11 Best Jobs that Pay £80k a Year in the UK without a College Degree

Jobs that Pay £80k a Year in the UK without a College Degree

You’ve landed on the right page if you’re in search of the best jobs that pay £80k a year in the UK. 

In this article, you’ll get to know about the best (not white-collar academic related jobs, but self-employed) jobs that pay up to £80,000 pounds in a year in the United Kingdom. 

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Yes, you don’t have to go to college to work these jobs or to own them yourself. 

With enough focus and dedication, you could make much more than just £80k in a year. 

It depends on how you go about things, the strategy you adopt, and what your goals truly are. 

And without any further ado, here they are. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay £80k a Year in the UK without a College Degree.

1. Blogging.

Blogging joins the list here as one of the self-employed jobs that pay £80k a year in the UK without a college degree, an associate degree or whatsoever. 

Starting a blog is fairly easy. 

But growing it is challenging. 

With a blog, there’s really no amount of money you can’t make. 

It depends on how you’re able to quickly scale things up. 

If you want to make a big business out of your blog and have something like Nerdwallet or Bloomberg, it’s doable. 

It’ll take more time. Maybe decades. 

But it certainly wouldn’t take so long to raise a blog from £0 to £7k pounds a month. 

Pick a niche, stay there, produce the best contents and monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, course sales, and network advertising to generate much more money. 

It’s a lot of upfront work and you’ve gotta be ready for this. 

To start a blog today, check out this guide I’ve put together for you. 

2. YouTube. 

Google owns YouTube. 

And YouTube happens to be the second most visited internet space after Google. 

However, thousands of people are making a living working on their YouTube channels. 

Some content creators on 

YouTube earns as much as £10k/month. 

Some, £200k per month, £50k/m, and the least, £0 pounds per month. 

Running a YouTube channel is a self-employed job that can pay £80,000 pounds and much more for you in a year. 

If you’re able to master video editing, focus on a niche and produce the best content over a period of time, you’ll see shocking results. 

So, patience is a key factor here. 

You can monetize your YouTube channel utilizing different methods once you’ve started getting some pile of subscribers (basically more than 1k).

The more relevant subscribers you get, the more money you’d be able to make off your YouTube channel. 

3. Affiliate marketing. 

This is a digital skill, and you can earn over £80k a year in the UK as an affiliate marketer. 

If it’s a new term, there are lots of resources online to learn how to become an affiliate marketer and to learn the best ways to do affiliate marketing. 

In all honesty, there are digital entrepreneurs right now living off the good return on their affiliate marketing efforts. 

And while it’s probably the least expensive idea on this list, it’s probably one of them that can generate you the most money. 

The better you get as an affiliate marketer, the more money you’re sure to make. 

It’s a really easy concept built on the need to market products and get rewards when people buy the products. 

To blow your mind, affiliate marketing can generate over £100k/month for you. 

4. Restaurant. 

People will always eat out. 

Like it or not, the importance of fast food restaurants can never be overemphasized. 

We need them. 

You and I. 

We need them. 

This is the case for millions of people. 

Food is what people consume every single day. 

Unless you’re on a fast right now, I bet you’d had something (either peppery, sugary, salty, milky, or sour). 

Whatever it is – food is important

So, launching a restaurant of your own in a bid to make £80k per year isn’t a bad idea. 

You’d actually be bagging more money than you can imagine in the long run. 

You just have to get the location and interior arrangements right. 

And your food should break a household name for its taste. 

As easy as it sounds, it’s not.

A lot goes into launching a physical business like this. 

A lot. 

5. Laundromat. 

Laundromats are really massive establishments. 

And if you’re well endowed to launch one, better. 

On average, laundromats in the UK generate about £300/day. 

If we do the math, that’s around £9,000 pounds in a month. 

There’s no telling how much money your laundromat could generate daily because you’d have to factor in the possibility of some variables like location and size. 

The point is, if you’re looking for a job that can make you as much money as £80k/year, consider starting your own laundromat. 

6. Fashion store. 

Running a fashion business is expensive. 

We’re talking about spending thousands of pounds just to launch a business. 

And it’s definitely going to generate much more if you’re starting off from the perfect location. 

When dealing with physical businesses, location is everything. 

If you get it wrong with the location, there’s barely any chance at success after that. 

With a fashion store in the heart of the city, you can print millions of pounds every single year. 

