How to Make $700 Fast as a Kid in 9 Realistic Ways

How to Make $700 Fast as a Kid

Do you want to learn how to make $700 fast as a kid? 

Then this article is just yours. 

Making money as a kid has never been easier, especially with the help of the internet.

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So, if you’re a kid or you want to help a kid out, your kid or not, with money-making ideas so that they start making money up to $700 before getting into college or highschool, then this article will hopefully show some light on your path. 

If you’re a kid and you need an urgent $700 in the next 24 hours, these hacks might help too. 

The hacks on this page are some of the most reliable and common ways kids can make money. 

And all of them don’t cost a lot of money to begin with. 

With a couple hundred dollars for some of them, you’re already into the game. 

Others are completely free and remote to do. 

Brace yourself, here are 8 best ways to make $700 fast as a kid. 

How to Make $700 Fast as a Kid in 9 Realistic Ways. 

1. Lemonade stand. 

If you want to make $700 dollars fast as a kid, then starting a lemonade stand is definitely one of the cheapest and most realistic ways to make this happen. 

On the minimum, it costs around $10 dollars to start a lemonade stand. 

This means you’d have to be in business for a long time to make $700 dollars. Maybe a month. 

Plus, the location of your lemonade stand will dictate how much money you’re able to make within the space of a day to a month. 

If you’re able to generate $50 in sales daily, then you only need 14 days to make $700 dollars. 

But then, that’s gross income. 

To net in $700 dollars fast, you’ll need to make $100 dollars daily in profit. 

And you can’t start up with just $10 dollars to make $100 dollars a day. 

A lemonade stand generating upwards of $100 dollars in net income daily can get off the ground with $200 to $300 dollars. 

That’s how much you’ll need to get started. 

First things first, you need to learn how to start a lemonade stand business as a kid. 

And how to make more sales. 

2. Freelance writing. 

If you’re a good writer, then you can make $700 fast as a kid writing for other people you’ve never met physically in your entire life. 

Freelance writing is one of the best online jobs that pay a lot of money today. 

The best part is, you don’t have to spend a dime to become a freelance writer. 

All you’ve got to do is sign up on one of the most reliable freelance marketplaces. 

Some of them you can sign up on as a kid include: 

On these freelance writing platforms, thousands of people are looking for writers to help them out on different projects. 

Other than just writing, you can sell your skill as a freelancer on these platforms and get paid. 

Whether you’re good at coding, transcribing, editing, proofreading, translating, designing graphics, doing voice-overs, creating animations, designing crafts and more. 

There’s someone out there on these platforms willing to pay you for your skill. 

On a scale, you can charge anywhere from $0.02 to $1 per word as a freelance writer. 

This means you can get paid anywhere from $20 to $1,000 for a 1,000-word article you write up. 

It depends on your experience, your portfolio, the nature of the writing gig and the budget of the client. 

3. Teach online. 

Still wondering how to make $700 dollars fast as a kid? 

You can teach online to make this amount of money fast. 

It wouldn’t come fast in one day – but you can definitely make $700 dollars fast by teaching online. 

And by fast, I mean a couple of days to weeks. Not months. 

On websites like VIPKid,, TutorABC, Cambly, TutorVista, Verbal Planet, and others, you can get paid up to $30/hour to teach online. 

It’s free to get started, but some of these websites will require you to have some sort of degree before enrolling as a tutor. 

That said, if you’re not able to lay your hands on any certification as a kid, you can search for teaching jobs online using Google Jobs to locate local job openings pertaining to online tutoring. 

Online teaching jobs through Google Jobs or pay much more than these websites I outlined (most of the time). 

4. Proofreading. 

Are you great at proofreading or editing documents? 

Even as a kid, then you can sell your skill on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. 

You can get paid up to $150 dollars for a single proofreading gig. 

And it totally depends on the size of the document and the budget of the client. 

On a second note, clients like to give their work to experienced freelancers. 

And they’re able to sift these freelancers through the contents of their portfolio, and positive remarks on their profile so far. 

