How to Make $150 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 10 Best Ways

How to Make $150 Dollars Fast as a Kid

Do you want to learn how to make $150 dollars fast as a kid? 

Then this blog post is just for you. 

Making money isn’t something that’s reserved for adults or grownups (as they like to call it), kids too can make money. 

Wondering how? 

Well right here, these are some of the best ways to make money as a kid. 

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You can focus on one or two and grow a full-time career off them.

As a kid, there’s a lot you need for yourself. 

You can decide to go the offline path, the online world, or try out both methods. 

With that put into perspective, here are 10 best ways to make $150 dollars fast as a kid. 

How to Make $150 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 8 Best Ways.

1. Freelance writing. 

You can make up to $150 dollars fast as a kid by freelance writing.

It’s really easy especially if you’re good at speaking and expressing your ideas flawlessly. 

Although it takes time to land clients, you can start right away as a freelance writer by signing up on or Upwork. 

It’s really easy to get started. 

You can also find writing gigs on 

Apart from taking writing gigs on freelance websites, you can get online jobs that pay up to $600 per 1000-word on or Google Jobs

Traditionally, you earn by how high your rates are. 

So if you’re charging $.2 for every word, this means you stand a chance to earn $100 bucks for a 500-word article. 

The more words you write (as requested by your client), the more money you’ll make.

2. Crypto trading. 

Trading the crypto market can get you to $150 dollars a day as a kid. 

Perhaps the first thing you want to do is to learn how to trade crypto. 

Once you’re good at trading, you can stay indoors the whole day beating the market in bull and bear seasons. 

There’s really no bad time to take a trade, you just need to know how. 

Although you can make $150 dollars fast by trading the crypto market, you’d need to have some capital to begin with. 

The most important part of trading crypto is to acquire the knowledge, and always incorporate risk management just so you’re on the safe side every time with your trade executions. 

To get started, surf through YouTube for the best trading strategies, and try to understand the basic crypto terms there are.

3. Transcription. 

Transcription services are boring and that’s why there’ll always be the search for transcribers. 

If you won’t be bored to death, you can come into this space and take transcription gigs that pay up to $200 bucks on Fiverr, Upwork, or Flexjobs. 

You’ll need to hone your listening skill even as a kid. 

The job on its own teaches the transcriber to listen. 

That’s why transcribers are good listeners

So first of all, you want to learn to listen, and then write for words. 

4. Sell items on Etsy. 

The great part about making money online is that it can happen in many ways, one of which is selling on a platform renowned for hosting millions of users who list their items for sale – Etsy. 

As a kid, you can make $150 dollars fast by listing your handmade crafts, mugs, shirts, and printables (mostly recommended) on Etsy for sale. 

It’s easy to get started with easy, you just need to get along the learning curve of successfully selling on Etsy

If you want to take total control of your store and products, then you can launch your own online store and market it to reach more eyeballs. 

This is arguably the best way to get started if you have the money to scale it. 

If you don’t, Etsy’s got you. 

5. Flip items online. 

You can visit the flea markets, or thrift stores to see what’s in stock. 

Buy them, rework them if you have to and sell them online. 

Where to sell them? 

Best places include the Facebook Marketplace, Fiverr, Amazon, and eBay.

Alternatively, you can start up your own store on Shopify if you want to have total control over your sales affairs online. 

But then it’ll cost you more money and effort. 

The idea behind flipping items online is to sell them at a higher rate than you got them. 

So if you buy in bulk 50 clothes at $3,000, that’s $60 bucks per unit. 

Selling those clothes at $80 per unit leaves you with a gross profit of $1k (if it takes you one month to exhaust the stock).

6. Pet-sitting. 

Making $150 dollars fast as a kid can come from taking pet-sitting gigs online

For each pet-sitting you do, if you love pets, you can earn from $35 to $47 dollars. 

Working with the minimum rate of $35 dollars, you’ll need to work for about 4 hours 20 minutes to hit $150 dollars in a day. 

That’s fast if you ask me.

You can get pet-sitting gigs on,, and even make a simple Google search on the Google job board for pet-sitting jobs around you. 

As a kid, you’ll definitely love pets. 

This means you can make a ton of money, enough to start up something more real that’ll change your life. 

Taking pet-sitting gigs, you can invest into other opportunities like stock trading, and investing in REITs (yes even as a kid). 

7. Video editing. 

Are you good at video editing? 

Then it’s a quick one if you can really edit videos within hours, making them come out great. 

Video editing gigs flood marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork.

But if you want to go pro and meet up with high paying clients even as a kid, then you can try out jobs on Ziprecruiter

First thing, are you good? 

Alternatively, you can outsource video editing jobs to other experts good at editing videos to do them at a lower price. 

So if you’re getting paid $800 to edit a video, and you outsource the job to a good video editor willing to take $550, you keep the profit of $250. 

That’s basically how the alternative idea works. It’s called drop-servicing. 

8. Online surveys. 

For the record, taking surveys online won’t make you rich. But you could make up to $150 dollars as a kid taking surveys day and night in a month. 

Forget about what you’ve read about taking surveys. 

No firm will keep aside millions of dollars in budget to pay off survey junkies looking to become survey taking millionaires. 

It takes a lot of time to make a real usable dollar from surveys. 

But if you’re patient and you can gather cents over time, you’ll definitely be able to hit $150 dollars. 

Not that fast. 

9. Lemonade stand. 

One way to make money commonly as a kid is to stand alone on the road selling lemonade. 

Sounds too outdoor but yes, if you want to make up to $150 dollars as a kid, then you can start doing this and gather funds over time. 

It’s really easy to get started. 

Learn to make lemonade, and get the necessary facilities you’ll need to Kickstarter the lemonade business

Take taste into consideration. 

If you have to make yours taste better, do. That’s if you can.

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10. Car washing. 

You can’t wash a car all on your own, but you can with the help of other kids. 

While this is going to be a joint work, if you’re above 12, then you can do this really well all on your own. 

It’s easy to get car wash jobs starting from your neighborhood. 

Knock on doors and let them know what you do. 

If you have to print fliers containing your business description, get to it and share it all over your neighborhood. 

Clients can easily contact you when they need your services. 

How to Make $150 Dollars Fast as a Kid: 10 Best Ways – Final Words. 

If you want to make $150 dollars fast as a kid, there’s a lot you can do off this list. 

You can write for freelance clients, wash cars, start a lemonade business selling roadside, take surveys online, edit videos for random freelance clients, sell items on Etsy, trade crypto, sit pets, and flip items online. 

Now it could take some time to start making upwards of $100 dollars a day, but then it’s very realistic if you’re consistent. 

Time is a factor. Curb anxiety. 

If you want to make $150 dollars fast as a kid consistently even without having to work, then you should really invest time into potential passive income business ideas online and offline. 

Passive income means you’re earning even without your intervention or having to work. 

Some offline passive income ideas include starting a scalable business like a laundromat or a beauty store. 

These options are far from what you have access to as a kid. 

What then?

You can invest your time in building online passive income machines which include blogging, YouTube, and e-commerce. 

Launching a software application is also an explorable option open to you. 

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