Mega or mini, it’s a lucrative self-employed entrepreneurial job that can generate over £80k in a year in the United Kingdom. 

7. Barbering salon. 

While a lot of barbers aren’t making up to £7k a month in the UK after bills, you can stand out if you already know how to cut hair. 

If you’re not a barber and you want to make money barbering, then you can dedicate the next 6 months to learn from a barbering salon while complementing your process with free resources on YouTube. 

For sure, barbering is one of the jobs that pay £80,000 pounds in the UK in a year. 

Let’s say you cut for £50 bucks, and you get 10 clients a day. 

That’s already £500 that day. 

In 30 days, that’s £15,000 pounds in one month. 

Or £180k/year. 

Taking out the expenses (20%), you should have just about £144k to yourself as a net. 

The reality for many UK barbers is this:

  • £20 pounds or less per client
  • Poor location
  • Unaccounted expenses 
  • Less than 10 clients per day 

Truth is, you can make much more than £80k a year as a barber in the UK, but you’d have to get the above in check. 

If you’re cutting at £20 or less, then you’d have £6,000 at the end of the month. 

Or £72k/year including expenses. 

Taking out the cost of running the business (20% off), you’d have £57,600 net. 

There are barbers doing £100/cut. 

And this class of barbers are really rich with staff barbers doing most of the work. 

8. Programming. 

If you’re a programmer, then you already have one skill that can print money for you time and time again. 

Programmers are well paid. 

The skill aids every iota of the tech world development. 

From games to tech devices, programming in different levels and of all sorts is imperative. 

Well, it’s definitely one of the self-employed jobs in the UK that pay £80k+ a year, and you can make more especially if you’re good enough to build your own subscription based mobile app or software. 

In the UK, programmers working a paid job earn around £48k per year. 

This is a clear indicator that paid jobs don’t really make you much money. 

You can work remotely as a freelance programmer to bag over £100k per year in the UK. 

The path to this will certainly not be rosy, and you’d have to be really good to make so much money as a programmer. 

The acquisition of modern programming languages will help a ton. 

9. E-commerce.

Another job that pays over £80,000 pounds a year in the UK is the e-commerce business. 

You start an ecommerce website, acquire inventory/stock and take off with promotion to get clients. 

People buy from your store and you make money because you have other factors in place to make sure you’re in profit. 

You’re basically buying products from cheaper sources and reselling them at a much higher price. 

However, you can choose to niche down with your e-commerce store; focusing on a particular product or series of related products. 

For the record, ecommerce is way more than just a self-employed job that pays £80k a year in the UK, it could generate millions for you. 

It’s hard work. 

And smart work. In synergy. 

10. Check cashing. 

Check cashing is one of the top self-employed jobs that pay £80k a year in the UK, and even more money. 

The thing is, you’d need some money to venture into this business. 

You’ll need a perfect location, and some legal licenses to kick off. 

If you’re able to get 50 clients a day, which is realistic, and you make an average profit of £7 pounds per check, that’s £350 per day. 

Or £10,500 per year. 

It’s way more than £80k per year for sure. 

But then, it’s expensive to start a check cashing business. 

If you can cough up the money or take a loan, then go for it. 

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11. Online trading. 

Whether you’re trading Forex, the stock market, or crypto, there’s a tendency to make £80k a year in the UK. 

And you don’t need a degree to make this work for you. 

All you need to do is to focus on a market and learn to trade it. 

You’ll also need to have some trading capital to get started. 

Before going full into trading any of the markets, I strongly recommend that you brush up your trading skills

If you’re a newbie, there’s every need to learn and jump over the learning curve. 

With the help of resources on the internet, you can learn as much as you can, as fast as you can. 

Plus, depending on how skillfully you are at trading, there’s a good chance you get to make over £80k a year in the UK (or £7,000 pounds per month). 

11 Best Jobs that Pay £80k a Year in the UK without a College Degree – Final Words. 

So, for the record, some of the best self-employed entrepreneurial jobs that pay £80k a year in the UK without a college degree, include online trading,check cashing, e-commerce, profitable blogging, opening a dedicated YouTube channel, starting a restaurant, affiliate marketing, barbering, programming, opening a laundromat, and starting a fashion store. 

With all of these legit high ROI hustles, you’d be able to make £80,000 pounds in one year. 

The first year might be rough, but you’ve gotta stay patient. 

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