affiliate products) versus creating affiliate videos or promoting affiliate products on social media (by spending money). 

A niche blog or affiliate blog is super easy to create, and you can start making money from the first month with the right monetization and content creation strategy in place. 

To get started with affiliate marketing with a niche blog, read up my complete guide on how to set up a blog in 5 minutes today. 

4. Estate agency with Airbnb. 

Airbnb is a website where you sign up for free and rent any apartment in your possession to people looking for a place to pass the night. 

Depending on your location, you can get paid up to $200/night renting apartments on Airbnb. The more apartments you have in your possession, the better. Let’s say you lease an apartment for $100 a night, that’ll be $3,000 in a month. Doing this with 5 apartments you own or don’t own will make you $15k. 

Yes, you can also do this with apartments you don’t own. Rapport with several apartment owners and agree to settle them monthly from using their vacant apartments every now and then. 

Sounds cool right? 

If you want to learn to make $7,500 a month online, Airbnb is one way. 

5. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is a cool business model where you make money by simply building an ecommerce store, connecting your ecommerce store to another ecommerce store (or a supplier), import products, and then promote your store or beckon on content marketing to drive traffic to your store. 

When building an ecommerce store, you want to make sure you’re focusing on a particular product for two reasons. The first is because you want people to know your dropshipping store for one thing and not a bunch of diverse categories. 

On a second note, it’ll be easy to drive traffic through content marketing, and it’ll be super easy to rank for relevant product search. 

6. Teespring t-shirt designing. 

Teespring is a really interesting one on this list because all you get to do is design different likable t-shirts, hoodies and more, and upload them to your store on Teespring. When users browse through your online fashion store and create an order, you make money from the sales. 

You put a price tag, but you don’t get to tag prices below a threshold price on Teespring. Your designs should be cool, quality, and fall into the upmarket category. 

As good as this sounds, the competition is mind-blowing and you may need to run ads to put your Teespring store in front of more people, which means more visits and more sales (with the right store design). 

It’s possible to cash in over $400 a day in sales from Teespring, and all you need to do is design a boatload of clothes on the platform. 

No amount of design/products is too much.The more designs you have, the more stuff users will have to browse through, and buy. So, making $400 a day on autopilot amounts to $12k a month. It takes time to get here, but the greater part of your investment will be on designing and promoting.  

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7. Online tutoring & course sales. 

Just by teaching online, you can make a lot of money to do whatever you want to do. Websites like VIPKid will pay you up to $14 an hour teaching kids English language online, but this doesn’t just come the easy way, you’ll need to acquire some certification to qualify as an eligible tutor on the website. 

There is more than just one way to go about this. You can work on these platforms, create your own channel online through which you lecture people, or create your courses and sell them on platforms like Udemy where millions of people go when they need to buy a course. 

For example, if you’re great at cooking, you can start up a social media page or particularly an Instagram group where you teach people to cook and reveal your magic recipe for a fee. 

To increase subscriptions to your group, you’ll need to run ads about what you do on Instagram. Lastly, you can create a complete course, a total breakdown on what you do and sell it on Udemy. This platform is the best for those looking to sell their course online, and people drill thousands of dollars monthly from course sales on Udemy. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $7,500 a Month – Final Words. 

There’ll always be a bunch of ways to make money online, make $5 dollars here and there from surveys and some cent reviewing softwares. 

But if you want to build a business online that pays $7,500 a month and even much more money to quit your day job, then you should start either of these online jobs. They don’t cost a fortune to set up and it takes time to build them, which is a good thing.

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