How to Make $10,000 Dollars in a Week: 13 Smart Methods

If you want to make $10,000 dollars a week, the truth is, there’s no magic to making this happen. The only way out is to work hard, learn new stuff you never knew your entire life, and be determined. Making $10,000 dollars in a week is a realistic target if you’re asking. This means $40,000 dollars a month and a lot of people earn 10× this figure every single month. 

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Some really wealthy folks even earn as much as $40k per day (and a week too). It’s all about making the right decisions at the right time and staying consistent. With this in mind, you’ll get 13 of the best ways on how to make $10,000 dollars in a week right in this article. Ready? Let’s dive in. 

How to Make $10,000 Dollars in a Week: 13 Smart Methods. 

1. Start blogging. 

While blogging happens to be my personal favorite way to make money online nowadays, I’ve personally tried out more than 90% of the strategies on this page. However, blogging stands out because it’s cheap to start and can guarantee passive income in the long run. Let’s put it this way; blogging can change your life. For good. Financially. If you’ve been blogging without seeing results, maybe you’ve been doing it the wrong way. 

Again, blogging is one of the most realistic ways to make $10,000 dollars in a week. And you could make more if you’re more aggressive with your approach to blogging. And if it’s the right approach. To start your profitable blog today just like this one, check out this easy blogging master guide I’ve put together. 

2. Affiliate marketing. 

Another way to make up to $10k in a week realistically is to start affiliate marketing. This means signing up to become an affiliate marketer for (not necessarily) high cost products and recommending them to your audience. You’ll need to have an audience to make real money with affiliate marketing. So, you can sign up for free on Amazon, obtain your Amazon affiliate link and share it with your friends and family so that you get a commission from every sale they trigger or from every product they buy. But that won’t get you to $10k in a week. To make this amount of money, in one week and every other week, build yourself an online audience. You can do this by starting a blog, or building a YouTube channel. 

I like to call this a web magnet or web traffic magnet where people just come to see what you’ve created either through search engines like Google/YouTube, or on social media. Yes, you can also build a huge social media page dedicated to a niche. Go after high cost affiliate products, recommend them to your audience in honest reviews, comparisons and lists. You’ll see the wonder. The real work is building your audience base online. 

3. House flipping. 

This is one really expensive option here. But then, you can certainly make much more than $10,000 dollars in a week. Maybe you won’t make any money in the first 5 or 10 weeks. But with a single sale, you’re sure to cover more than 20 weeks of $10k revenue. What I’m saying in simple terms is that you can earn a net profit of $200,000 dollars from flipping a single house worth millions of dollars. Of course you’d have to be as rich as Stephen Ross to make this happen. 

4. Flip stuff online. 

Flipping stuff online, you’re prone to generating around $10,000 weekly. How so? By visiting yard or garage sales, thrift stores, church rummages and curbsides, you can buy expensive items for a cheap amount and sometimes for free. Selling these items even for half what they’re worth will make you tons of money. That’s the idea. And it works. 

You can read a bunch of real life stories about how people make money flipping items online. Another is to sell your own stuff online. But since there’s a lot of sellers already probably selling the same thing you’re going to sell, maybe at a cheaper rate, it can be hard to do $10k. 

5. Sell your car. 

You might think of this one as crazy, but if you want to make $10,000 dollars the next week, you can put your car up for sale. If it’s worth more than $10,000 dollars, listing it for this amount will make it sell off faster. But since you’re not looking for the best ways to make $10k FAST, it’s an option you don’t want to explore. But then, if your car’s worth $50,000 dollars or a little less than this, you can sell it for 85% of the price to make much more than $10 grand.

6. Sell your jewelry.

Well, this is an obvious option. But if you have invested a lot in jewelry and you have some really expensive ones, you can sell them off to make $10 grand in a week. 

This isn’t a recurring source of earning $10k every week, but then you can do this one-time unless you want to delve into the jewelry trade. Maybe you inherited some pretty expensive jewelry, selling them wouldn’t be a really good idea. It wouldn’t be a completely bad idea either if you’re set on investing the money into something more lucrative at this point. 

7. Trade bitcoin. 

Trade bitcoin to make $10,000 dollars in a week. And I mean it. I’m choosing bitcoin because all other coins other than bitcoin are alt coins. They’re not as solid and have no better use case than bitcoin. This means that bitcoin is the strongest coin to trade in the crypto world. And it’s not free to trade it. 

