11 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 a Week without College

So you didn’t go to college and you’re wondering if there’s a possibility to make much more money than college gurus? Truth is there’s a fat chance you’d make a lot of money than people with bachelor’s or associate’s degrees. 

A lot of no-degree owners make more money than salary-based MSc’s. This is largely because college jobs make you redundant and salary is always a salary – fixed. 

No opportunity to experience anything more than your fixed earnings. No chance to see a spontaneous rise in revenue or anything like that. Meanwhile, a couple of employees are still rich. But it’s easier to get richer working your own job than playing employee to some firm out there. 

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And by richer, I mean rich enough to live whatever lifestyle you need without ever having to work again. That’s on a different note. Maybe something I’ll discuss in a different blog post. Right here, I’ll spill a list of realistic jobs that pay $1,000 a week without a college degree or a formal education to back your play. 

How much is $1,000 a week in a year?

Earning $1,000 a week is $4k a month, and $48k in a year. It’s a lot of money in one year considering the fact that there’s room to grow and you’re running a business of your own. It’s even sweeter if it’s an online business generating $48k a year for you. The odds of failing when you start earning up to $1k a week from a job you own are leprous. 

Can I really make money without college?

Yes, you can. A couple of billionaires we hear much about today are dropouts. Without saying any further, that tells you a lot. If you’re wondering how to make $1,000 a week without college, here are 11 self-employed jobs that can take you there. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 a Week without College. 

1. Blogging (my #1 choice of all time). 

My number one choice is blogging. It’s always been. And this is because it’s easy to start and run. By building a blog, you create a space, your personal space on the web where you communicate with your audience, and still make money. 

A blog can make you tons of money, not just $1k a week, but it definitely doesn’t happen in one night. A ton of bloggers record seeing massive results after one year of consistently blogging. This means you’ll need to invest upfront before reaping the rewards of your efforts. 

There are multiple ways to grow a blog from scratch, and I covered my preferred method in a guide here on potentstack. To get started with blogging, read my simple guide to set up your blog and learn to blog the right way. 

2. Graphics designing. 

Graphics designers make a ton of money online helping freelance employees perform designing jobs. Apart from working as a freelancer, you can sell your designs for money on Amazon, Etsy, and even freelance marketplaces like Fiverr where you retain the liberty to hunt for freelance jobs. 

This is one great skill that can make you money online and offline. And it’s definitely one of the best jobs that can pay $1,000 a week without a college degree. It’s just the skill, and the better you are at doing this, the more jobs you’ll get. 

3. Hair styling. 

If you’re a stylist, then that’s just great. Hair stylists can make as much as $150 per cut or groom. So if you’re able to set up a barbing salon or a beauty store, $1,000 can come easily from just about 10 customers in a day. 

That’s a staggering $5k in five days from grooming hair. It’s also a great skill to acquire if you want to make a lot of money as a self-employed. First of all, you’ll need to hone your skill as a hairstylist. Whether you’re learning to cut hair or groom hair or lock dreads, learn as much as you can to broaden your scope of knowledge and experience. 

4. Dropshipping. 

Dropshipping is an online business model and it’s easy to comprehend. You start a store online, connect it to Amazon or AliExpress (or some other shopping site), when people create or make orders on your store, it redirects to the shopping store and they process the orders. 

That’s the basic concept of dropshipping. Now you make money adding prices to your products. If the product sells for $37 on Amazon, you’re free to add $5 or $10 to the product on your store, making it $42 or $47. 

There’s a learning curve to dropshipping, and it’s one of the best businesses online. Everyone isn’t succeeding at it because it takes a lot of smartness to win the competition. 

5. Laundromat. 

Starting a Laundromat is a way to go you’re looking for the best jobs that pay $1,000 a week without college. Now this is a real business and there are a lot of laundromats already in the city. However, this doesn’t mean you’re not going to make a ton of money. 

Thrive on promotion, word of mouth, and customer service to boost your business. Running a laundromat means you’ll deal with all kinds of people and not mess with their clothes. Real business principles apply here. 

6. Airbnb. 

Airbnb is a website that’s making property owners some good money. If you own a property, you can make money daily from it just by leasing it out on Airbnb. If you’re located in a metropolitan city, then you’re definitely going to make more money per night from your apartment. In a week, you’re earning much more than $1k like it’s peanut money.  

Basically, you don’t spend a dime to get started on the Airbnb website. You just need to have an apartment of your own that you can lease out. The more apartments you have, the more money you’ll make on Airbnb. 

7. Dropservicing.

Just like dropshipping, drop servicing is outsourcing services to other people and paying them less from whatever you’re paid by customers. So some employer needs help in designing his website and making it more responsive. 

He’s paying $1,450 for the service. You’re just a middleman with no clue but you take the job, hand it over to an expert who can get the job done for $900 or $1,200. You take the job done to the customer, and keep the $550 or $300. It’s that simple in theory. 

8. Voiceover artist. 

It takes practice to become a great voiceover artist, but once you’re good at this, then you’ll make a lot of money. You don’t need a college degree to win here, you just need practice and patience (with yourself). With enough practice, you can get a ton of gigs to make money up to $1,000 dollars. 

To get gigs, search on Google Jobs, Craigslist, and other marketplaces like Fiverr. On average, voice-over artists earn up to $1,000 dollars for a 1-hour program. And up to $200 for a 30-second spot.  

9. Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is simply recommending products and getting commissions for sales when people buy the products you recommend to them. So basically, the more products you recommend and have more people see your products, the more sales you’re going to record. Which means more money. 

To win at affiliate marketing, you need a place to attract traffic. A selling point where people meet to read about whatever products you’re recommending. And the best selling points to utilize are a blog or a YouTube channel. You can start affiliate marketing with $0, and minimal (or no) risks. 

10. Transcription. 

Transcription is one of the best jobs you can do online to make $1,000 a week without bagging a college degree. It’s easy to do but can be boring sometimes. If you get used to it, then it’ll become a money-making hobby. 

So if this won’t bore you to death, then yes you can make a lot of money transcribing documents for freelance employers on Upwork, Flexjobs, or Fiverr. Sign up on Flexjobs to get jobs quicker, set up your profile and hunt for high-paying gigs.

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11. Proofreading. 

If you’re good at proofreading or you have an eye for editing documents, then you can make a lot of money as a proofreader. You don’t need to really go to college to do this. Start by becoming a freelance proofreader on Upwork, and then slowly build your portfolio on the platform so it’s easy to get proofreading gigs and more. 

Upwork is one of the best freelance marketplaces out there where millions of freelance employers avidly search for experts to get their work done. Freely sign up, create an account, set up your profile and Upwork will serve you gigs that match your area of expertise. 

11 Best Jobs that Pay $1,000 a Week without College – Final Words. 

Just by starting your own business online or offline, you start to build real wealth for yourself. Things like a spike in revenue, and metrics that suggest hope might take a while to kick in. 

But once you start, progress kicks in at its most minute quantity. The more you push it, the more progress you’ll make even when it doesn’t seem so. 

Want to make money without going to college, then start a business online or offline. And the businesses on this list are some of the best that you can start to make $1,000 a week without a degree. 

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