How to Invest $25 Million Dollars in the 2020s: 11 Realistic Ways

How to Invest $25 Million Dollars

Right on this page, you’ll learn the most realistic ways on how to invest $25 million dollars in the 2020s and really make more than twice your capital in a short stint. 

If you have $25 million dollars right now, what would you do with it? 

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Buy your dream house? 

Build something that’ll transport people from earth to Mars or mercury? 

What would you do with $25 million dollars? 

The best thing to do with such a fat amount of money wouldn’t be to leave it up in your bank account. 

The bank’s gonna make good use of the money for you too in favor of their pursuit. 

But you could double your money within a year with what I’m about to share with you. 

These are some of the best ways to invest your money nowadays and you don’t need the verification of government officials in many cases here. 

Whether it’s $1 million dollars or $1 billion, the profit you get from your investments aren’t fixed, but they’re largely relative to the size of your investment or your capital. 

So, back to the question of the year. 

How can I invest $25 million dollars? 

Here are 11 of the most reasonable ways to invest $25 million dollars outside boring investment schemes. 

How to Invest $25 Million Dollars in the 2020s: 11 Realistic Ways. 

1. Invest in ecommerce. 

Investing in ecommerce is one of the best ways you can invest $25 million dollars. 

Take a look at Amazon, that company generates over a billion dollars in one day and more than $2 million in a minute. 

I’m guessing you think it took $1b to build the company.

Fun fact? 

It didn’t cost up to $1m. 

In fact, he had his parents invest $250k into Amazon in 1995. 

Back to the point, you don’t need to invest $25 million dollars into real estate to start seeing rewards. 

There are smaller ecommerce businesses like Amazon today, but they don’t make a quarter of what Amazon generates. 

At that, earnings could measure up to $100k a day in sales for these smaller ecommerce stores popular enough to rival Amazon. 

Let’s start from there, build an ecommerce store just like Amazon. 

And $25 million dollars is more than enough to get started. 

If you want to try things out first, checkout Shopify to build a fully fledged ecommerce store without coding or getting your hands dirty with technical activities. 

On Shopify, you get your store set up for just $299/month. 

This is a store that you’ll have no problem promoting and maneuvering later, all just for $299/month. 

Plus, you get all the advanced features of an ecommerce store (without paying any programmer to write scripts). 


2. Invest in stocks. 

If you want to learn how to invest $25 million dollars for profit in the long run, then investing in stocks is one of the best ways to go about it. 

How it works is simple. 

Firstly, you buy stocks and keep them until the prices go up. 

To make the right moves here, you’ll need a stock broker or some financial expert in the stock market to guide you through any investment you execute in the stock market. 

Before investing in stocks, you want to make sure you’re pretty knowledgeable about the stock market and everything that has to do with stock trading. 

3. Invest in real estate. 

Real estate is one very profitable endeavor to invest in if you’ve got $25 million dollars. 

There are different ways to go about this, but you can simply buy properties and sell them later for profit, or build a property rental software to enable people to rent, buy, or sell properties. 

Another way to invest a part of your $25 million dollars is to participate in crowdfunding with Fundrise, and get paid profit from the investment every quarter of the year. 

4. Develop your own software. 

Sounds like you’ll be doing more crazy investments without super high ROI; app development is one of them. 

Whatever app you build, it’ll go far if you shell out the money to promote and market it to the world. 

Truth is if you build your software, you could make millions in a month with the right monetization strategies in place. 

I’m not going to tell you to build this or that software.

Whatever idea you come up with is relative to how you can make your capital and a million profits off it. 

One thing that stands out in all of this is value. 

If your software offers unmatched value, the returns will stay epic. 

5. Launch a fashion brand. 

People wear clothes every day, and we have no plans to go naked for the sake of fashion any time soon. 

As humans, we consume anything new, trendy, and catchy. This includes fashion for an exemption. 

It’s one of the wells to pour in your cash. 

