How to Double $50,000 Dollars in 9 Strategically Smart Ways

How to Double $50,000 Dollars

You want to learn how to double $50,000 dollars? 

You’re on the right blog and the right page where you get the real ways this can happen. 

Doubling money alone isn’t an easy task, and it’ll be more challenging to double $50k versus $100 dollars. 

However, it’s feasible. 

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And you can make it happen with the hacks on this page. 

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna list a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work or stuff that isn’t guaranteed to give you twice $50k at the best result. 

These hacks right here aren’t secret hacks either. 

Some of them might just be either too risky or too legal for you. 

Or too expensive for you to try out. 

Another thing is, with these hacks, it could take a while to get an extra $50k back in profit. 

Here they are. 

How to Double $50,000 Dollars in 9 Strategically Smart Ways.

1. Invest in real estate. 

Doubling $50k can happen with real estate. 

And one of the ways to make it happen while tapping into real estate is flipping houses. 

You can buy a house or a property, leave it for a couple of years for inflation to take its course, and then you can sell the property twice the initial amount you purchased it. 

Alternatively, you can acquire a property, renovate it and resell it for some extra couple grand in profit. 

A last idea would be to buy a piece of land, build a business on it, and later sell everything for a much larger amount of money. 

Lands are expensive especially if you’re looking to acquire one in a business-friendly environment. 

For example, you can acquire an acre of land somewhere, start a car detailing business or some business like a boutique there. 

While you’re earning passive income from that business, you can choose to sell the entire property later for more than twice your initial investment. 

2. Start a grocery store. 

Other than investing in real estate, you can double $50,000 dollars by opening a grocery store of your own. 

Meanwhile, you’re not going to get an extra $50k bucks after launching this business. 

It’ll take you some time to make this work and gather your capital in the form of profits in piecemeal. 

Since it’s the kind of business that deals with mostly consumables, you’ll be careful enough to not be the first enemy of your business. 

Find a good location for this business where it’s sure to thrive. 

And it has to be a really busy space in the city where eyes easily get to see. 

It doesn’t have to be massive for it to grow fast. 

And you can’t start a massive grocery store with $50k. It’s gotta be the mini kind of store. 

But well stocked and designed. 

3. Start a laundromat or a laundry service.

A laundromat serves the public, and makes a lot of money too. 

If you want to double $50,000 dollars, a good place to look at is the laundromat industry. 

Once you can find the best location for this business, then you’d be in money. 

It’s more expensive to start up if you want to start something standard. 

Alternatively, you can start a laundry service in a commercial town. 

Both of them have to do with laundry.

With a laundromat, clients do stuff themselves. 

With a laundry service, there are professional laundrymen doing the laundry for clients. 

It’s your call to think of the kind you’d like to start up. 

Establishing both of them is possible on a small scale. IMO, launching a laundry service is a more affordable feat since you’ve got only $50k.

And you wouldn’t want to spend the entire $50 grand with nothing left in the bank. 

Not much of a good idea. 

4. Launch a restaurant. 

Can you start a restaurant with $50,000 dollars? 

Yes you can. It doesn’t have to look like the McDonald’s branch in Orlando. 

It could be just a small nice place for people to sit, eat, drink, and maybe have a little fun by watching movies. 

Starting a restaurant like this can’t be the wrong investment. 

You’d need to get the location right, and then think about all the things that could make your restaurant stand out of the crowd. 

There are different ways to make a mini restaurant like this go viral. 

And one of such ways is to promote it online so that it shows up for local search on Google

If you can come up with a way to serve the best or tastiest meals, cold beers and soda, and so on, then you’d have a competitive advantage. 

However, if you’d like to start something as colossal as McDonald’s, then you’d need well over $1m to get things kicking. 

5. Build and scale products. 

If you want to double $50,000 dollars, you can build a product of your own and scale it (or promote it). 

So, if you’re good at stuff, you can either create a course, an online tool, or a physical product for people to use. It’ll cost money. 

But for the most part of what you’d like to build, $50k should be just enough money to get everything done. 

If you want to create a course, it’ll only take time. 

And you can outsource the work to someone else while you pitch ideas here and there for the expert to work with. 

Whatever kind of product you choose to develop, it’ll certainly generate much more money than $50k in the long run. 

6. Invest in a car dealership. 

You can buy 5 cars for $10k each and sell them for $11k. 

That’s the idea. 

You can start a mini car dealership, and obtain the required documents to run the business. 

Plus, you’ll also need to find a space to start this. 

Maybe you want to keep $40k on the side to acquire the vehicles, while you keep the extra $10k to acquire licenses, permits, hire a space and so on. 

You’d also need to build a tent-like structure to cool off as your office while you’re at work there (awaiting the next buyer). 

However, if you want to learn how to double $50,000 dollars, then you can make this work. 

You might not need to start a full-fledged car dealership business. 

You could buy one $35k vehicle, flip it for $38k. 

Buy a $40k vehicle, flip it for $42k. 

These little profits will amount into something mega; really worth the stress and moves. 

7. Launch your fashion brand. 

Just like Dior, Fendi, Chanel, Versace, LV and more, you can start a fashion brand of your own and promote it to first gain local relevance. 

Afterwards, you can thrive to hit the global markets. 

I bet it will cost much more than $50k to bring a brand new fashion from nothing to a global household name. 

However, $50,000 dollars would be enough to start something and launch your brand. 

In the long run, this enterprise would generate 10× your capital even if it doesn’t go pound for pound with the top brands in the world. 

8. Invest in the stock market. 

The stock market is real. 

It’s where the values of real-time companies dwell. 

Through the stock market, it’s possible for you to own a piece of McDonald’s, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, PayPal, Amazon, and pretty much any other company of your choice. 

Of course, doubling $50,000 dollars can happen if you buy into a stock and leave it there for a couple of years before reselling the stock. 

For example, you could buy $50k worth of T-Mobile stock this year. 

If things go well for this stock and there’s a 100% boom in price over the next couple of years, you get your $50k in profit. 

In a couple of years, stocks can make crazy moves facing the upward or downward direction. 

It happens. 

It’s still happening. 

And it depends on the parent company’s activities. 

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9. Invest into ride-sharing. 

It doesn’t cost $50k to start a transport company. It costs more. 

But then, in this sense, you’re looking at the concept of transportation investment where you get to build a transportation oriented app, like the ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft. 

So, with $50k, you can definitely get something running like this. 

Then you’d have to promote your brand to reach more people and have more registered drivers. 

This way, you’d be able to build generational wealth for yourself. 

Another thing is finding the best ways to outwit the competition. 

Whichever way, investing into building a ride-hailing app is definitely one of the best ways to double $50k. 

You can start with an MVP, and just take things up slowly from there. 

How to Double $50,000 Dollars in 9 Strategically Smart Ways – Final 

Some of the working ways to double $50,000 dollars include transportation investment, launching your fashion store, initiating a car dealership business, stock market investment, opening a fashion brand of your own, opening a fast food restaurant, starting a grocery store, and starting a laundromat/laundry service. 

They’re all expensive ideas, but they’re guaranteed to generate an extra $50k in profit if you’re smart and you know exactly how to kickoff anyone you advantageously cherry pick. 

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