Make $500 a Day in 20 Minutes Work: 9 Guaranteed Ideas that Work 100%

Make $500 a Day in 20 Minutes Work

Are you looking for the best ways on how to make $500 a day in 20 minutes work? 

It’s possible in two ways.

You can make this passively and also make it happen one-time. 

But in this article, I only share some of the best ways to make it happen one-time. 

It’ll be expensive to begin making $500 dollars a day in every 20 minutes of work because you’d need to build or set systems in place for this to happen. 

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Those systems can be businesses, services or assets that make you money on autopilot with or without your direct involvement or participation. 

Moving on, here are 9 ways guaranteed for you to make $500 a day in 20 minutes of work. 

You could make more. 

Make $500 a Day in 20 Minutes Work: 9 Guaranteed Ideas that Work 100%.

1. Crypto futures trading. 

If you’re trading crypto futures, it might not take you up to 20 minutes to make $500 dollars. 

The thing is, you need to learn crypto trading first, and learn it well if you must succeed at it. 

It’s basically a way to make money really fast if you’re good. But if you’re not good, then expect to lose a lot of money. 

Crypto futures is a different ballgame, and it’s not the conventional crypto you’ve probably heard about. 

You can make profits while the market dips and pumps in crypto futures. It goes both ways. 

And it’s easier to make money while the market dips or crashes because it crashes faster than the speed of light. 

Another good thing about trading crypto other than the possibility of making $500 a day in 20 minutes work from the comfort of your home with your PC, is that there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make. 

More money in the market to trade usually means a higher possibility for more or fatter profits. 

Trading the crypto futures, you can surely make $1m+ in a day if you’re trading with a capital of $10m. 

So, the more money you have to trade the crypto market, the more money you can potentially make. 

Conversely, you can lose more with more trading capital if your trades go south. 

2. Play chess on stake.

There isn’t a lot of money in playing the chess game, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make $500 a day in 20 minutes of work playing chess with people looking to gamble. 

You’ll find these people at the casino, and you can make more than $500 dollars a day playing chess or gambling on chess. 

It really depends on your skill. If you’re better than your opponent, you get to win every single time. 

While playing chess can make you a few hundred dollars here and there, it can never be a sustainable channel of income. 

So, there’s no guarantee to make $500/day playing chess every day, and you won’t end up the winner every time. 

Another thing is, there’s no guarantee it’ll take 20 minutes for you to win the game and go home with all the money. It could take more or less time. 

3. Horse racing bets. 

Betting on horses is definitely one way on how to make $500 a day in 20 minutes work. 

Not that you’ll be working, but it’s actually not a seamless activity physically and psychologically to place bets on horses (you don’t know personally). 

It’s probably the highest form of staking, and of course, like other gambling schemes, you’ll never be able to accurately predict the outcome. 

If you end up winning, it’s by chance. 

It’s a game of chance and you must be willing to let go of any cash you’ve got. 

I’ll recommend getting into this with money you’re not afraid to lose. 

You could make $500 dollars, more, or less. And it depends on how you configure your stake. 

4. Stake an online bet. 

Betting online is another way to make $500 dollars a day in 20 minutes of work. 

The work here is you spending time to arrange your stake in online games. 

You’re basically going to be betting on sports through the internet. 

With no guaranteed outcome, you can either become a winner or a loser here. 

It’s not the most realistic way to make this happen, but people definitely still make over $500/day one-time off and it takes several days or weeks or months before they’re winning a game again. 

This could be your story; it most likely would. 

Unless you’re some game freak who’s really into his favorite sport and you know so much about the participating teams or players, you’re at the mercy of the after-game results. 

5. Trade binary options. 

Binary options is a financial market that people trade on the internet. You can learn to trade it and make money for yourself from home. 

No need to have an office to trade binary options. 

No need to buy a course – you have all you need to become a profitable binary options trader from scratch

Even if you’re a complete dummy right now in terms of trading, there’s a deluge of resources to learn with online. 

Back to the point; you can make $500 a day in 20 minutes of work trading the binary options market. 

It’s risky, but if you learn well enough, you’ll have a strategy to minimize the risk and make profit. 

6. Stock trading. 

Stock trading is a way to make money quickly and also a way to invest in the future.

If you’re trading, then you want to make money quickly. 

But if you want a future investment, then you can do so by acquiring and keeping stocks; building a portfolio of stocks with great potential. 

Investing in the S&P 500 stock index isn’t a bad idea at all. 

In fact, it might just be the best idea/option that you’ve got at your disposal right now. 

The bottom line is, if you want to make $500 a day in 20 minutes of work, it’s possible by trading the stock market. 

There’s no magic behind this, you just need to either trade the market for quick returns or invest for long-term gains. 

The stock market will always be there

7. Options trading. 

Trading options can make you a millionaire just like trading the stock market too. It’s not as easy as I wrote it here. 

And it can only be made a reality if you’re really good at trading; which takes years to happen. 

Getting good is one thing, being able to tame your own emotions is another. 

While they’re all financial markets – crypto, Forex (which I highlight in the next subheading), stock and options – you can only learn one at a time and get it right before moving on to understand the next. 

But once you’re able to understand one of them, there’s a body of knowledge that applies on a more basic level to every other financial market. 

So, crypto traders can trade the stock market to an extent. 

Forex traders can trade options. 

And so on. 

There’s a base knowledge that applies to the general financial markets. 

8. Forex trading to hit $500 bucks.

Another way to make $500 a day in 20 minutes work is to trade the Forex market. 

It’s not very complicated and you can get sucked in if you’re the greedy type. 

If you want to make all the money, then you could lose $500 a day in 20 minutes of work. 

Just like the crypto and stock market, you’ll make way more money if you know what you’re doing and you’re able to take your greed. 

An attribute of losing forex traders is greed resulting in an addiction to trade endlessly and recklessly. 

Furthermore, if you don’t understand what the Forex market is, you’ve got online resources to start learning for yourself today. 

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9. AdSense arbitrage. 

AdSense arbitrage is a really easy concept of making money online. 

In this case, you’ll need to spend money to get it. 

Firstly, you start by creating a website in a profitable blogging niche. 

Then, you buy traffic to that blog after monetizing it with AdSense. 

Before applying AdSense codes on it, you’ll need to publish your first 40+ blog posts just to get AdSense approvals. 

Not just any blog posts, but good and lengthy (or high quality) blog posts. 

The catch is to buy traffic with less cash and make more money off the traffic. 

Some folks make use of bots to do this and others have found a unique niche and traffic source to make everything flow smoothly. 

With AdSense arbitrage, you can spend 20 minutes or less configuring your ads and make more than 4× what you spend. 

You just need to find a strategy to make this work. 

And this strategy includes getting the right niche and a working method to get cheap traffic to your niche blog (dedicated for the purpose of AdSense arbitrage). 

Make $500 a Day in 20 Minutes Work: 9 Guaranteed Ideas that Work 100%  – Final Words. 

So, if you want to make $500 a day in 20 minutes work, some of the things you can do include trying out traffic arbitrage (and doing it the right way), trading options, stock trading, staking a bet on sports online, playing chess to make $500 dollars, binary options trading, crypto futures trading, horse racing, and trading the Forex market. 

For the record, anything that has to do with trading requires you to have some money and to understand what you’re up to. 

There’s a ton of risk there. 

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