How to Double Your Money in a Week: 8 Best Ways

Do you want to double your money in a week? Then you’re on the right page. Money doubling is something that usually attracts risks and if you’re willing to take it, then keep reading. 

Much more than just participating in the realistic ways to double your money in a week, you may need to learn new things so it’s easy to be on the winning side and not fall victim to whatever risk involved in these hacks to flip your cash. 

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Before firing right at the realistic ways to flip your cash in a week, here are answers to a few questions you’ve probably asked a couple of times. 

What is the fastest way to double your money?

The fastest way to double your money without looking at the illegal route is to engage in trading financial markets like crypto futures and options. 

How can I double my money in days?

Realistically, you can double your money in days by becoming an Uber driver, doing Amazon FBA, dropshipping, or going rogue with illegal ways to double money. Some of the illegal ways to make money that you can try out in a number of days to double your money include gambling, credit card fraud, roaming the street as a bawd, robbing a bank, or lifting items from a shop. Perhaps, one of the most realistic ways to double your money in days is to invest or trade online. Whether it’s stocks, binary options, Fiat or crypto currencies, you can double your money. 

How can I double $1,000 dollars?

If you have a thousand dollars right now, you can double that by trading the options market. If you’re really patient, then you can invest $1,000 dollars into an online or offline business that’ll mature with time. Trading crypto and the stock market aren’t off the list of ways to double $1k fast. 

How can I double my money in hours?

If you’re looking to double your money in hours, then you can consider trading the futures and options market. They’re two of the most realistic ways to double your money in hours. You want to learn all you can so you don’t end up liquidating your money instead. 

How can I make $10k faster? 

You want to make $10k fast? Then start a business online or offline. It has to be a side hustle first that you can nurture into a $10k/month deal. I recommend starting a blog, or a YouTube channel because there’s no limit to how much money you can make with them. And they teach you a lot alongside as you build them. 

How to Double Your Money in a Week: 8 Best Ways. 

1. Freelancing on Flexjobs. 

Within a week, you can double your money by taking freelance jobs on Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing platforms. If there’s something you know how to do really well, then you can sell your skills as a freelancer. 

Whether it’s writing, graphics designing, programming, editing, or translating, someone out there is willing to pay you for your services. The good thing about freelancing is that you don’t need to even spend a dime to get started. You just have to be really good at what you do to have a head start in the gig economy. 

2. Options trading. 

If you want to double your money within a week, you can do that while trading the options market. Options trading is risky. Just like every other financial market, it takes a lot of experience, patience and emotional discipline to trade the options market. 

Again, you want to learn a lot about trading in general, about different strategies and timeframes so it’s easy for you to build an arsenal or a customized chart dashboard configuration when trading. 

Let’s say you get into the market with a trading capital of $500 dollars. It’s easy to make this in a day trading the options market with the right strategy, and avoiding OTC markets (which in most can slip and can also be manipulated).  

3. Crypto trading. 

In a week, you can double your money trading crypto. Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time now, and they’re one of the most volatile financial markets around today. To make money trading crypto, focus on futures trading. 

Now you want to learn the best strategies to trade futures so that it’s easy for you to double your money within a week. Like every other financial market, crypto futures is a risky one. But you can minimize risk and make profit almost every time, or ninety percent of the time by learning to trade and minimize risks. 

To get started with learning to trade crypto the right way, sign up on for a student account. It’s a platform where professional traders teach interested students to trade with the best strategies.

4. Stock trading. 

Like crypto and options trading, stock trading has its own risks. It’s a more stable market and obviously the most popular as it determines the financial wealth and death of real-world businesses. Trading stocks is like profiting and losing alongside real businesses or companies. 

The basic concept of stock trading is buying low and selling high for profit. It’s not something you can start doing right away if you’re not a great trader. The apparent first step is to learn to trade the stock market profitably before anything else. And you can do this on

5. Amazon FBA. 

So with about $1k or $5k, you can double this by engaging in fulfillment by Amazon. It’s a program where retailers make money by purchasing products in cheap bulk and selling them on Amazon for a higher price per product. 

As a retailer or a non-retailer, you can make money by stuffing your FBA account with products Amazon sells on your behalf. It’s not free to get started anyway, you’ll need to pay some fees and literally find places to get products in bulk at a cheaper rate. 

Amazon FBA has become a really trending topic even as a business model. Plus, there’s no guarantee you’re going to make a ton of money or double your money as an FBA retailer. The best practice however is to learn it to the point where you know the best places to buy from, know easily sellable products with high profit margins, and get to know the nuances of the business model that matter a lot. 

6. Dropshipping. 

While it takes time to build and grow a dropshipping store, you can make it happen fast with the money you already have. Building a dropshipping store doesn’t take time. It takes minutes to set one up right now with Shopify and Oberlo. 

And then all you do is import and up the prices of products, but not extravagantly. Next up, promote the products on your store to reach thousands of people by running ads on Facebook. 

Once you start getting visitors and sales, you want to make sure you’re able to sustain this by reinventing a portion of the revenue into Facebook ads. Basically repeating the marketing cycle.  

7. Service arbitrage. 

By performing service arbitrage, you’re outsourcing a job to someone else willing to get the job done for a smaller amount of money. So let’s say you’re given a writing job for $480, you can outsource the job to another writer willing to get it done for $300 or $200. 

That’s the idea. Outsourcing freelance jobs to other experts willing to do it for a lower fee. You can do this without having to invest a dime. And if you personally know a couple of experts in different areas, you’re better off. 

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8. Bet on Sports. 

Sports betting is one of the most realistic ways to double your money in a week without a doubt. But it’s also a way to sabotage your entire savings if you’re not careful. So before betting on any sport, learn the roles. Have a basic knowledge of the team or the club in contest, and also follow the analysis of experts you know. 

If you’re able to make enough inquiry, some of the sports betting platforms have a feature to predict the outcome of a fixed match. But that’s rare, and at the end of the day, they’re only predictions. 

How to Double Your Money in a Week: 8 Best Ways – Final Words. 

To double your money in a week, you can get into dropshipping, perform service arbitrage, trade the options market, learn to trade crypto and stocks, do Amazon FBA, and sell your skills on Flexjobs as a freelancer. 

While all of these are quite realistic, they hold a tinge of uncertainty and risk, and to a great degree for some of them. You can also bet on your favorite sports, which holds the highest odds of losing your money instead of doubling it. 

The truth is, you want to make money. More money. And it’s best to flex your patience alongside discipline in this course to build real passive income streams that’ll survive the test of time. 

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