How to Double Your Money Illegally: 8 Best Ways

Now this is no gimmick. No BS. There are absolutely illegal ways to double your money in the 2020s. While there are tons of them, I’ll be shining my light on just 8 of them and they’re really illegal to some point. 

While this post is about doubling your money taking the illegitimate route, if you really want to build wealth and sustain it, you’re better off building businesses that’ll last the test of time on the internet or offline. These businesses can generate passive income for you in the long run, but they may not generate massively impressive results at the start unless you scale them. 

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Better than doubling your money illegally are also the fast ways to flip your cash quickly. But if you’re still pretty interested in the illegal ways to double your money, then this post is for you. Without further ado, here are 8 common and most realistic ways to double your money or make money illegally. 

How to Double Your Money Illegally: 8 Best Ways. 

1. Sell drugs. 

Selling drugs is a rough path. But it’s great just because right now we’re dealing under an illegal umbrella. A lot of things could go wrong, and you’ve probably watched a lot of movies about Gangsters and drugs. 

The money they make is mind-blowing basically because these drugs are hard, and addictive. People are willing to sell their houses to get a dose. Just one more dose of crack cocaine or nicotine. 

If you can get your hands on these, say you don’t get addicted yourself, then you can make a lot of money as a dealer. It’s easy in theory, but then you’ll need a mentor in reality to begin with. It’s a rough path.

However, drug dealerships are for dogmatic people. And if you’re willing to make a ton of money as a drug lord or a drug dealer, then you need to fold up your gentle demeanor and become rogue. A bunch of popular celebrities today have a track record of dealing in drugs too. 

But you don’t have to reach them to get started. More and more people are getting addicted to hard drugs in the world today, and this means a large market for this business, despite how illegal it may be. 

So if you want to double your money illegally or make some good money illegally, then you can flip drugs for profit or get stuck in the business of drug dealerships. 

2. Rob a bank. 

Quite funny, but robbing a bank is on the list. Yeah! If you want to double your money illegally or take some really crazy risk to make money, then going loose and robbing a bank or a grocery store is an answer. 

Regardless of how unacceptable this is, it’s an answer. It’s an option to explore if you’re really desperate. And I’m being totally realistic. So you won’t be doing this on your own. 

You’ll need a team, and you can’t just wake up one morning to rob a bank. It takes a lot of planning and strategy to really get this done. And before this can happen successfully, it makes sense to know the in and out of the facility you’re thinking of right now. 

3. Internet fraud. 

In its different forms, internet fraud is becoming a norm. And a lot of people have gained mastery over the different forms so much so that they don’t think twice about it before making quick money here and there in a short time. Internet fraud is the umbrella word for a lot of activities – swindling people online through scams of all forms. 

It’s one of the most realistic and commonest ways to double your money illegally. Even without really investing anything or having any money to flip, internet fraud can make you money. To learn the different ways this is possible, get a mentor – someone to teach you how it’s done practically. 

This is one of the ways to double your money illegally, but it’s nothing I support really. It’s just here because, well, it’s a way. Other than embarking on fraudulent activities, there are other legal ways to double your money. Some of the best legal ways include starting a blog, a YouTube channel (which can more than double your money in the long run), and trading crypto and stocks. 

Much more than pricking your conscience, getting into fraudulent activities can leave a lifelong reputation on your records; or give you a criminal record for life. It’s a risky way to make money fast or double your money, but you’ll be messing with other people’s wellbeing in the process – which I deem inhuman. 

4. Gamble. 

Gambling is prohibited in the United States, yes but there are a ton of websites to gamble on and make money or double your money. Of course gambling comes with a different level of risk. You could lose your entire investment because you don’t know the outcome of your stake. 

That’s why it’s gambling. I’m not sure. If it were, it wouldn’t be gambling. It would be… investing because this time, you’d have a more accurate idea of what the outcome will be. 

Realistically, you’re gambling and putting all of your money into an uncertain venture. If it comes out great, Yay! But if it doesn’t, then you have the option to try out more sustainable self-employed jobs or businesses that can guarantee passive income. 

5. Prostitution. 

For a guy or a girl, this shouldn’t be an option. I mean… it shouldn’t come to this. But it has come to it already. So prostitution is an option to flip your cash or make more money. It’s common and pretty illegal. 

Plus, it messes with your soul, maybe much more than the other illegal picks on this list. To run on this path, you’ll definitely need someone to put you through or hook you up with people. Illegal jobs are easy to scale with people already doing it. 

Anyone can become a prostitute with or without a mentor, but working with someone even in the business can really make this happen super fast. Faster than when you’re out there patrolling the streets on your own. 

6. Credit card fraud. 

There are different forms of credit card fraud, and I’m not digging into any of them basically because I’m not in support of anything illegal. I’m just pointing fingers here, and it’ll end there. However, credit card fraud can make you rich if you’re not careless. 

So if you’re wondering how to make money or double money illegally, then credit card fraud is one of the most common illegal ways to go about this. 

You can learn to defraud people using the credit card format, but then it makes sense to get someone to show you. That said, locate a mentor to teach you exactly how this is done. 

7. Hack bank accounts. 

Hacking into a bank requires a lot of intelligence which can be converted to good, but then you can make tons of money illegally by hacking bank accounts. It won’t be easy. You’ll need to outsmart the terribly rigid cyber security and the firewall in the cyber tabernacle safeguarding millions of dollars, if not billions.

Know this however that it’s not an option now if you’re not a guru in the hacking world or some black hat dark web anonymous villain. Sometimes it takes a mix of critical apps with no coding, other times it takes a lot of cyber war with bulky coding. If this catches your interest, get a mentor to put you through. 

It’s no joke to become a hacker. And it’s even harder to become so good that you’re able to hack into bank accounts and empty them. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be half this good to create a multimillion dollar software.

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8. Illegal ammunition trade. 

Of course the illegal sales of ammunition can make you a multimillionaire (illegally too). So you want to start by flipping weapons in the street first. 

Maybe securing a local ammunition and reselling it for a higher bid. It’s a normal way to start especially if you don’t have the money to get aggressive with the black hat business. 

If you know someone in the business already, it makes a lot of sense to work with them until you’re able to start on your own. But it’s not something you should consider doing for a long time. It’s also not something you want to tailor into your personality and life in the long run. 

How to Double Your Money Illegally: 8 Best Ways – Final Words. 

There are legal ways to make money, and they take time. Illegal ways don’t take much time. And you can massively enrich yourself doing these illegal businesses or getting into cash flipping the illegal way. 

So to make money illegally or double your money utilizing illegal means, you can hack bank accounts, get into prostitution, perform fraud on credit cards, trade ammunition illegally, rob a bank (the riskiest), sell drugs, get into internet fraud, or sell drugs. All of these illegal means of making money or doubling cash can get you in prison for sure. But heck, they can make you stinky rich too. 

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