10 Best Jobs that Pay Over $300k a Year without a Degree

Aren’t you looking for some of the best jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree? I’ve got you covered up right here with this article. For the record, $300k a year isn’t a lot of money if you’re working tirelessly on your gig. 

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For example, if you’re an entrepreneur and you can pull the right strings, you’d be able to attract investors and seal contracts worth several hundred thousand dollars within a year. With that said, the jobs on this list aren’t white-collar jobs. I kinda have a disdain for white-collar jobs just because you can’t really be rich with them in the long run. 

There are exceptions though, but it doesn’t apply to 97% of the working population in the US. Moving on, here are 10 best jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree

10 Best Jobs that Pay Over $300k a Year without a Degree.

1. Blogging. 

Blogging is a self-employed job. It’s one of the most realistic self-employed jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree. You don’t need to go to college to have a blog of your own. You can start one right now and just start off with blogging. But it’s not that simple. Picking a niche for your blog or what you’d want your blog to be about is actually the very first step to blogging successfully. You need to think this out before anything else. 

Starting a blog doesn’t cost a lot of money. With less than $100 bucks, you can get all you need to start and run a profitable blog from scratch. Furthermore, you can make much more than $300k a year with a blog, but this translates to about $25,000 dollars a month. And it takes a lot of time to get here.

To hit the $25k blogging income range takes time and a smart monetization method. Once you start your blog, there are several rituals you’ll need to do to make money off it. Right in this guide is all you need from picking a profitable blogging niche to making money from monetizing your blog. 

2. UX designing. 

If you’re conversant with designing UX or User Experience of a website which is usually the front end of web design, then you can work for companies and clients online to make over $300,000 dollars a year. For this to happen, you’ll need to have a robust portfolio to woo your potential clients into working with you. UX designing is lucrative. It’s a lucrative skill. And people are willing to pay you as much as $5,000 dollars for a single project. 

While you’re not going to get a lot of gigs that pay as high as $5,000 dollars on freelancing websites, you can start up your own website to showcase your services to clients. You can also reach more clients by promoting your website. Offline, you can beckon on word of mouth marketing to get clients. 

Some gigs will pay more than others. And some gigs will take more time. It’s best to do every single gig you get in the best possible way just to keep getting more gigs. 

3. Animator.

The average animator salary in the US is approximately $61,000 dollars. This is the average salary earned in a year. But today, there are different ways to make money as an animator. You can sell courses, organize seminars, create and monetize channels and even sell affiliate products. There are different ways for animators to make money now other than getting paid by clients, freelance clients and companies to design animations. 

So, if we put all of these together, animation designing or creation joins in on the list of best self-employed jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree. You don’t need a degree to become an animator, and you certainly don’t need a degree to make money off this skill. 

4. Programming. 

Programmers are a set of brilliant people. They’ve pioneered the online world. And they’re still creating. If you know how to code, then you have a skill that a lot of people are willing to pay tons of money for. Coding is a profitable and high profile digital skill. 

If you’re good at it, you can work online for freelance clients, sell courses, sell affiliate products to make money, organize tutoring sessions online for a fee, and build something that generates passive income for you; maybe a tool or an app that people pay to use. 

Of all the methods to make money as a programmer, launching your own tool and course will make you the most money. Particularly your own tool. Or your own app – it’s more expensive to push though. 

5. Clothing store. 

Launching a clothing store is definitely expensive. But if you can start it off from the right location in the city, then you have for yourself a venture that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars. People buy clothes everyday. And you can tap into this business to make money. For sure, you’ll get over $300k a year in revenue if it’s a medium sized store. Smaller clothing stores will earn way less. 

And more gigantic clothing stores can do over $100k/month. If you don’t have enough capital, you can start an online clothing store but don’t expect to earn $300k in your first year. It takes time to transition from just being an online store to a physical store with units for different products. 

6. Mini mart.

Just like a clothing store, a mini would be expensive to start up. But if you’ve got the money, then you can start it and run it successfully to earn much more than $300k a year. Depending on the size of your mini mart, it’s possible to make approximately $10k+ per day. Other than just thinking about it, rigorous planning, marketing and financing goes into starting something like this. But then, the location comes first. Pick the best location to start a mini mart. 

To a very large extent, the location and marketing (but particularly the location) will determine the rate of patronage and the overall business performance. Owning and managing something like this is definitely one of the best self-employed jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree. It’s real business. 

7. Podcasting. 

Podcasting is another self-employed job because you can create podcasts from your home and monetize them with time when you start getting some real traction. With podcasts, you want to make sure that you stick to a niche or you’re consistent enough to cover multiple niches and talk about some of the most important and interesting things happening in the real world just like Joe Rogan

There’s a steep learning curve to starting and running a podcasting channel. But it’s nothing you can’t do. For sure, this doesn’t require you to go to college, and much more than $300k a year, it can get you fame and put you in the “influencer” realm. 

8. Online trading. 

Trading online is one of the self-employed jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree. You can to trade any financial market of your choice right from your home and make money. 

You’re not working because you have to, you’re trading for money because you want to. It’s your own business and your financial lantern you’re looking to light up here. Although trading online isn’t for just about anyone. It’s for those who are well versed in it. From forex to stocks, you can learn the system of the market and integrate brilliant trading strategies for success. 

9. Affiliate marketing.

If you’re able to get the cheat code to affiliate marketing, then you’d be able to generate life-changing money off it. It’s basically a system of earning commissions from the sales of products you don’t own. Other companies and people own these products. You just promote them to an audience to make money as commissions. So, the more products you’re able to sell, the more money you’ll make. Affiliate revenue adds up passively. This means that you can build an affiliate system online to generate steady passive income. 

There’s really no cheat code to affiliate marketing; it’s all about providing valuable content about products that people are looking to buy and adding a “buy” or “order” link to each product you review or recommend, or compare. 

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10. YouTube. 

On YouTube, opening a channel is entirely free. And you can start posting any video of your choice right away. The good thing about YouTube is that your content will trend if it’s top quality. So, with this knowledge, you can learn a little about YouTube SEO to thrive with great/quality content in a given niche. Any niche you choose should be profitable enough so that you can sell affiliate products and your own products to make more money. 

Realistically, running a YouTube channel is one of the many self-employed jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree. You don’t go to college to understand how to use YouTube or to create videos. You just do it by learning from what’s already on the internet. 

10 Best Jobs that Pay Over $300k a Year without a Degree – Final Words. 

Rounding off, some of the best self-employed jobs that pay over $300k a year without a degree include affiliate marketing, YouTube channel development, trading online, UX designing, blogging (not for hobby), programming, launching a clothing store, mini mart, and podcasting. 

Truth is, they’re all self-employed jobs that can pay much more than $300k in a year. The key to really tapping deep and making more is to focus on one of them, and then move on to others with time. 

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