How to Make $500 Dollars in 5 Minutes: 8 Fast Methods

Want to make $500 dollars in 5 minutes? Then you’re up for some r Al challenge. I tell you what, it’s really possible. Right now as you read this, there are people making well over $100 dollars every single second. Hell yeah, they’re billions. That’s over $144k dollars in a single day. And over $4 million dollars in a month. The point is, if you want to learn how to make $500 dollars in 5 minutes, it’s not an impossible idea. 

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That’s like $100 for every 1 minute if we split the figures. Without any bluff, you’ll get to know about the real ways this is possible and how to make even more money in a shorter timespan. 

How to Make $500 Dollars in 5 Minutes: 8 Fast Methods. 

1. Trade crypto. 

In case you’re in doubt, I’ve made more money trading crypto and it happens in less than 5 minutes most of the time. I’m not saying 100% of the wins I got happened in less than 5 minutes. No. I mean, I’ve had more than 200% profit in less than 5 minutes. And yes, it was futures trading. With that said, you can make $500 dollars in 5 minutes by trading crypto assets. It’s not easy, and you’ll need to be good at trading before this can take its course. Additionally, you’d need to have a fat capital to start trading if you want this to happen. 

Trading with a fat capital in this case would mean taking trade positions with $2,000+ so that you’re able to make $500 dollars with a 40% profit margin off your trades. The fatter the better. If you can get in with $5,000 dollars, better. But the first thing remains acquiring the prerequisite trading knowledge. 

2. Forex trading. 

Same as crypto trading but it’s a different market. While crypto trading is all about trading crypto assets that you can’t touch or regulate, forex is the trade of real-world fiats like USD and EUR. There’s also more trading leverage size in the Forex market and that’s the more reason it’s risky. Riskier compared to crypto. If you want to learn how to make $500 dollars in 5 minutes, trading the Forex market definitely joins in on some of the most realistic ways to make this happen. If you’re a complete starter here, learn all you can before getting your hands dirty. 

Again, the more money you trade with determines how much money you’ll make within different trading timeframes. If you don’t have a lot of money to start trading with, then you can learn the ropes thoroughly to become a really good trader capable of growing any small amount. 

3. Sports betting. 

Sports betting is another way to make $500 in 5 minutes. Get good at betting. It’s not hard if you already love a sport. For me, it’s boxing. Although it’s not really a sport, I love to watch people fight. Weird? I could bet on a fight and win tons of money with this passion. 

So, find your love for a sport and get to know about the major players in that game. This way, you’d be able to know the strengths and weaknesses of the players well enough for you to stake on their games. 

Another trick to betting profitably is to stake on one game or two. I prefer one. Bet big on one game, and if it clicks, you win; maybe you won’t win up to 50% of what you staked, but you’re winning. With odds of about 3.7%, you’d be making $370 dollars in a $10k stake. The higher the odds, the higher the money you’d win in a stake if the game goes according to how you’ve staked. 

4. Stock trading. 

Trading stocks is perhaps one of the ways to make money very fast. You can trade stocks or invest in the stock market to make money. And there’s no limit to the amount of money you can make (or lose). In this case, you want to make $500 dollars in 5 minutes. And one of the surest ways to make this happen is by trading the stock market. 

In 5 minutes, depending on a few factors like your skill, market volatility, your strategy at the time, and your capital size, making $500 dollars is possible. As long as the market dips and pumps, there’ll always be little opportunities here and there to scalp and scoop in some profits. So, the very first thing you want to learn how to do is to trade the stock market. 

The charts and indicators and even some other technical stuff on-the-chart are very similar to those of Forex and crypto. So, it’d be a bit easy if you’re not new to crypto or Forex trading. But if you’re a 100% newbie, then learning is the ultimate thing. Invest in yourself by learning to not just invest in the stock market, but to trade it for quick gains. 

5. Binary options. 

Still revolving around the markets, binary options is one with an economic threat. It’s banned in some countries but you can still trade it in the US with Nadex; the US regulated binary options broker at the time of this writing. Hopefully in the future there’d be many more US regulated binary options brokers. With binary options, making $500 in 5 minutes can happen in multiple trades or with a single macro size trade. Different binary options brokers have their maximum and minimum trade size. 

And if you open options with larger trade sizes, you’re sure to make more gains if things go your way. Before opening any account, learn a strategy. Practice all-day long. Master the binary options market to a very large extent. 

There’s every need for you to mess around with the free demo trading account before eventually investing into the live markets. Have a salvage strategy that saves the day 90% of the time. In other words, have a strategy that both eludes risks and 90% guarantees profit. 

6. Options trading. 

Similar in name to binary options, but they’re really different things. Options trading is one of the most realistic ways to make $500 in 5 minutes. But then, the best strategy with regards to this market is to buy and hold as a long-term investor. You can become a millionaire options trader either by holding options (put/call) or by trading with a supreme strategy that recognizes risks and the need to win (or make money). Everything about trading options technically is the same with stocks, Forex, and crypto. But the financial instruments aren’t the same. They’re in fact different, and so will many options trading features on the different brokers be. 

Without any further ado, learning to trade options is the way forward if you want to make money really fast. You can invest long term and make money. Maybe you’d make more by investing long-term. But if you want to make $500 dollars in 5 minutes, no BS, you’ve gotta trade it. 

7. Play chess at the bar. 

Chess is a game that sharpens the mind. It makes you think and someone you get to know about the smartest guy in the room through the chess game. Basically, people bet on chess now and you can make money if you’re good at playing chess. You’ve gotta be good at something at this point. For some reason, you get to connect with rich people through the chess game too. It’s a game for the wealthy most of the time, especially at the bar or in a clubhouse. 

Plus, it’s a quick way to make up to $500 dollars in 5 minutes. This means you’d have to win a chess game in less than 5 minutes and the money to be won has to be over $500 dollars. A lot happens and there’s no guarantee you’ll make up to $500 unless you’re at the biggest bar or clubhouse in the city where millionaires come around. 

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8. Ask for $500 bucks. 

If you want to make $500 dollars in a couple of minutes, you can ask your friends to send it to you or ask it from your parents/guardians. 

This would be really easy for you if you’ve got something meaningful to do with the money. If it’s urgent and an emergency, you’re going to get the money (if not from friends, from your parents/guardians). Also, if you’re from a wealthy family, you’d be able to get $500 dollars the moment you ask for it. 

How to Make $500 Dollars in 5 Minutes: 8 Fast Methods – Final Words. 

In the real world, making as much money as $500 dollars in 5 minutes is possible. And some of the real ways to make this happen include trading binary options, playing chess at the club, asking for $500 bucks from a friend, neighbor or parent, trading vanilla options (to not be confused with binary options), betting on sports online, stock trading, trading crypto, and trading Forex. 

These hacks to make $500 bucks in 5 minutes have some risk to them, and you need to have some money first to tap into them. 

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