You have to buy a portion of it, or more than one bitcoin to sell it within the when there’s a positive price movement. One of the ways to do this is to trade the futures session of crypto. It’s an amplified trading session where you can trade more with little funds and get more gains. Conversely, you lose more in a losing trade. 

8. Binary options trading. 

Trading the binary options market is one of the top ways to make $10,000 a week without a double. This comes with a boatload of risks as trading binary options requires you to be strategically and emotionally intelligent. It’s a short-term market where every trade expires within hours. And I’m talking about the longest duration trades; hours. You can place trades to exit them in minutes, and even seconds. Truth is, binary options can make you a lot of money. 

You can choose to trade it or have a specialist trade it for you. IMO, the best investment is to become an asset; the gifted trader. This way, you’re able to grow accounts from $100 into thousands. To get started, test out your trading skills using the demo account on It’s one of the top reliable binary options brokers on the web. 

9. E-commerce. 

You’re probably conversant with how ecommerce works. If you’re not, it’s exactly what Amazon, eBay, Target, and AliExpress works. E-commerce is virtual commerce. You get to buy stuff online and have it delivered to your doorstep. The e-commerce sector bridged a gap physical stores are not trying to counter now by incorporating in-house e-commerce activities. With that said, e-commerce is one of the best ways on how to make $10,000 dollars in a week, and this is because you can start up your own e-commerce store and market it to get more customers. 

The more customers you get, the more sales you’ll make. Truth is, setting up an e-commerce business is much more than building the website and design. You need to buy the products, house them if you have to, and ship them. Or package them before shipping. It’s expensive to start up and really profitable in the long run. 

10. Start a dropshipping store online. 

On the bright side, you can start an ecommerce business online without the need to set up a warehouse or package products. This is called dropshipping. With a dropshipping store, you simply import products from another store and add to the original price of the products. You just have to get customers to see the product in your store first before seeing it anywhere else. And that’s where digital marketing comes into play. 

However, you don’t have to extravagantly add prices to the original worth of the products you import. You’ll end up chasing all the clients off your store. Before starting a dropshipping store, learn the ropes

11. Event planning. 

If you’re good at organizing events, then starting a career as an event planner in your city and even out of the city is one of the best ways to make $10,000 dollars every week. At the start, doing $10k a week might not come easy because you’ll need to find clients. 

But as you grow in the business and build your base of potential customers, you’re definitely going to have a contract every week. And sometimes, multiple times per week. It takes time to get to the point where you’re getting contracts every week. Time, effort, and getting the right job done every single time. 

12. Programming. 

Are you a programmer? If you are, then you can do two things: 

  • Work as a freelancer online for freelance clients. 
  • Build a software of your own that seldom generates over $10k a week by rendering some form of value in exchange for revenue. 

I really like the second idea primarily because it presents the opportunity to make wealth in the long run. Meanwhile, helping out freelance clients online will not generate $10,000 dollars in a week every other week. It’s not passive versus the one where you have a software of your own or a mobile app that has thousands, or hundreds of thousands of downloads. With brilliant monetization strategies, you’re sure to generate thousands of dollars every single week. It’s easy to write and explain, but the work is enormous. 

It’ll cost money, time, and intellectual resources. Firstly, you need to think about what software or mobile app to develop. The challenge beckons on the shoulders of developing the framework for your software, and marketing it to reach millions of potential users. 

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13. YouTube.

Launching a YouTube channel is definitely one of the top ways here to make $10,000 dollars in a week. Now, it’s totally free to set up your YouTube channel. What might not be so free is making videos consistently. Well, if you’ve got a good smartphone, then your camera quality should be just enough to get started. Pick a niche you’d like to focus on. Once you’ve gotten a niche to settle down with, then you can start researching topics to make videos around. 

At the start, you want to make videos about the products in that niche so that you’re able to make affiliate revenue off the product sales. With time, you can grow your YouTube channel to six figures a month. It takes a lot of time. Sometimes, years. 

How to Make $10,000 Dollars in a Week: 13 Smart Methods – Final Words. 

In summary, you can make make $10,000 dollars in a week by starting a blog of your own, programming either as a freelancer or building a highly relevant software/app, monetizing a YouTube channel, venturing into ecommerce, event planning, flipping houses, doing affiliate marketing, dropshipping, trading the binary options market, trading bitcoin, selling your car, and by selling your expensive jewelry (which isn’t a passive and recurrent method). If you want to make $10k dollars weekly and consistently, I highly recommend that you focus on the methods that guarantee a passive income, and stay consistent with them until you’re able to generate $10k every other week. It takes time. So, consider time an asset. 

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