Owning a fashion firm can transition you from where you are right now into a billionaire. Take Justin for example, he’s a friend. 

In 2019, he started a mini importation business importing fashion wears and selling them on a small scale at a markup price. 

In just two years, he was able to generate over $3,418 from a fashion business he started with a little under $20 dollars. 

6. Invest in Annuities. 

Annuities are a kind of investment, usually expensive, but a person gets paid annually until they pass away or up until a predetermined date. 

While investing in other things like real estate, software and fashion, it’ll be a great idea to invest in something that guarantees a return every year for a lifetime. 

You can choose to make your annuities fixed or a variable. Depends on what you want, but fixed annuities are preferable. 

7. Launch your ride-sharing app. 

Ride-sharing apps or softwares are the kind that connect drivers to clients or passengers. 

A perfect example is Uber. 

With an app like this, you earn a fee off whatever drivers earn from their trips. 

Well, the software would have an inbuilt algorithm to render appropriate (and quite profitable) prices to varying distances. 

More than just getting computer programmers or software developers to build a software like this, the success beckons on strategic marketing. 

A ride-sharing software isn’t one of the many softwares flooding the web of apps today. 

And you’ll have very little competition to go up against, especially with a fat stack of money to promote your software to the outside world. 

8. Start a publishing firm. 

Publishing firms make a lot of money. 

Plus, it doesn’t cost much to start one. 

With $25 million dollars, it’ll be easy to start up a profitable publishing company. 

The procedures will definitely scare you, but money will take a lot off the table. 

While you want to make sure you catch a lot of profit from starting a publishing firm, a major determinant for success in a business line like this one borders on partnerships, reaching out, and adverts. 

If no one knows about your publishing firm, no one will definitely patronize your firm. 

So, to get more returns, you’ll need to channel a huge chunk of your money into running frequent adverts, and partnering with renowned authors. 

9. Start a TV show.

$25 million dollars is a lot of money to invest, and starting a TV show is one way to earn huge. 

How you earn from a TV show is hilarious. 

But what’s the show going to be about? 

If you’re an introvert, you need to back off or commit your idea to some really freaky entertainment personality with long legs in the industry. 

Having a TV show is one of many ways to appeal to a particular audience, work with brands to seal multi million dollar advert deals, and create a line in the entertainment world. 

Millions of people queue in front of their TV at different hours of the day to watch a show. 

Whatever show you start up, it should be worth it. 

10. Build a nightclub. 

If you’re looking to invest $25 million dollars today, a night club is a great idea. 

With a nightclub, you can decide to include a bar, a place for poker and other complementary fun stuff to spice things up. 

Erecting a nightclub won’t cost you a lot of money. 

It’ll take time to definitely construct one, but the work’s in the marketing to reach more eyeballs.

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11. Start a private clinic. 

With $25 million dollars, you can invest into the health sector and get your reward in full for life. 

Starting up a clinic or a private hospital is one of the best ways to invest $25 million dollars. 

And if you’re clueless as to what procedures to take, there are more than enough medical professionals in the field who are more than willing to handle your project for you for just a couple thousand dollars. 

A lot of construction engineers around your city and directors or private clinics around you can also point out the way forward for you to follow. 

There’ll be the need to sign papers and all of that, but in the end you’ll be making so much money from your assets. 

And you can have more than just one private clinic littered across the city.

How to Invest $25 Million Dollars in the 2020s: 11 Realistic Ways – Final Words.

Now it’s easy to make a lot of money with a lot of money without having to invest into schemes with a high risk rate or stashing your money in the bank. 

In brief, you can invest $25 million dollars profitably by building an ecommerce business online, launching a fashion brand like Dior, starting a tv show, or opening a city night club. 

Other great investment ideas include starting a publishing firm, investing in real estate, investing in stocks and building a ride-sharing software like Uber. 

These are high ROI multimillion dollar business ideas that you can start and scale with $25 million in the bank. 

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