So, you want to work more on developing your portfolio by delivering the best services that you can. 

5. Market affiliate products. 

Affiliate marketing is free to get started with, but it can generate you a lot of money. 

If you have friends or you know a lot of people who buy stuff online, you can easily generate income whenever they buy stuff online using a specific link you give them. 

Take for example, Amazon is a giant e-commerce website. 

And millions of people buy things from the virtual market every single day. 

As an affiliate marketer, you generate income in the form of commission from every sale Amazon records through your unique affiliate marketing link. 

First of all, you’ll need to register as an affiliate marketer with Amazon, and then share your link to people who buy things on Amazon regularly. 

Whenever they access Amazon using your affiliate link, you get a cut off whatever they spend online (shopping on Amazon). 

Now that’s for Amazon. 

This works for thousands of other companies. 

And you can become an affiliate marketer for as many companies as you want online. 

The more customers you bring in, the more money you’re able to generate as an affiliate marketer. 

In the space of time, you’ll be making much more than $700 dollars from a number of sales daily. 

If you’re willing to invest time and really capitalize on affiliate marketing, the two best ways to make life-changing money off this money-making technique online is to start an affiliate marketing blog or an affiliate marketing YouTube channel to make affiliate revenue. 

6. Trade crypto futures.

Trading the crypto market is however one of the most realistic ways on how to make $700 dollars fast as a kid. 

You’ll need to have a trading capital however to start trading the crypto market in the first place. 

So, if you want to make money in the crypto world, then you’ll need to set aside some money to begin trading with. 

Other than having a trading capital, you’ll need to learn to actually trade the crypto market to get to trade. 

With crypto futures, it’s very much possible to recoup your entire investment if you’re willing to take the risk. 

Futures trading grants you the privilege of borrowing from the market to secure a position. 

This means you’re able to exponentially make or lose money while trading futures. 

7. Sell printables on Etsy. 

On Etsy, you can make money by selling items. 

Whether it’s a jug or crafts you made all by yourself, you can sell them off on Etsy. 

It’s a really popular marketplace on the internet with millions of users trooping in to either buy or sell items. 

However, one of the best selling items on the marketplace is printables. 

You can easily create them and sell them for a higher price on Etsy. 

The basics? 

Learn how to create printables and also to sell them on Etsy for more profit. 

There’s a right way to get this done, and if you’re able to master the entire procedure then you’re all set to generate money like you’ve probably never done before. 

8. Trade binary options.  

While binary options is one of the fastest ways to make money online, it’s banned in several countries and even in the United States. 

But you can always make use of a VPN and get on with trading binary options. 

The thing is, you need money to actually start trading binary options. 

It’s not free. 

But it’s one of the most realistic ways to make $700 fast as a kid. 

Plus, you want to learn how to trade binary options first before getting into it. 

All things in the right place, if you’re not great at trading binary options, you’re more likely to lose $700 dollars fast than make it. 

As a kid, you’ve got all the time. 

And the very best thing you can do is to learn the ropes. 

Learn to trade binary options the right way and incorporate the most effective risk management techniques.

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9. Ask for $700 dollars. 

If you’re not like me and you’re born into a wealthy family, heck, you can always ask for $700 dollars. 

Now if you’re not the silver spoon kid, then you can ask your rich friends, your parents or guardian for $700 dollars. 

It’s a lot of money to ask for as a kid, but it’s not a big deal especially if you’re able to get it from rich people around you.  

How to Make $700 Fast as a Kid in 9 Realistic Ways – Final Words. 

If you want to learn how to make $700 fast as a kid, then you can simply ask for the money from parents or guardians, trade binary options, sell printables on Etsy, trade crypto futures, start your own lemonade stand, become a freelance writer and get paid to work for multiple clients, teach online, proofread documents as a freelance proofreader, and get into affiliate marketing. 

All of these are the common and reliable ways for just about anyone to make money. 

Plus, kids aren’t an exception. 

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