How to Flip $4,000 Dollars in 9 Proven Ways

Want to flip $4,000 dollars? On this page is the list of best ways this can happen. Plus, these aren’t just hypothetical ways to do this, they’re real proven ways to double $4,000 dollars that you can try out (based on your risk appetite). Let’s say you’re able to flip $4k in 2 weeks, if you get to master the procedure, then you can keep doing it over and over until you become Elon Musk rich. But that’s theoretical, and sometimes you end up flipping money just once with all other opportunities shut against a second try. 

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Meanwhile, this article reveals realistic ways flipping money can work over and over again. Some strategies are risky, some aren’t very risky. Here they are. 

How to Flip $4,000 Dollars in 9 Proven Ways. 

1. Trade crypto. 

Quite realistically, if you want to flip $4,000 dollars, you can put it in the crypto market. While investing in crypto can be profitable, you’ll need to trade the market daily to make quick profits. If you’re patient enough, then investing is probably the best option for you. Buy promising crypto assets and leave them to mature. With time, you’ll definitely reap the goods of your investment. 

However, you want to know exactly what crypto currencies are and how you can profitably invest in them without running at a loss. If you want to flip $4,000 dollars fast, then you’ll also need to learn some of the highest winning strategies to trade with. Ready? Sign up and start investing in crypto on Binance today. 

2. Resell items online. 

Another way flipping $4,000 dollars can happen profitably is to flip items online. For example, you can buy a bunch of items cheap or get them for free and then sell them online for profit. You’ll be amazed how much profit you can make from doing this. For example, there’s tons of cheap stuff you can get to resell in thrift stores, church rummages, curbsides, barn and yard sales. Online, you can find cheap items to resell on the Facebook Marketplace too. Now, after getting these items, you won’t be making use of them personally. 

Rather, you’ll be selling them to make more money. And you may not have to spend up to $4,000 dollars to get enough items you’ll need to sell to regain a profit of $4,000 bucks. With enough cheap items, you can resell them on Amazon for a much higher price. For example, you can find a pair of jeans worth $20 dollars at a church rummage or a thrift store. Surprisingly, you can get it for free or for around $5 dollars. Or a little more than this. Imagine how many of these packages you can get with 50% of $4,000 dollars (because you don’t want to spend everything buying products). 

With a total expenditure of $2,000 dollars, you could generate upwards of $6,000 in gross income and maybe a net profit of $4,000 dollars. With that said, the idea remains to get products cheap from places I mentioned already (thrift stores, barn and yard sales, curbsides, and whatnot) and sell them on Amazon. There are other online stores to sell them, but you’re more likely to get faster sales on Amazon. 

3. Build a dropshipping store. 

Dropshipping stores can typically generate anywhere from $50 dollars a day to $10,000 dollars or more in a single day depending on your scaling strategies and niche. Starting out, you’ll need to pick a category of niches. This will be the category of products you’ll be selling. If you choose entertainment, then entertainment products are what you’ll be selling in your dropshipping store. 

After choosing a niche, you can go on to build your store with Alidropship. It’s easier to build a store online quickly using the Alidropship tool. With this platform for dropshipping store development, you can quickly connect to AliExpress. Once that’s done, you can start importing products and adding up your markup prices to make sure you’re not doing everything for the charity. However, whatever price you’ll be adding up to the products you’re importing should be extravagant. Or excessive. 

To make things happen faster and to drive more traffic to your dropshipping store, you may want to promote it on social media and run Google ad campaigns so that people get to see your store on Google when they search for a product. Ready? Click here to start building your dropshipping store on Alidropship. 

4. Venture into ecommerce. 

With $4,000 dollars in your possession, you can begin an e-commerce business from scratch. From purchasing your products to building the e-commerce platform online, you’ll go a long way with this amount of money in hand and have enough to stay in business before you start making your first gains. 

While starting something like this isn’t the easiest decision to make, it’s definitely one of the ways to build passive income online and secure a financial future for yourself. A lot goes into starting an ecommerce business. And you’ll need to promote like crazy if you must thrive; that’s where intense marketing shows up. 

5. Binary options. 

One of the surest ways to flip $4,000 dollars in the real world today is by trading the binary options market. It’s volatile, although not as volatile as the crypto market, but you can make tons of money if you’re good at trading the markets. When it comes to trading binary options, there’s no long-term trading. This means that every asset you buy long or sell short as an expiry date. 

Depending on the sophistication of the broker you’ll be trading with, you can trade the littlest timeframes. Like the 1 second timeframe. And a 5 seconds timeframe. That said, you can choose to start trading binary options today by signing up with Pocketoption.

6. Create an online product. 

If you’re a geek unlike me, then you can create a product online like a web tool or some other web product that you can sell for money or make people pay for subscriptions/memberships. If it’s a good online product, trust that a lot of people will do anything to get it. 

Nowadays, the kinds of online products that sell are the ones that teach you to make money. SEO products like web traffic stats and backlink auditing tools are also gaining popularity. But they’re more expensive to build. Bottom line is; creating an online product is one of the best ways on how to flip $4,000 dollars. 

7. Invest into real estate

With as little as $10 dollars, you can invest in real estate with Fundrise and get quarterly returns on your investment. But you’ve got $4,000 dollars, which is even better. There are several ways to invest in the real estate world today. From investing with REITs, to flipping houses and investing with online real estate platforms that diversify investors’ portfolio, regardless of the budget, into different projects for a consistent return. Hence, you can decide to flip a house, but $4,000 dollars will go nowhere because most houses are worth more than this. 

The options available to you include crowdfunding, and investing with REITs (or real estate investment trusts). There’s also RELPs (real estate limited partnerships) that allow you to invest as an investor with a small budget size alongside other investors. 

8. Invest in stocks long-term.

Flipping $4,000 dollars can become a reality with the stock market. This time, you’ll just have to keep your money there while it matures with time. Doing this, you don’t have to trade. But you’ll need to carry out extensive research about the stock assets you’d be buying. Even at this, there’s not a 100% guarantee that you’ll get twice your investment at the end of the day. It’s the stock market. And if you invest in some of the strongest stocks, then you’ll be on the right track to gaining a lot as your investment appreciates. 

Another thing is to invest with the right brokers. In this case, I recommend getting into the stock market with Robinhood. It’s a professional and user friendly stock trading broker allowing you to trade and invest in the stock market. Checkout Robinhood now. 

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9. Start and scale an online content business. 

An online content can be a forum, a blog, an information portal, a web tool, or a YouTube channel. It can also be a podcasting channel or a video streaming platform that’s not YouTube. You can also start up a blog but just for posting videos; call it a vlog. Any of the following you choose to start, you can quickly scale up by producing a lot of content and promoting your platform on social media. You’ll begin by choosing a niche for the platform. 

Afterwards, get a bunch of topics to create content around. For information portals, your content bank would be mind-blowing. With tons of traffic, web traffic running to your online content platform, you can monetize by applying display ads, selling your own products, offering expert course sales, rendering freelance services for clients you get on your platform, and selling affiliate products. 

How to Flip $4,000 Dollars in 9 Proven Ways – Final Words. 

Some of the realistic ways to flip $4,000 dollars include starting and scaling an online content business like a blog or a YouTube channel or some other content delivery service, investing in the stock market long-term, getting into real estate, trading binary options (which is quite short-term), creating an online product, starting an ecommerce business, dropshipping, trading crypto the right way, and reselling items online. Whichever option you opt into, you’re definitely going to make a ton of profit with $4,000 dollars. 

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