7 Best Jobs that Pay $2 Million Dollars a Month

Jobs that Pay $2 Million Dollars a Month

What kind of jobs pay $2 million dollars a month? 

They’re mega jobs that are run by a host of people. 

Not just one person. 

I mean, it’s barely possible for a standalone human being to build a system that makes $2 million dollars a month. 

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Right on this post, I’ll talk about the best jobs that pay $2 million dollars a month. 

These jobs are great jobs. 

And they’re not white-collar. 

They’re self-employed jobs that you can start alone and then hire more hands to scale it up so that earnings balloon to $2 million dollars a month. 

Do I need a college degree to work these jobs?

The quick and flat answer to this is a No. 

You don’t need to go to college or even have a degree to start up any of these self-employed jobs. 

They exist in the real world and online. 

And you can make so much money from them without having to go to college.

When starting a business like any of the ones on this list, you want to make sure you’re prioritizing value and not the need to make money. 

With that said, here are 7 fat self-employed jobs that pay $2 million dollars a month. 

7 Best Jobs that Pay $2 Million Dollars a Month. 

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is one of the top online businesses nowadays that you can build in the background of your life. 

But to make $2 million dollars blogging, that means you’re growing a blog to generate $66k a day. 

While that’s not a big deal for mega blogs with a couple of employees, it can really be a challenge and it requires a ton of work to make $2m+ a month blogging. 

If you’re going to do this, you’ll either go aggressive by writing thousands of blog posts in a month all by yourself (which is an impossibility) after building your blog’s ranking strength to well over 50 domain authority through guest posting and promotion. 

But you can also get there by selling courses on your blog, leveraging ad networks, and affiliate marketing to grow earnings tremendously. Blogging is fun if you love writing. 

If you don’t love writing but you have a lot of money to spend, you can either start a blog from scratch or buy an already established blog and hire writers to create blog posts and guest posts. 

It’s all about creating more quality content, implementing monetization strategies, and scaling up. 

2. Software development. 

Meta is worth almost a trillion dollars. 

It’s parent company to Facebook social media, WHATSAPP, Oculus, and Instagram. 

These softwares companies are billion dollar firms. 

Although they operate independently, under one umbrella with one code name – META. 

The point is, starting a software company can generate $2 million dollars a month for you. 

Whatever software you build, it’ll run on the wings of promotion, massive promotion to experience a glimpse at success. 

Basically, before launching a software, you need to put things into proper perspective. 

To launch a successful software in the 2020s, it needs to pass muster with the following criteria:

  • Solve a problem: What challenge are you looking to resolve with your software? It is a challenge or you’re out there to offer pleasure and seize on the addictive nerve cells of people? Figure this out and follow-up with the necessary procedures including drafting the architecture, registering your software as a business, and working with software developers to bring it to life. 
  • Be unique: This should’ve been the very first. But it’s here anyway. Be unique. Study the market to see what’s already in stock, try to make yours different by bringing on board what others haven’t. Be the first to introduce something new. 
  • Have a nice name: Even if it takes you a decade to get the perfect name for your software, it’ll be worth it. Come up with a great name for your product. The name leaves a first impression. Not the content. 
  • Be addictive: Addictive games are some of the highest grossing games in the world today. Yours doesn’t have to be a game. Even Instagram is addictive too. So whatever it is you’re building, it should be addictive enough to engage users for hours (if not days). 
  • Be usable and user friendly: An app that’s not very user friendly doesn’t get a lot of engagement. With the way more than 500 million people love TikTok, it shows how much attention span humans have come to have – and it’s really short. If you have something to offer, get to it quickly. 
  • Be compatible: If your software isn’t compatible with the devices people carry around in the 2020s, then it’ll only be on PC. The software needs to have different versions for different devices – PC, mobile, tabs, and whatnot. 

3. Options trading. 

You can make $2 million dollars a month trading the options market. 

If you’re a great day trader, then trading options is one of the ways to handpick working strategies especially when you’re trading the minute timeframe. 

Options trading is a quick way to make money. 

Conversely, it’s also a pretty fast way to lose money if you’re not careful. 

Putting risk management in front and trading with a high win rate strategy, you can generate a lot of money indoors. 

But to make $2 million dollars a month, it means you’ll have to trade with more money. 

So in this case you’re making more money with money. 

If you don’t know how to trade the financial markets (stocks, crypto, options and more), sign up to learn from the pros on Ragingbull.com. 

4. Fashion brand. 

As a fashion entrepreneur, $2 million dollars a month goes to some of the biggest brands in the fashion world. 

So how do you get started with no resources or anything like the big brands? 

Take baby steps. 

Figure out your brand name, find a way to design plain clothes with your brand, and promote your business online. 

To make things grow faster, you can launch an online store for your fashion brand where customers from wherever get to order your products. 

A quick way to make a lot of money in the fashion space and with a fashion brand is to work closely with social media influencers. 

This is exploring the concept of influencer marketing, and it’s how you get an influx of sales in a short time. 

But these influencers demand too much for a partnership as such. 

5. Ecommerce. 

Ecommerce firms are so rich because they make life easy. 

From your home, and without ever having to leave the house, they can order an item and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

This service alone has earned a lot of ecommerce entrepreneurs several billion dollars. 

Point blank, you can make tons of money with an ecommerce platform like Amazon. 

But it doesn’t have to be something like Amazon or anything Amazon deals in with dedication. 

Building an ecommerce platform for a particular category of products will pose less challenge to build. 

Plus, you can skip all the need to store inventory and just deal in digital product sales. 

6. Real estate. 

If you’re in search of the best jobs that can make you up to $2 million dollars a month, then real estate is one of them. 

It’s easy to make money in the real estate world if you already have a lot of money. 

But if you’re starting out as a newbie in the real estate game, then you want to learn a lot about it before venturing right into it. 

To make massive gains, buy and sell houses. 

That’s one of the most profitable activities in real estate. 

Spinning houses or real properties for money. 

Even with a lot of money, unless you’re a billionaire dealing in properties worth billions, making deals that leave you with a profit of $2 million+ monthly may not come in handy. 

So let’s say you’ve got no money or whatsoever, you’re left with the option to look for people willing to sell their properties and then connect them to buyers. 

How you go about this is simple even with online real estate property sales or websites that list properties for sale like Zillow or Realtor

Check for properties up for sale in your city. 

Once you’ve gotten a few of them, promote photos of them on your personal Facebook page you’ll create. 

You can juggle the strategies of online promotion and word of mouth to get prospective buyers quickly. 

And keep the commission from each successful transaction.

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7. Forex trading. 

Other than trading the options markets, you can also make $2 million dollars in a month as a forex trader. 

Generally, trading the financial markets can get you to this height. 

Not just options and not just forex. 

If you’re good at trading the financial markets, you’ll be able to earn $2m in a month and even more money from trading. Whether it’s crypto or stocks or forex. 

But I chose forex. 

And it’s because it’s kinda my favorite financial market to trade. 

To reach the $2 million dollars per month goal, you’ll need to have a massive capital to trade with. 

In this case, you might have to become a hedge fund manager

7 Best Jobs that Pay $2 Million Dollars a Month – Final Words. 

Earning $2 million dollars a month doesn’t come easy regardless of the business you operate. 

While it’s an achievable feat, not many people in the business sector have scratched this milestone. 

But if you want to make a lot of money, up to $2 million dollars a year, you’ll need to not just be consistent, but find a way to give more value, and outwit the competition. 

If there’s no competition, you get to make money quickly from anything because you get all the audience and customers. 

But with a rigid competition in almost every business out there, there’s a need to scale up, think smarter, and stay more consistent.

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