How to Make $15,000 Fast: 8 Crazy Ideas

How to Make $15,000 Fast

Truth be told, making $15,000 fast is no small deal. It’s a big deal. 

If you want to learn how to make $15,000 fast, then you’re on the right page. 

This article is yours. 

On this page, you’ll get to know the crazy but realistic ways to make $15k dollars fast. 

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Some of these ideas are totally illegal and could end you in real trouble. 

In other words, some of the ideas expressed on this page are not 100% compatible with your values and views. 

But then, for what it’s worth, here are 8 crazy ideas to make $15,000 fast. 

How to Make $15,000 Fast: 8 Crazy Ideas. 

1. Start your crypto exchange. 

You’ve heard of Binance and Bybit

These are crypto exchanges and they make a lot of money. By a lot of money, I’m talking about several millions of dollars per day. 

Yes, and it’s passive. 

However, this is probably the most expensive idea on this list. 

If you’d like to make a lot of money up to $15k passively and fast, then you can start your own crypto exchange. 

If you have the funds to scale it, you’ll see results faster. 

Without funds, you can start small and eventually grow with time. 

This could take years. And you want to make money fast. 

Best practice is to get into this line of endeavor if you have enough money to not just develop the exchange, but to promote it aggressively and incorporate upgrades from time to time. 

There’s also the part where you’ll have programmers or a team of coders to protect your exchange from malicious cyber intrusion

2. Launch an ecommerce business. 

Another way to make $15,000 dollars fast is to start an ecommerce business of your own. 

This is a really expensive idea off this list, but then it’s realistic. 

And if you’re able to set up a full fledged ecommerce business from scratch, you’ll be faced with the hurdle of marketing it to get more patrons. 

Right, the competition in the ecommerce industry isn’t very much saturated. 

So, depending on the niche of your ecommerce business, you can really scale things up by marketing your ecommerce website. 

You can get busy with influencer marketing, and if you sell products of your own, the better. 

E-commerce can yield mind-blowing financial results even with small investments. 

But this time, you’re looking to make $15,000 dollars and you want to make it fast. 

It’ll cost money to set up the e-commerce business and then to scale it by frequently and consistently running paid adverts online. 

3. Stake a bet.

Tons of people have made a fortune off betting

The truth is, you’ve got a pretty good chance to make money outlandishly with just one bet. 

There’s more room to lose a bet because there’ll always be more losers than winners. 

The accumulated loss of hundreds becomes the reward for a lucky one. 

However, if you want to end on the winning side most of the time, there are some options available to you. 

Firstly, you can subscribe to game prediction websites online to get near accurate predictions that work most of the time. 

It doesn’t cost a lot of money and you’re sure to win from one of many predictions. 

Like the name says, it’s only a prediction; not the actual outcome. 

Secondly, you can study the participating players of the game you’re betting on to know the strengths and weaknesses so as to make a more robust and informed betting decision. 

Whichever one you choose to do, there’s no way you’re getting straight wins with your bets every time. 

It’s a bet. 

You might want to check for the meaning of a bet in the dictionary. 

It’s a gamble. 50/50 is the outcome. Not a sure 100%. 

To make $15,000 dollars off betting, you’ll need to bet with a lot of money too. 

Nothing good comes easy. 

You can’t place a $100 dollar bet to win $15,000 fast. 

It’s possible but rarely.

4. Rob a bank. 

Robbing isn’t anybody’s favorite thing to do. 

Is it? I don’t think so. 

But if you want to learn how to make $15,000 fast, then you can rob a bank to get the money. It’s crazy, right? 

But then it’s highly realistic. A lot of people still rob banks today. 

Maybe not in your city, but bank robbery is still a trend. Crazy, but you could get much more than $15,000 dollars from a single operation. 

You could become rich. Obscenely. And the downside to this is that you can get caught. 

I’m sure you have a pretty good queue of the things that could happen to you if you get caught. Not nice. 

That said, robbing a bank is something you can’t do on your own. 

It’s also one of the few ways to make $15,000 fast that I don’t recommend. 

5. Hack into a bank. 

Break into the security systems of a bank or banks via the cyber way if you want to make $15,000 fast. 

It’s crazy, and I don’t recommend it in any way. 

But then, that’s just one of the most realistic ways to make money fast. 

It’ll take you a lot of effort and you could channel this effort into something more creative than destructive. 

That aside, hacking into the security system of banks is not something you can do freely and walk away with unless you’re some high-level genius programmer with hardcore programming skills. 

There are a ton of ways you can get traced in the cyber world if you bypass a security system like that of a bank. 

While this is an illegal way to make money, it could end you in jail. 

And take away your precious youthful years. 

6. Hack a telecom network service provider. 

If you’re good at hacking, then you can make $15,000 fast just by hacking into a telecom network provider like Verizon or Comcast telecom

Truth is, you could make millions within a few hours doing this. But then, the price is no joke. 

You’ll need to be a MASTER or a god at hacking to be able to do this. 

Somehow, you’ll divert the earnings per call, in bits though or in cents, from millions of telecom users. 

So, if Comcast has over 3 million users in the United States, you can divert $0.03 per every calling user. 

That’s $90,000 dollars. 

Not a lot of money though, but this could happen in a couple of minutes as people put calls through invisible network rays across the US. 

And the world too. Not just the US. 

With that said, hacking into telecom network service providers can earn you big. 

The difficulty? It’s critical. 

7. Trade crypto futures with a huge capital. 

Crypto futures trading is really profitable if you already know how to trade the crypto market. 

This kind of futures is called perpetual, and it doesn’t have any form of expiry date like the normal futures contracts. 

Still don’t understand? 

The futures market in the crypto world operates a privileged trading pattern that grants traders the liberty to borrow from the market to secure a trade. 

This feature in crypto trading is called LEVERAGE

So, basically, you can use a leveraged position to gain more, and conversely lose more money if the market crashes or runs against your trade positions. 

If you want to make a lot of money, up to $15,000 dollars fast, then trading the crypto futures with a large capital can help you get there. 

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8. Try trading forex with 6 figures. 

If you want to make $15,000 fast, then trading the Forex market with 6 figures can get you there. 

This is definitely one of the most logical ways to make more money; by investing more money. 

For starters, the more money you have to invest, the greater your chances or the possibility of winning big. 

In very rare scenarios, you earn big with small capital; say a couple of hundred dollars. 

In this case, you want to make $15k dollars and you want to make it fast. 

A quick way to make this happen is to trade with a day capital. 

If you’re a total newbie, then you’ll want to learn to trade the Forex markets first before opening your wallets to the market. 

A lot of forex brokers will let you trade with a demo account first before anything else. 

This way, you can text out different strategies to see what works. 

How to Make $15,000 Fast: 8 Crazy Ideas – Final Words. 

Depending on how fast you need the money, you can trade forex to make $15k fast, start a crypto exchange like Bybit, launch an ecommerce business or website, stake a bet for sports, rob or break a bank, hack into the banking network, hack into a telecom network service provider, and trade crypto futures. 

However, breaking a bank, robbing and hacking are totally off limits. 

Unless they’re not to you. 

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